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Old Tue, Aug-14-18, 09:38
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BIlly, Im gonna be a PITA here, and ask you to relook at packing your own food from home. I dont wish to pry, just to rethink your options.

My kids pack a lunch. I know one vet student that was riding with a vet who baked 5 potatoes and 5 chicken breasts and ate one of each each day. A matter of convenience. Would you be abe to pack up 2-3 days worth of salads, in the fridge ready to grab and go?? Have cheese and meats also packed up and ready to grab and go??

While these might not be your first choice, perhaps these will trigger ideas. Other food choices. ready to go packaging.

A lunch box can be items that dont need refridge, or put in a cold pack.

I am assuming you have access to a refridge to store your food supplies. But I know this is not always possible.

Read about one man that uses a cooler with ice as his refridg. Keeps replacing the ice.

Maybe better to get to a grocery store and buy the individual servings of prepackaged foods. Usually deli meats and cheeses are presliced in a display near the deli. In the produce area, sliced fruits are in cups. Many vegies are precut. OFten small salads to go available.

Not all groceries have such options but if you are in one area, find the grocery that works.

Even a pound of cheese, and 1/2 pound from the deli of meats is a quick meal.

Hope some of these ideas help you find alternatives.

Last edited by Ms Arielle : Tue, Aug-14-18 at 10:13.
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Old Tue, Aug-14-18, 11:52
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Originally Posted by Meetow Kim
The sub shops mentioned earlier are a good way to go. Hardees is offering a low carb, especially breakfast item in some locations. Taco Bell has a power menu bowl instead of a burrito, they have a breakfast one too. You can customize it to leave off the beans, rice, potatoes, etc and add extra meat...but it will cost you, they hit with a charge every time you say, change cheddar to three cheese blend for instance.

I'm finding the fast casual pseudo-Mexican places' salads offerings are pretty good. Just like Taco Bell you can opt for the salad instead of a wrap or taco shell then you just DONT have them put beans, rice, etc on and you can add extra meat for a reasonable price. One we found recently is Qdoba, the ingredients were varied and very good and they dont nickle and dime you on every guac is free for one measured portion for instance, more is extra but what they gave me was fine for free.

This guy is doing a whole series of fast food low carbing:

He also has recipes. But he helps cut through the menus at fast food places and breaks down your limited options and brings to attention items that may seem like they would be low carb but in fact are high carb. Subway is a funny one like that, they have a spinach wrap that looks like it would be a healthy option, but if you look on their menu, you'd be better off having a sub roll for the carb count!

I cant for the life of me figure out why the Mexicanish/burrito places arent offering low carb tortillas...even our local walmart has offerings of reasonably priced low carb tortillas, and now they are carrying Josephs low carb pitas for like $2.25 for a pack of 6...and they are good!

I've seriously considered carrying my own tortilla or pitas in a restaurant and eating my low carb order with them...maybe they'll get smart and get the hint! Problem is you have to anticipate that and have them with you, but if you know you are traveling, if you are like me I always have a cooler with me. Tortillas and pitas keep for a while unrefrigerated and keep fine after opening in a cooler or fridge (like in a hotel room fridge!).

Now, when will someone make LC hamburger buns and sub rolls that arent highway robbery price-wise?!

Ha! Mr. Skinny Pants has some good ideas. I like his post about all the different hacks to try at Starbucks. Not that I normally go there, but I've been frustrated in the past, so maybe I'll try one of these.
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Old Tue, Aug-14-18, 12:34
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Old Tue, Aug-14-18, 15:24
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Oh, Thud! Thank you! I have never been tempted by pumpkin seeds until now!

Sorry, lost track of the topic…
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Old Tue, Aug-14-18, 16:01
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Chili's has a couple of good items. Grilled chicken salad is ok. The steak with salad and avocado are pretty good. They also serve sides, we like the bacon and the chili. Chili is without beans.
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