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Old Thu, Apr-19-18, 09:14
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I've been thinking about this thread all week.

To the OP and others who are wondering why it's hard - well, why IS it hard for you? You can make it easier. Tell us about challenges in your life and I guarantee some of us have been in your shoes and we can give you some ideas.

I only find it hard to white-knuckle. Stop white-knuckling it and make changes in your life that makes it easier.

Here's how I've made it easier, and I know I'm regurgitating the same advice from the 'Backslide' thread and a ton of others, but here we go:
- The only junk in the house is stuff I don't like. DH supports me. Put your foot down and make this a deal-breaker for the people you live with. Teens and grown adults can buy their own damn junk food and keep it away from you. Little kids aren't entitled to junk anyway, so find a way to keep it away from you. I don't have kids, but I remember BEING one and while mom was dieting, she only gave us pre-packaged single-serving junk that she didn't like and it was just for our lunches. Whole 'nother thread on why the whole family needs permanent change.
- I learned to cook reasonably well. It's not rocket science. If it sounds overwhelming, forget about recipes and just learn to make the LC basics well. Learn to make good roasts, good hard-cooked eggs and your favorite veggies. Load them up with butter, bacon or whatever makes you happy and keeps you compliant. Keep lots of individual servings of sausages, pork chops, chicken breasts, burger patties etc handy in the freezer and use your clamshell grill or microwave.
- Compliance trumps everything. It's more important than weight loss when you're talking about serious health problems like T2D. Do what you have to do to stay compliant. If you feel bingey, binge - just stay on plan. Give yourself permission, at least until you're over that hump of the cravings and induction flu. Sure, certain foods might not be ideal, but good enough is success.
- Get organized. You can't eat good food if it's not there. Shop ahead of running out of things. Every time you cook, make enough for leftovers. This is not time-consuming. Develop good kitchen observation habits. I use a white board on my fridge to stay organized - things to use up before they expire, and meal ideas. I always have delicious meal choices, most of them fast, even if I don't get home from work until 7:00 pm.
- Give up - or at least limit - TV and movies if that's your trigger to mindlessly eat. Do something with your hands. I learned to knit. I like to watch sports, and I'll usually plan a LC spread for that. If I get figgity, I knit.

I freaking love the food I eat. I still remember the giant a-ha moments when I first started LCing after years of low-fat/high-carb starvation dieting. Wait, I can eat real scrambled eggs and not have to starve myself?! I can go to a restaurant and have a giant plate of chicken wings? I can still have a vodka and diet soda at the bar? I'm a foodie and make no apologies for it. I've channeled that thought-energy into something positive. I enjoy cooking although I'm not a slave to it - like I said, I always have quick fixes on hand. I took up vegetable gardening. It's my hobby. Everyone needs a hobby or two, and that's mine.

To add to the "... is hard" quote:
Low-fat/low cal starvation is hard.
Blindness and renal dialysis due to T2D is hard.
Being obese and/or sick is hard.
Resisting social media/TV/movies FOMO in favour of being productive is hard.
Changing how you live and eating low-carb is hard.

Pick your hard.

My 'hard' is actually pretty easy and enjoyable.
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