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Old Yesterday, 05:22
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
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Plan: My Way; IF
Stats: 223/170/150 Female 68 inches
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Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

Let's try this again. I had 2 paragraphs typed and then hit something(?) and the whole thing went poof. Wish I knew what combo of keys cause that to happen.

Blue...your weekend sounds perfect. Our weather is just beginning to break, but it's still pretty humid and the temp is 72 already this morning. Although a high of 76 today sounds better than the high 90's we've been having! OY!

Funny that your DH had to come and check on you girls at the pool! I can see how time would fly when you're paddling around and talking.

Jaz....hope you have a good day with the littles. Fingers crossed that your DD gets good news from the Dr.

I love a big chair and ottoman. So cozy. My sister used to have one...I think they called it a chair and a half....the chair was huge. I loved that thing. You sure got a steal on that purchase! Way to go.

Trig....hope all is well and that you didn't melt in the heat! Did you spend a lot of time in the pool this weekend?

Nic...I'm sure you're ready to be home. You had a whirlwind of a week in NYC.

Greg...Blue gives good advice about the Yoga. I jumped right into Sport Yoga because I did 5 years of a boot camp workout that was quite intense. Even so, the Sport Yoga is hard. have to give any new workout at least 4 sessions before you decide that you don't like it. You will probably hate it after the first time.

Nothing much happening here. Just waiting for the weather to moderate so we feel like doing anything. It was a lazy weekend for sure.

After eating way too many hollow pretzels with hummus, the scale is up....big surprise. I need to learn to portion control those things until they are gone and then not buy any more.

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to our daughter's for a little birthday party for our grandson who just turned 16 last week. He was away all last week playing in a regional baseball tournament. His team won! They are off to Vero Beach Florida on August 5th for the championship tournament. We thought about trying to go, but we'd have to make some plans in a hurry and then we have the worry of DH's elderly cousin. I did a little searching of flights etc, but I think we'll have to give it a pass.

Have good days everyone!
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Old Yesterday, 19:28
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Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
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Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Lori- WE are still dealing with the extreme heat for another day. supposedly. It was SOOOOOOO humid today- like sucking in water to breath! YUCK!!!!!!

I do like Hummus as well in small doses. Then it sorta taste like cardboard after a bit. I like it with salsa and olives- but a little I mean little goes a long way! A bite or two and I am done. I love it for those bites though.

So are we the only ones on today? I know we all get busy. But I must say I miss a full busy up chat house!!!!!!!

NIC- you came back today!!!!!!!- hope your travels were good!!!!!! So what did you think?????

- I am hoping you have a divine weekend of pool!!!!!!!

TRIG- You said you were going to zone out- not disappear!!!!! Hope you got some down time in!!!! did it rain there yet? Is the hubby back yet? Did he come bring salmon like LORI'S hubby??
I bet you are ready to roll again !!!

Well the good news I had a BLAST with my grand kids today. OMG- My little Noah is such a fire cracker and ever SOOOOOOOOO Smart. we were reading a story about animals and their babies. He so child like said : do you have a mommy? - or course I say- it's grandma R
He processes........ oh...... does my mommy have a mommy..... so frekin precious...... yes I say I am your mommy's mommy. - his eyes got SO SO SO big. YOU are MOMMY's MOMMY????????- yes I say.......
Him:- OH....... Mommony was little like Me?
ME: Yes she was little too........
Him: she was????????????- and you her mommy?
ME yes-
HIM:- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...... and I am ??????...............
ME: GIGI's grandson I love you very very much. Forever to the moon - then tickles and hugs......... kissing fest ......... dam I love that kid.

But guess who made her presence known today- Princess........ Who decided She liked me...... wanted held entire time and played with all my jewelry- full approval from me! She is our ballerina! she loves pretty and sparkles- my girl. She kissed me today and it was really our first true bonding. she hugged.

Now for the other news. - My DD came back and I had put the kids down for a nap. I was waiting. She come in and blurts out there is not one heart beat.

Stupid me goes:::::::: omg two- your having twins?????- DD bursting to tears said no the baby died last night or this morning. it was moving last night. This morning nothing and its gone. Just gone. no heart beat. She said if I don''t have it to pass- I need a DNC in 4 weeks.

OMG who in the hell would make a woman carry a dead child in her womb for 4 weeks!??!?!?!?!- I am livid.
Now is not the time to talk to my DD as she thank me for coming and promptly went to bed.
I hope to have another conversation with her on Thurs. As I invited her to see Helen Ga with me.

There in not much to say except I surely hopes she opts to get this resolved ASAP.
What a sad thing to think about - I couldn't do it- carry around a dead baby- I would think about it every minute- but I guess we all have our own way of grieving and it is not my place to judge.

So that is that. her husband is being snipped next month and he better be respectful until then - or I will wack him myself!!!!!

Dr. Appt. tomorrow.

waiting for cool air-

until tomorrow - good day all

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