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Old Wed, Aug-01-18, 04:13
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You should be pleased. Your success has a good visual of three large stones shed from your body and left behind in a garden.
It is great to have a goal to shoot for, but what will you do if you "only" lose 8 stone? Every stone lost puts you on the road to health improvements. You can certainly meet your weight goal but setting a fixed date for when that happens may not be encouraging for you along the way. Rather, how is your blood sugar? Have you been able to get off medications? From your introduction, there are more important goals than a number on the scale next May.

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Old Wed, Aug-01-18, 20:29
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Originally Posted by TimBowen
Thanks both for that, I really should have looked before I asked that question eh? LOL

I just wanted to announce a mini achievement of mine today...

I have now lost 42lbs (3 stones) in 3 calendar months!

I am now 30% of my way to my target of 140lbs (10 Stone) in a calendar year. May 1st 2018 to May 1st 2019.

I'm hoping, even when my weekly losses start to slow up somewhat, I'll have enough 'calendar' left over, to achieve my goal?

Today, I'm feeling very pleased with myself. LOL

As you should be! You're doing amazing! Keep up the good work. And keep us apprised of your journey. We want to hear more! Maybe start that journal?
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Old Thu, Aug-02-18, 03:45
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Thanks again Janet and you too ImOnMyWay.

I've noticed a 'strange coincidence' IOMW, I've just looked at your stats on your posting and I've now lost the exact amount you hope to lose, to achieve your final target. Believe me, if I can do can you too.

Janet, while I understand your thinking, what if I do fall short of my target? I have considered that possibility. As I mentioned in my initial post, my doctor's diagnosis provided the motivation to 'get stuck into' this diet. I'd put it off for waaayyy too long.

Admittedly, I haven't returned to the doctor yet to check my blood sugar levels, (he said to leave it 3 months to give the diet a chance to 'work it's magic' LOL)

I'm fairly confident I've reversed that diagnosis, by the weight loss I've achieved. However, to have that officially confirmed is something I intend doing soon...and will report the results on this forum when I do.

So should I only lose '8 stone,' I'll be seriously 'disappointed' in myself on the one hand. But I will at least be 8 stone lighter, and so, that'll signify a major improvement on where I was at the end of April. But I also don't intend to fail in my quest.

Also Janet, fortunately, as I'd only just been diagnosed and told him immediately I intended to go down the Ketosis and OMAD (One Meal A Day) route, he didn't prescribe any medication. It was always my intention never to accept any, as I've read some horror stories about the potential side effects. His concerns were also allayed somewhat, by the knowledge I already had about the ketosis process, having lost over 6 stone (85.5lbs) back in 2011.

With regards 'Goal setting,' (setting dates) I'm a bloke and we are wired that way I think? Well, at least I am! It's a real challenge to overcome. Yes, losing 140lbs in a calendar year is certainly an ambitious target no doubt. But keeping stats and meeting mini targets, like I have this week, provides me with further motivation, to fuel the fight. It gives me yet another positive element to the weight loss process.

Beating or achieving my target when I weigh on a Monday, provides me with 'one heck of a buzz!' I walk on air for the whole day!

It's like following the sports scores, every Monday when I weigh...and wonder if I'm 'on target'...have I 'won' this week etc etc. I think blokes would identify with that male motivation. I've always been 'goal orientated.' And as a salesman for much of my working life, I tend to follow the 'Failure to plan, is planning to fail' mantra. Hence my 'goal setting.'

Although, fitting into my old clothes in the 'forgotten half' of my wardrobe is certainly another 'highly satisfying' landmark. LOL

I can't remember if I mentioned but I've started to Fast recently and find, probably due to the OMAD routines, that I'm able to do that without any problems. Recently, out of curiosity, I tried a '100 hours Fast' and achieved it too (4 days and 4 hours of not eating). Only drinking 3 litres (approx. 6 pints) of water each day and the occasional cup of tea.

Having read up on the science behind 'fasting' not only does it help with your weight loss figures, but it also provides your body with a significant boost with clearing the junk out from your cells. (Google 'Autophagy' for the low down on this) Or, I've included a website regarding the benefits of 'Fasting' should anyone be interested?

Anyway, enough 'waffle' from me today. I just wanted you all to know I'm aware of the concerns expressed, and just like 'Miss Pi' I also hope 'I'mOnMYWay' to my target weight.

Hopefully, by my birthday in April...what a great birthday pressie to myself that would be eh? LOL

Last edited by TimBowen : Thu, Aug-02-18 at 04:35.
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Old Thu, Aug-02-18, 06:21
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Beating or achieving my target when I weigh on a Monday, provides me with 'one heck of a buzz!' I walk on air for the whole day!

And here in lies the danger. When you start missing your theoretical targets, and you will, I've seen so many that are no longer here start make changes, waffle, despair and disappear - some times reappearing heavier or expressing unnecessary shame.

Even if you do hit your goals or even exceed them, The buzz of weight loss will wear off.

I found it helpful to stop dreaming about the future and just do what I can do today and not attached too much to the result. Today, right now, is the only time you can do anything about your future - I'm sure you will find your way

This coming from a bloke that had a similar path that needed following. I even went as far, mid journey, to eliminate my "goal" weight. When I did that, I was free from the cycle and new vistas opened.

I wish you Well Tim Bowen!
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Old Thu, Aug-02-18, 08:24
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Posts: 3,815
Plan: OWL
Stats: 177/148.6/135 Female 5'2"
Progress: 68%
Location: Oregon, Los Angeles

Thanks for the shout out, Tim, and for the article on fasting. Informative and thought provoking.

I seem to have naturally gravitated towards intermittent fasting - not deliberately, but sometimes I don't eat my first meal of the day until late afternoon, and I find it hard to eat more than two meals a day. Still, I wonder if I'm decreasing muscle mass by doing this. But I don't feel weak.

Anyway, I recommend that you view your scale readings as just one source of data. It's just one metric of how to measure your progress, and can be deceiving. You can be making progess even if the scale doesn't go down, or even if it goes up! Speaking for myself, my weight can vary a couple of pounds per day. That doesn't mean that I've gained a couple of pounds of fat overnight. Useless to obsess over what the scale says. Sometimes I just put it in the closet, and pull it out once a week or once a fortnight.
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