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Old Thu, Jan-13-05, 16:38
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Default Uneven muscle?

THis is more so for all the lifters out there but since I lost my weight and started lifting weights. I noticed that my muscles are uneven. Like everything on my right side is bigger than my left. When I flex, when I don't, I was wondering if anyone had a way to fix this.

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Old Thu, Jan-13-05, 16:49
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Yeah, I have had the same experience. I asked the trainers and two different ones simply suggested that I do more reps/sets with the smaller/weaker side.

I think all of us are asymetrical...some are just more noticeable than others..and if you want to correct it apparently it's pretty simple.

Frankly, I didn't work that hard to up the reps and my left thigh (quad) and upper arm (bicep/tricep) are still smaller than the right.

Let me know if you have success?
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Old Fri, Jan-14-05, 17:00
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I don't think flexing is a very good way to judge muscle size and symmetry. Yes, most bodies are not even, and 1 side is usually stronger than the other. It is totally normal, and may or may not cause you large problems, depending on the extent of the assymetry, and what it is affecting. You should judge muscle strength by how you feel during the exercise. If 1 side hurts, or is weaker, you should do some specific exercises to strengthen that side (specific area). It is important to keep the body's strength gains as even as possible, so you don't get hurt later down the road. If you keep making greater gains on the right side, your body might try to compensate for the asymmetrical strength, and the result would probably be some pain on the left side.
The exercises you should do to try and even up depend on what area (s) you are having trouble with. For example, if the left side of your traps were weaker, you could do a couple military presses on that side.
I hope that made any sense at all.
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Old Fri, Jan-14-05, 20:50
Twin Peak Twin Peak is offline
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Asymetry is normal. If it persists to a significant degree (obvious in the mirror) use mostly dumbbells and not barbells when you lift.
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Old Fri, Jan-14-05, 21:05
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If you use dumbells, any muscle imbalance shows up quickly. If you are right handed, your right side will be stronger than the left, usually.
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Old Fri, Jan-14-05, 22:09
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I would suggest unilatereral training, only using the amount of weight the weak side can handle until your're more balanced. Then ocassionally supplement with it. Every major muscle group can be trained this way.
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Old Sat, Jan-15-05, 10:53
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I have this problem. What I try to do is work my left side first, also if I am picking up a dumbell I do it with my left hand. Also try to carry my gym bag in my left hand.
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