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Old Mon, Oct-17-16, 19:21
winnietheb's Avatar
winnietheb winnietheb is offline
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Default Weight gain after Emotional distress

Dear Fellow low carbers,

I have been on a low carb journey for nearly a year and a half and have managed to go from 174 down to 128. My husband and I separated at the beginning of June. I am not really sure what my weight was at the beginning of June probably more like 138. I guess just because of grief I wasn't really eating anything much at all for awhile. I am also bi-polar and take meds that usually cause weight gain. (my doctor is amazed that I could loose weight), Anyway I have found that after a med adjustment and some healing, my appetite has come back. My weight and measurements have increased. I feel like the weight loss has been the only positive thing that happened this summer. I only weigh at work and have been off for about a week. I am afraid at what the scale will say. I am guessing mid 130's if I am lucky. I am trying to go back to eating as I did in induction. So this post is something of a rant, question, and desperate cry for hope. I have not strayed off the low carb path, but I am really hungry!!!
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Old Mon, Oct-17-16, 21:52
Meme#1's Avatar
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Hi Winnie
I want to congratulate you on your weight loss this summer. I also want to say sorry about you and your husband's seperation.
Just reading what you wrote and it occurred to me that Bi-polar isn't who you are but it's an illness that you have, just like any illness other people have but it doesn't have to define who you are.
This world likes to stamp a label on mental illness and I just think that's just wrong.

About being hungry, make sure you are eating enough rich fatty foods that will help satisfy you. I don't know what your likes are but any seafood dipped in garlic butter will make me feel full for hours because it's so rich. I also love very fatty ribeyes for the same reason.

Stick around this forum and I think you will find a lot of supportive people with tons of good ideas.

Glad you came

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Old Mon, Oct-17-16, 21:58
ReneeH20 ReneeH20 is offline
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Hi, there! First, ((HUGS)) for all you've been through. I am going through a tough time in my own marriage right now so can relate. I am in the no appetite stage right now. I saw my doc whom I see for weight loss because I was worried that I would go back to emotional eating.

She told me that it is normal to lose appetite and also normal to have a gain when appetite came back. Her words were "Don't freak out. You'll gain some when your appetite comes back. After awhile it will go back down."

I know a gain would be discouraging, but if you are staying OP, things will get back in order.
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Old Tue, Oct-18-16, 09:01
Cthebird Cthebird is offline
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Location: NJ

winnietheb, I'm so sorry about your separation. That is stressful for anyone, but as a person also with bipolar disorder I think that you are doing the best job possible to not let it destabilize you.

I certainly understand weight-gain medications. I've taken many over the years. Right now my only weight unfriendly medication is Seroquel XR. But I have so far lost 13 lbs on it through just determination on my diet. I started on Weight Watchers and lost 10, and have lost 3 lbs so far in the last 7 days on a semi-low carb diet prescribed by my dietitian. I've had some anxiety lately, though the causes are far less significant than a separation.

As you heal and gain strength over the coming weeks/months, continue to take good care of yourself. Try to eat healthy foods, exercise, and practice other self-care.

If you ever wish, you are welcome to send me a private message.
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Old Tue, Oct-18-16, 10:38
Robin120's Avatar
Robin120 Robin120 is offline
Senior Member
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Location: DC

Big hugs to you, Winnie.
When my exhusband packed a truck in the middle of the night one day, I thought my world was ending. It was like being hit by truck- no warning at all. I, too, lost all appetite and lost tons of weight (was healthy weight to begin with, and lost until many people started voicing concerns for my health).
As i moved my life forward, my appetite returned and i gained back the weight.
Make sure to look after yourself! The last thing you need is to look like you aren't happy without him in your life, when you have to see him for mediation/divorce proceedings- no matter how you feel inside. At least I felt that way.....
I hated cooking just for me, but found things like making an omelet or grabbing those prepared (just heat and eat) chicken sausages were healthy and on plan.

Stay on plan, it will make you feel more in control and then you won't add "feeling like diet failure" to your mountain of pain right now.
And i would keep a food journal, including your emotional don't want to eat of boredom/ loneliness/ feeling sad or angry.....

Since you have bipolar, i am assuming you see someone? I think therapy is so valuable for anyone coping with divorce, so I am glad you have someone to trust.

So very sorry to hear this, but I have to say looking back- it was one of the best blessings in disguise i have ever had. I am now married to my real life Prince Charming, who finds ways to show me he loves and appreciates me EVERY single day.
In the meantime, maybe you can make some new friends (meetup .com is a free website to bring together people with shared interest. it is NOT a dating site. I joined a ski club and a hiking club and met many new friends. it was a great way to start to feel better).
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Old Tue, Oct-18-16, 12:43
GreekRibs's Avatar
GreekRibs GreekRibs is offline
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Location: Saskatchewan

Hi Winnie; nice responses to your post - welcome, welcome.
I lost a lot of weight after my divorce. It happens. No big deal if you gain a bit of it back. You know the route to where you want to go since you've done low carb for a year and a half.

I know your road in a few ways and it sometimes feels lonely. Just know those feelings are entirely normal and the reality is you are not alone. So glad you reached out on this site and share your journey with us. Hope you stick around. xoxo
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Old Fri, Oct-21-16, 19:26
winnietheb's Avatar
winnietheb winnietheb is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 103
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 174/134/125 Female 5'6 inches
Progress: 82%

Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words. I have not been able to answer back sooner due to work. I am eating on plan and made up a bunch of food ahead for work. The emotions are a roller coaster for sure. The scale read about what I thought it would when I got back to my calibrated health care scale. I guess the goal is to return to that lower weight in a healthy way, not a dehydrated, living on coffee and no sleep for weeks sort of way. I just want to at least hold the line. I imagine I am not the only one who has nightmares about waking up having eaten a whole bunch of sugar and gained it all back. .. Anyway I thank you all for taking time to write back!
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Old Tue, Oct-25-16, 17:37
andante andante is offline
Senior Member
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Stats: 237.6/150/155 Female 5'9"
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Good for you for getting on the scale and dealing with the number, and then recommitting! I totally get the emotional eating thing, and when I've succumbed, I wasn't always willing to face the number, and then I just gained and gained. You've broken that spiral so congrats!

Stick around here, please -- there is so much support and so many good ideas, and great delicious recipes so you CAN do a little "emotional eating" -- just with things that won't put on the weight!

All best to you.
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Old Thu, Oct-27-16, 10:28
WereBear's Avatar
WereBear WereBear is offline
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Location: USA

Originally Posted by winnietheb
I imagine I am not the only one who has nightmares about waking up having eaten a whole bunch of sugar and gained it all back. ..

That's right. You are not the only one! Take care of yourself and indulge in high fat protein treats; they feed body and mind.
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