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Old Sun, Apr-11-10, 08:09
bsmx2 bsmx2 is offline
New Member
Posts: 6
Plan: CAD
Stats: 235/221.0/145 Female 5'6
Progress: 16%
Default Exercise on CAD

Hi all-

I lost about 100lbs on CAD about 5 years ago. Since then I've gained a significant amount back and am now gung-ho back on the CAD plan.

My question is this. When I initially used CAD to lose all the weight, I didn't start working out until I had already lost a considerable amount of weight.

This time around though, I've grown very fond of hitting the gym for many reasons and consider it a necessary part of my daily routine. What I'm concerned about is that it's slowing my weight loss.

When I first did CAD 5 years ago, weight was coming off so fast my head was spinning; often 2+lbs per day in the very beginning. That was about average. As I mentioned, I didn't start working out until I'd already lost quite a bit of weight.

Now I'm low carbing and exercising right off the bat. I do a lot of weights with my upper body, some ab work, and high intensity interval training about every other day. My weight loss is only averaging about .5 lbs per day and sometimes it doesn't move at all.

Now, I realize weight loss slows after a certain point but I'm right at the beginning and that's normally where the weight just falls off. I'm concerned that my intense exercise is affecting the loss somehow.

Has anyone had an experience like this? I've heard people argue both sides of the line; one side insisting that I should ABSOLUTELY NOT exercise for the first few weeks/months and the other side insisting I should.


Thanks for reading.
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Old Sun, Apr-11-10, 10:52
Hoppinn's Avatar
Hoppinn Hoppinn is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,013
Plan: CALP & Exercise
Stats: 236/129/140 Female 5'3"
Progress: 111%
Location: California

Congratulations for successfully losing 100 lbs. by following CAD!

I began exercising one month after beginning CALP. I intended on beginning my exercise schedule two weeks after following the program but I ended up catching the flu and had to recover before I could begin.

I had been overweight for over twenty three of my soon to be forty nine years when I began following the program. I had quite a bit of weight to lose and my purpose for beginning the program was to become fit and healthy as well as weight loss.

I spent many years losing weight and as soon as I returned to my old ways, I would gain it all back, plus more. Since I wanted to become fit and healthy, I knew I had no choice than to begin an exercise program.

Even though I knew that gaining muscle would slow my weight loss, I began my exercise program. My intention was to replace my fat with muscle and since I knew the same amount of muscle is heavier than the same amount fat, I was more than willing to allow the scale to go crazy. The other thing that helped me was knowing that muscle burns fat and I was building a fat burning machine.

I have been working out for two years now and I am fit and healthy underneath the remaining fat that I have left. I am extremely happy that I began exercising when I did because my body is a smaller size at this weight since my body has gained quite a bit of muscle!

The other thing I need to mention regarding my weight loss is that I have been going through the change of life since I began following this way of eating and who knows what havoc that is having on my scale.

The main thing is that I am soon to be 51 years old, 5'3" tall, 162 lbs., and I am wearing a US size 10-12. I have a wonderful body image of myself because I can see the extra pounds hanging off of me and know it is just a matter of time before it disappears completely.

Whatever you choose will be up to you and all I can do is wish you the best!
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Old Mon, Apr-12-10, 22:48
maryh's Avatar
maryh maryh is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 259
Plan: Carb Addicts
Stats: 175/154/135 Female 5 5'
Progress: 53%
Location: West of Ireland ♥

I just would like to share what i know.......
In the past i'd try to control my weight exclusively with exercise and found i'd gotten nowhere fast even though I'd really be going for it with hours of exercise and sometimes even quite punishing ones otherwise known as 'high-intensity'.

So i've researched this topic as much as i could do & i did find out some interesting information in a book by a Dr.Charles Clark. He states that he discourages his patients from very intensive exercise & that it shouldn't be undergone/endured for longer than 40-45 minutes at a time.
This was thought to have a detrimental effect on insulin levels.
I believe this man was a doctor who specialized in heart patients & diabetes.
In a nutshell he just recommended keeping the daily carb content down: He recommeded two carbohydrate servings a day when trying to lose weight. He recommended those carbs to be something like..(an orange & a slice of bread~was his recommendation) & to do a kind of isometric exercise. (They were light ones of some sort anyways)

I'll admit though I've been struggling a bit to get adjusted to this WOE & still am to some extent so i'm right there with ya!

So anyways
My plan is to make more effort to exercise but to keep it more at the light-moderate end of the scale..with maybe half an hour walking in the AM as a basic and then maybe more (exercise dvds' etc.) depending on my energy levels & what exercise i enjoy.
I'll try to just keep the guidelines from the World health organization for 30 minutes minimum -5 days a week and just try to be consistent with that.
I'm just going to try to be as balanced, moderate and simplistic as possible.

Best of luck anyways...i loved hearing your inspiring story..Your a real trooper! It encouraged me anyways.
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Old Tue, Apr-13-10, 14:44
Enomarb Enomarb is offline
Posts: 4,814
Stats: 180/140/150 Female 65 in
Progress: 133%
Location: usa

welcome to the site!!!! Please come back lots and tell us more.

I have worked out the whole time before during and after losing the weight.
I too found the weight loss almost unbelievable when I did CALP.
There is a phenomenon I have read about, called "The Golden SHot". It says that the first time you lose weight with LC is the easiest and fastest, and that if you go off LC and then do it again it will be slower.

This may be happening with you. It just means this time it will be slower.

Please come back and post and let us lean from you and let us help you too.

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