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Old Fri, Dec-28-07, 14:11
k-boogie's Avatar
k-boogie k-boogie is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 749
Plan: Controlling the Carbs
Stats: 282/197.5/150 Female 5'3
Progress: 64%
Default Are You Really Happy???

I just wanted to know from each group are the people really happy with their WOE or more so b/c of the results. I have come across some people who wish they could eat certain things but know it will bring back the pounds so while they are elated about their new figure they aren't necessarily about the food. So I thought I would start thread in each of the programs on here and see what everyone has to say.

I know I don't have to ask for everyone to respect each other's posts
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Old Sat, Dec-29-07, 16:36
stashyc's Avatar
stashyc stashyc is offline
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Posts: 301
Plan: Dukan & Running
Stats: 195.2/155.4/155 Female 5'9.5"
Progress: 99%
Location: MA

Oops, I answered this as an Atkins person, let's disregard that....
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Old Sat, Dec-29-07, 19:02
Gaelen's Avatar
Gaelen Gaelen is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 244
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 216/166/150 Female 60 inches
Progress: 76%
Location: CNY

Yep, I'm happy.
But I've been doing this since February 2002, and I mostly like to cook. I'm inventive enough in the kitchen to have been able to figure out how to create the things I really like to eat in Protein-Power appropriate versions, and to figure out PP appropriate portions of the things I can't de-carb. PP doesn't put anything except transfats, certain artificial sweeteners and high fructos corn syrup off limits...except by portion size.

I can live with that...and have, happily, for close to six years now. Doesn't mean I'm perfect, and yes, sometimes other things would be easier, but occasionally choosing to eat something off-plan doesn't mean that I'm 'unhappy' with my choice of way of eating. It means I made a choice to eat something I wouldn't normally choose...and that can happen to anyone.
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Old Thu, Jan-03-08, 07:41
ruthla ruthla is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,011
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 190/169/140 Female 62 inches
Progress: 42%
Location: New York

I'm mostly happy, but sometimes I get bored with what I have to eat and want something I can't have. But that has much more to do with food allergies than Protein Power- I'm currently off dairy, all grains, and all legumes and a "slip up" means I'll get sick.

As Gaelen mentioned above, the PP plan itself isn't so restrictive.
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Old Thu, Jan-03-08, 07:54
creaky's Avatar
creaky creaky is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 245
Plan: IF w/ low carb (20/4)
Stats: 259/201.5/150 Female 5'6"
Progress: 53%
Location: Southern California

I'm happy with what I'm doing. I have done low carb on and off again, but now it is much easier. I don't crave the carb or go "That looks good" when I see chips or sweets. I really don't want them. When I decided to come back to low carb, I was lucky enough to have found Good Calories, Bad Calories at the library. I started to read it, I really scanned it as I knew I had to buy it and really study it. It made me happy to go back to low carb. I asked for it as a Christmas present and am slowly reading it. The book helps my scientific mind to know why I must eat low carb for the rest of my life.

I feel better, more alert, no afternoon slump. I caught a cold over Christmas and this is the fastest that I am over a cold. I get through the day and feel good all the way to the end of the day.

I see my dieting friends eating one sandwich with a small amount of meat, a bag of baby carrots and a couple of low fat cookies for lunch or eat a carb laden chemical laden frozen dinner. I sit down with a can of tuna fish, a couple of tablespoons of mayo and full fat salad dressing and a bowl of salad lettuces. Tonight I know I'm going home to a 7 bone roast that is now cooking in the crockpot and I can eat all I want of the roast. I ate my breakfast of 4 eggs and an ounce of cheese with spinach. I may have a mock danish for dessert.

Who is complaining - not me!
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Old Fri, Jan-04-08, 14:18
jkmfrog's Avatar
jkmfrog jkmfrog is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 393
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 215/164/158 Female 68 inches (5' 8")
BF:much/less/now :-)
Progress: 89%
Location: North Carolina, USA

Ditto to what Galeen said.

I've been low carbing since 2003 (or is it '02....who knows) I'm mostly happy with this WOE. It has cleared up some chronic health problems and I feel much better overall. I have the energy I remember from my 20s (ok late 20s). When I went back to "regular" high carb eating for a while I felt so crummy. So, yeah, there are trade offs. In a perfect world, I'd rather feel great and be able to eat all the white rice and rice noodles I want (my only real craving anymore). But as a more mature adult, I realize I can't have everything. I choose to have good health (which makes me very happy )over eating food that contributes to making me feel unwell.

As someone who cooks a lot, and feels comfortable in the kitchen, it was easy to modify recipes I loved to low carb. I've also cooked a lot of new things that people have rccomended. Prior to low carb I ate a very wide variety of food from a wide variety or cultures - I doubt there was a vegetable I had not tried; for me it was easy to just stop eating the white stuff and still enjoy amazing meals. I could see that for someone who does no cooking at all, this WOE would pose some challenges. Any WOE where you are encouraged to eat whole, natural foods is going to require some effort, or greater resources, in our current society. The good news is that I am CONVINCED that anyone can learn the skills needed to cook at home. But even with a crock pot, and cooking in large batches to take some of the time burden off, it is a committment to cook, beyond the committment of saying no to the foods you cannot eat (and some days I feel a bit bombarded by that, other days it looks gross to me). I cook nearly every night - some days I would rather sit on my --- and read a book while someone else did it for me.

I'm not perfect either. I occasionally have a bit of bread, or sugar sweetened items, or other non low carb things in very limited amounts. I've had my trip to the honey tree during the holidays. I can live with a way of life where I don't feel guilty or like I should be punished for "slipping off the wagon". But the days I feel the best are those where I'm eating my protein and veggies, and occasional fruits. Becasue I choose to eat something else does not mean I'm unhappy with the WOE. We eat for cultural reasons, emotional reasons...if we only ate for nutrition and to fuel our bodies, I imagine that everyone would be eating low carb and not even thinking about these sorts of questions...don't you think?

Last edited by jkmfrog : Fri, Jan-04-08 at 14:32.
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Old Fri, Jan-04-08, 16:34
black57 black57 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 11,822
Plan: atkins/intermit. fasting
Stats: 166/136/135 Female 5'3''
Progress: 97%
Location: Orange, California
Default Bbq

I know I posted on the Atkins thread but something occured to me while reading this thread. The reason I do not get bored on this lifestyle is that I can eat a large part of " soul food" that I had when I was growing up. I can have fried chicken and chittlins without blinking an eye. I can have fried or baked fish. I love greens cooked southern style. One of my favorite dishes that my mom made when I was a child was cauliflower with cheese sauce. How perfect! Low carb fried chicken, collard greens and cauliflower with cheese sauce. Plus other great foods such as 3 bean salad made with black soy beans instead of kidney beans. BAR-BE-CUE oh my! What's nice is, I never like a thick sauce on my ribs. Thin low carb BBQ sauce is fabulous.I really think of my low carb lifestyle as nothing new. It is from back in the day but without the cornbread.
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Old Sat, Jan-05-08, 16:14
wyogranny's Avatar
wyogranny wyogranny is offline
New Member
Posts: 18
Plan: Atkins/Protein Power
Stats: 267/186.4/135 Female 67
Progress: 61%
Location: Cheyenne, WY
Wink Am I Really Happy - NO!!

No, I'm ecstatic. Happy doesn't even touch how we (my hubby and I) feel. I turned 60 last year, and I am healthier now than I was 20 years ago. We eat better now than we have ever eaten in our married life (30 years).

Do we miss foods? Not much any more. Been low carb since 2001. I used to love pizza. I tried every frankenfood kind of low carb pizza there was - YUK! It was then I decided if I was going to have something like that, it was going to be the real thing. We have a real honest to God pizza about once every two years (yeah, I said 2 years!). Last year was pizza year, and it wasn't that good, maybe I'll just pass it up forever from now on .

My husband is a T2 diabetic. He was very ill before Atkins. He is in fabulous shape now. One doctor told us that for anyone over 60 not to be on half a dozen medications is rare these days. Does that tell you something about the "normal" American diet?? What's more, doesn't that say something about eating low carb?

Life is nothing but one long string of choices, from start to finish. We have chosen to live the low carb life. We have made a certain decision to give up sugars and starches, and embrace proteins, good fats, and low carb vegs and fruits, for the sake of our health (especially my husband's). We do in no way regret that choice. We are grateful to have found low carb when we did.

Good luck to you in your own life choices.
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Old Sun, Jan-06-08, 19:07
CindySue48's Avatar
CindySue48 CindySue48 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,816
Plan: Atkins/Protein Power
Stats: 256/179/160 Female 68 inches
Progress: 80%
Location: Triangle NC

Happy with Protein Power? Yes!! I've been doing this for a while too and struggled on Atkins and "my own" plan. Since starting PP, and increasing my protein intake, I seem to be able to stick to the plan easier.

I love the foods!! As long as I can do the cooking, I'm thrilled with my diet! Eating out can be challenging, especially if your choices are limited. I've recently been dependant on restaraunts for most meals and have also had to eliminate more foods (grains, nightshades, citrus and limit dairy), which makes it REALLY hard to eat out day after day. But Protein Power itself is a great way to long as you like meat (meat, fish, fowl) and eggs.

In addition to having few cravings and being able to objectively look at sweets and decide they're not worth it, I've also had several medical issues improved. I've seen a reduction of reflux symptoms, milder arthritis symptoms, and I'm no longer an insomniac. I also feel better than I have in so long I can't even seems like I was always sore or have an upset belly.

Going off plan, at least recently, has been planned. I went off last summer while on vacation....but still lost weight! And I just went back on plan after going off due to stress and agravation. A big part of it was that I was tired of the food I could get (in restaraunts) with all my restrictions! Do I wish I could eat like that all the time? Sure. But it's not worth it.
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Old Sun, Mar-09-08, 18:42
advantagec advantagec is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 717
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 324/283/245 Male 71.5 inches
Progress: 52%
Location: North Carolina

I am happy with this WOE. I am not sure that I am with the PP program 100%, though. I restrict carb grams to a maximum of 10 per meal and 40 per day. Calories are not particularly restricted but I know that I am in the 2000 to 2400 per day range. For about 6 weeks I recorded everything on Fitday.

I am lucky in that I have always been a person who prefers the meat and green vegetables to the potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, etc. I sometimes am tempted with a little bit of "bored eating" on the weekend. If I indulge, it is LC.

With that in mind, this WOE has been pretty effortless during my 3.5 months so far. My weight loss has been a little over 2 lbs per week just about every week. Because I do not feel deprived, I will be able to stay with the program in the face of a stall.
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Old Mon, Mar-24-08, 15:19
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ndelacourt ndelacourt is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,007
Plan: Keto 80/15/5
Stats: 264/263/150 Female 5'7"
Progress: 1%
Location: Bellingham, WA
Default Switching from Atkins to PP

I have been trying to LC for 5 years now....most I lost was 30 lbs, managed to gain only 15 lbs during a pg...kept my blood sugars stable......but have had trouble with the no fruit deal of Atkins, so I am switching to Protein Power.

This is my first official day......I have had many ups and downs being diagnosed with celiac disease, and feeling sorry for myself and soothing myself with lots of frappe coffee drinks...and lots of sugar....but now I have to get back up....shake myself off.....and get on that horse again. (I am getting very close to being I HAVE to do this.)

Once I am on LC again, I do feel soooo much better....joints feel better....heartburn goes away.....indigeston goes away......even with eating any type of grain....even gluten free....I still feel horrible when I have them.

Back to the basics.....only whole natural foods.....I have a hard time with sweeteners I need the fruit....berries with whip cream for desserts or a custard with stevia......

Have a great day!
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