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Old Thu, Feb-04-21, 07:25
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Chris250 Chris250 is offline
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Posts: 40
Plan: adkins
Stats: 250/225/140 Female 67
Progress: 23%
Default good christian responses

Does anyone have a good christian response when people start to mention my weight loss. I have tried, 'only by the grace of God'. I tried saying I didn't appreciate when you saw me gain weight-I don't appreciate the fact that you are commenting that I'm losing weight. I've tried to redirect the conversation.

I like being unnoticed and invisible. My weight is only my own business for my own reasons.
What comments have you heard that were not considered back-handed compliments. And what did you say in reply.

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Old Thu, Feb-04-21, 11:19
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Plan: DDF (2021 Q2)
Stats: 342.2/191/000 Male 182cm
Progress: 44%

"Bless you!" then move on? I don't recall any negative comments for me, more questions and curiosity. Hoping you can let those slide on by and put no energy into thinking what others might be thinking or saying. Simply out of your control in my opinion.

Bless You!
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Old Mon, Feb-08-21, 23:33
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wbahn wbahn is online now
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Plan: Atkins-ish, post-WLS
Stats: 324/279/174 Male 72 inches
Progress: 30%
Location: Southern Colorado, USA

Keep in mind the intent. In almost all cases, they are genuinely trying to pay you a compliment. The assumption they are making, right or wrong, is that you have chosen to undertake a course of action toward a goal and they are recognizing that the path you are following is not easy but that you appear to be succeeding. In most cases just saying, "Thank you," and then continuing with the prior discussion will naturally end this one because to continue it they would have to go out of their way to bring it back up and most people would find that sufficiently awkward that they will just let the matter pass.

Of course, some won't. Some of those will want to focus on you, for one reason or another. If you don't like that, then just say something like, "Again, thank you, but this is a very personal journey for me and I'm just not comfortable talking about it. Maybe sometime down the road, but not now." Then again turn the conversation back to where you want it. If they still persist, now you have justification for getting increasingly pointed.

But also keep in mind that many people that bring it up again are not so much interested in you and your troubles and successes, but rather in learning about what you have done and are doing so that they, or someone they care about, might benefit from it. There's nothing that says you have to help them, but when you were looking for a path to follow, wouldn't you have not been very appreciative of the perspectives and advice of people that were apparently succeeding at what you wanted to do? If that appears to be there motivation, then I would recommend talking to them, just keep the discussion focused on the plan and the issues surrounding it and keep references to yourself to a minimum.
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Old Sat, Feb-27-21, 06:13
Happy girl Happy girl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 479
Plan: SEC
Stats: 198/183/150 Female 168 (5.512 ft)
Progress: 31%
Location: Scandinavia

Psalm 34:4-5? I love that one.

I have found that this forum is one of a kind, very supportive.
That is why I keep coming back.
It took over a decade here for me to start to relax over posting,
felt so vulnerable. Still am.
I am very sensitive by nature and can still easily
get stressed out. Feer has ruined so much for me. Today I try to
embrace who I am even it it may hurt sometimes. It helps.

God bless you Chris.

Last edited by Happy girl : Sat, Feb-27-21 at 09:56.
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Old Mon, Mar-01-21, 08:07
Bangle Bangle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 195
Plan: Atkins, Dr. Westman
Stats: 267/170.6/145 Female 5'4"
Progress: 79%

I feel exactly the opposite .....When I started my weight loss journey for real, I lost 40 pounds the first year. It made a pretty big difference in the way I looked........and no one mentioned it. I was especially miffed when my family (other than my hubby) said nothing. Hubby was always supportive. My family only gets together once a year at Thanksgiving because we are scattered across the country, and I host the yearly Thanksgiving dinner as my mom lives nearby and they all come to see her and get together. Well, when they all showed up after my loss of 40 pounds no one said a hurt my feelings and made me feel like I still looked huge. It was a real downer because I was excited thinking they would notice my weight loss.......then nothing....

I continued to lose and over the next two years lost more, up to about 90 pounds total. After that loss, one sister finally said something to recognize my loss, and it made me feel much better. For friends who have known me in my fat years I do want them to notice that I have lost 90 pounds, and frankly it is such a big change that most do say something.

Now to those who knew me when I was much smaller and never saw me fat - like at a 50 year high school reunion, even with my 90 pound loss I am still heavier than I was at high school so I would expect them to say nothing.

So I guess I am the opposite because I like people to notice the hard work I have put in and compliment me on my weight motivates me to keep at it

As long as they say it in kindness and are complimentary I appreciate it
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Old Thu, Mar-25-21, 13:23
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Mrs.K Mrs.K is offline
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Plan: ketogenic/VLC
Stats: 522/477/399 Female 5'11''
Progress: 37%

Chris250 i completely understand. I dont like people to notice either. I hate when they comment things about my heavier weight like "you used to be SO big" etc. I've also had family members intensly look me up and down everytime they see me if they know im activity trying to lose weight. This time around I'm not letting people know,, im wearing layers and all my unflattering cloths that make me look bigger. This is my plan for now. As I lose more ill have yo change my tactic but for now its giving me time to get ready for it and try to come up with a response. I've even let the weight loss attention derail me from keto in the past. I really don't like being noticed either.
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