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Old Mon, Mar-08-04, 15:22
freckles's Avatar
freckles freckles is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,730
Plan: Atkins Maintenance
Stats: 213/141/150 Female 5'4 1/2"
Progress: 114%
Location: Dallas, TX
Default Please recommend excercises without equipement

Hi. I hope I'm not asking a question that has already been asked. I searched this forum and didn't find anything.

I have just recently started exercising. This is what I'm doing 5x per week:

stationary bike 20 min.
20 reverse sit-ups
20 leg lifts per leg
10-15 modified pushups

My question: I would like to be exercising my abdomen, inner and outer thighs, calves, and upper arms regularly. Does my routine cover that? If not can you please recommend some exercises that will that do not include the use of any equipement? Also, how many times per week should I be doing them...I've heard with weight training you should alternate days, but since I'm not doing weights does this apply?

I've looked in my local library for books and have not found anything appropriate. I'm not yet ready to buy any equipement (actually my dh isn't ready for me to) until I have shown a true commitment to doing this regularly. I appreciate any advice. Thank you.
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Old Mon, Mar-08-04, 15:41
xvxwickdxv's Avatar
xvxwickdxv xvxwickdxv is offline
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Plan: atkins
Stats: 156/139.5/120 Female 5'2
Progress: 46%
Location: las vegas, nevada

Hi Freckles,

I was the same way when I started exercising. I have instead turned into a video exercise junkie. Walmart has a lot of different tapes to choose from.

Some of the ones I have include Weights for Dummies, Fat Burning for Dummies, Walk away the Pounds, the Firm (Classics 1-6) and a few Pilates tapes. I think I have total around 40 tapes to choose from.

The walk tapes are great because you really don't need any equipment. If you are unsure about weights, Weights for Dummies is another good way to introduce yourself to weights. You can get weights at Walmart for a really reasonable price. I think I paid $2 for my 3 lbs and a little for for my 5 lb. That is also something you can add as you go.

I mix the tapes up all the time. When I started back on Feb 7th, I had not worked out for over 6 months and had gotten weak again. It's now the second week of March and I have been able to get through one of my Firm tapes so it's all a matter of building up slowly.

The one thing I will say about exercising at home is that it is much more convenient than going to a gym and buying one video is much better than buying a gym membership that most people will hardly ever use or not use at all. I find I can be myself at home and therefore get into the routine a whole lot more.

Good luck in your quest!

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Old Mon, Mar-08-04, 18:20
Dodger's Avatar
Dodger Dodger is offline
Posts: 8,541
Plan: Paleoish/Keto
Stats: 225/170/175 Male 71.5 inches
Progress: 110%
Location: Longmont, Colorado


This website
will set up a custom training plan for you based on what requirements you tell it. I do not have equipment, and it gave me a complete set of no equipment exercises, complete with pictures of how to do the exercises.

There is no charge, just a free registration. I highly recommend it.
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Old Mon, Mar-08-04, 18:56
FrecklFluf's Avatar
FrecklFluf FrecklFluf is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,125
Plan: SB (formerly Atkins)
Stats: 196.5/167/140 Female 5' 4
Progress: 52%
Location: Kansas City, MO USA

I posted a longish post to your journal, freckles. (I think if I say anything more about the Escape Your Shape workout on this forum, people will start thinking I'm an EYS employee or something. )

One of its many benefits is that it doesn't require a lot of equipment but is still a great workout.
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Old Tue, Mar-09-04, 10:10
hornbrau hornbrau is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 99
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 215/185/185 Male 6' 0"
Progress: 100%
Location: Missouri


Looks like your already doing some good exercises for your core (abs and back) and thats important because everything you do relys on those core muscles, so thats a great start. For your chest/shoulders/arms the push ups are good but you probably need a little more help, I would agree with the earlier comment about some 3 or 5 lb dumbells, they are cheap and there are a number of exercises you can do to target your biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and upper back muscles. You may also want to think about some leg work, squats, lunges and calf raises are all good leg exercises that will strengthen and tone your muscles without the need to buy any equipment.

Good luck!
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Old Tue, Mar-09-04, 10:39
freckles's Avatar
freckles freckles is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,730
Plan: Atkins Maintenance
Stats: 213/141/150 Female 5'4 1/2"
Progress: 114%
Location: Dallas, TX

Thanks for all the advice! It is much appreciated. I checked out the website, Dodger, and this is something I think I can do...similar to what hornbrau suggested. I'm going to start today. Thanks again!!!
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