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Old Sun, Jun-17-18, 11:31
Scorpio_V Scorpio_V is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 26
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 130/130/110 Female 5íí4
Default Never tried low carb before- any advice would be great

Hi everyone!

So Iíve tried every diet going- and over the years Iíve been slimmer, Iíve been fatter, but at the moment for the last 6 months weight has been slowly creeping up, despite me trying several diets, itís just not going down.

The funny thing is that itís not like I donít know ďwhat to doĒ. I have an honours degree in Nutrition- yeah, go figure. And in fact thatís whatís steered me away from low carb diets so far- all of what we learn in university and all the government guidelines suggest we should be basing our meals on starchy carbs. But Iíve been questioning this lately- maybe the government is wrong. These guidelines were made over 50 years ago- and now the UK is 62% overweight and rising.

And personally, I know carbs are my weakness. Not necessarily the sugary ones, cakes and biscuits and all those things do nothing for me. But pasta, noodles, rice, and crisps are my weakness. And however ďhealthyĒ I make my meals, they are large portions and I struggle with satisfying my appetite. So Iím going to give low carb a go for the first tome. I donít really know almost how to plan around it! Tomorrowís meal plan is:

High protein low carb diet (5g carbs). Black coffee with sweetener.
Chicken salad with Caesar dressing (10g carbs)
Mushroom omelette with salad (5g carbs? Is it? I donít know!) lol.

Any advice? Does that sound like a stupid diet plan?

Am so used to counting calories I feel out of my depth here!
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Old Sun, Jun-17-18, 11:43
s93uv3h s93uv3h is offline
Plan: Atkins & IF
Stats: 000/014.5/015 Male 5' 10"
Progress: 97%

I started with a rudimentary couple page summary of a LC diet from Gary Taubes' Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It. Then I bought DANDR (Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution), 2002 paperback version, read it back to back, and followed induction.

The one thing I found was the feeling of being sated. Not being hungry. It didn't happen one hundred percent of the time - but it was a new feeling, or one that I had not experienced in so long that it felt new.

I've since added IF (intermittent fasting).

Your started menu looks fine to me.

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Old Sun, Jun-17-18, 13:11
SilverEm SilverEm is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,025
Plan: VLC Pastoral
Stats: 137/136/136 Female 67"
Progress: 100%
Location: Maintenance since 2001

Hi, Scorpio. Welcome! If you would like to see an overview of a typical low carb plan, here is a link to an at-a-glance synopsis of Dr. Atkins' revised plan:

Keeping carb grams under 50, enough protein to repair tissue, and enough fat to feel like smiling, is an easy standard.

An ounce of meat, fish, or cheese has 6 - 7 grams of protein. A whole egg also has 6 - 7 grams of protein.

Ideal protein amount is a widely discussed subject. It is easier to start a Low Carb way of life by eating extra protein and fat, while keeping the carbs very low, to get accustomed to the metabolic shift, from using glucose for fuel, to using fat for fuel.

Protein recommendations run quite a gamut. Some use ideal weight, some use height, some use Lean Body Mass as a starting place to calculate. I'm very hesitant to write a specific guideline, but I think 1 gram of protein per Kg of ideal weight would be a minimum, to start. And adjust according to experience and views of metabolism.

Have a look around all the sub-forums, if you like. There is a wide range of menu choice and food planning here.

I wish you success and much joy with Low Carb living.

Last edited by SilverEm : Sun, Jun-17-18 at 17:38.
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Old Sun, Jun-17-18, 13:17
BillyHW's Avatar
BillyHW BillyHW is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 378
Plan: Keto + IF
Stats: 260/300/165 Male 5' 6"
Progress: -42%
Location: Alberta, Canada
Default is good for finding carb counts.

I would YouTube some talks by Gary Taubes and Dr. Jason Fung and Dr. David Ludwig for some knowledge and motivation.

The Atkins Induction rules are a good way to start low-carbing.
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Old Mon, Jun-18-18, 04:25
JEY100's Avatar
JEY100 JEY100 is offline
To Good Health!
Posts: 10,715
Plan: IF Fung/LC Westman/Primal
Stats: 222/171/169 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 96%
Location: NC

My favorite for the Ultimate guide to a Low Carb Diet for Beginners, including a one page folder that summarizes the food lists to help you shop.
You do not have to join the site, tons of information and recipes are free, but there is an optimal membership that provides many more films, video talks, interviews with experts, and that is Free for one month, easy to cancel.

Check the Research/Media section here for recent news about LC in the UK, low carb health care workers speaking before Parliment, etc. including the NHS approving a LC programme for diabetes. Things are changing.

Highly recommend the PHC organization, their list of RCTs on LC is the most complete, can also find LC healthcare providers if you need more advice.

All the best,

Last edited by JEY100 : Mon, Jun-18-18 at 07:10.
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Old Mon, Jul-16-18, 20:08
CaCO3Girl! CaCO3Girl! is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 27
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 294/220/190 Female 6í1 feet

I only count carbs enough not to go over 20. It could be 3, it could be 20. The Atkins and premier protein shakes are my keys to success. My body likes to be fed 5-7 times a day. I make 2-3 of those shakes. I feel great, and Iíve lost 74 pounds in under 4 months.
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Old Mon, Jul-16-18, 22:01
Ms Arielle's Avatar
Ms Arielle Ms Arielle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 9,386
Plan: atkins
Stats: 247/217/153 Female 5'8"
Progress: 32%
Location: Massachusetts

I have a BS in Animal Science-- basically a degree in feeding livestock......

FInd a copy of dr Atkins New Diet REvolution--- he will explain everything that you will understand--- everything that was not included in our nutrition classes.
Basically the government recommendations is com plete crap for those of us with IR. Insulin Resistance. We cannot eat a "balanced" diet and be well. Our body has been bombareded with insulin to the point that the cells will not accept it, and the build up of blood glucose will send MORE insulin but it too is useless.

The low carb diet by passes this energy system, and uses the fat burning system instead. Use body fat or use dietary fats, the body likes to use either and both.

To use the fat system, the carb levels M UST be decreased to very low by government standards.

( I was able to control gestatioal diabetes by following Atkins recommentdations for eating plenty of the low carb foods listed as ok for Induction.)

When I read the book, I read with distain , expecting another diet book with flawed ideas. HOWEVER, this was a book that hit every nail on the head. After 20 year of not dieting, because all the low fat one left me starving and I would quit after 2 days, I found a diet worth trying. AND IT WORKED. I wasnt hungry.

Getting enough fats is very important to keeping a healthy body. Use butter, lard, coconut oils, etc. Have real eggs, a steak, a drumstick, with a nice pile of mixed greens and a low carb dressing. I like blue cheese. Or ceaser's dressing. ANd sometimes make my own using kombucka and olive oil.

Tonight I had a satisfying sweet: coconut milk mixed with fine coconut, coconut flakes, whole almonds, and a chocolate syrup made from cocoa, butter and coconut oil. Yum. Tastes like an Almond Joy!

It has been 18 years since I first read Dr Atkins book, DANDR. AAnd when I was sent to the dietitian to get a suitable diet for a gestational diabetic, I tossed the information in the trash as I could NOT see how eating grahm crackers with peanut butter as a snack twice a day plus 3 meals would control my blood sugars. Instead on tough mornings, when BG was too high, I warmed a plate of green beans, NOT toast with jam.

You will need to learn how to calculate the number of carbs iin each food you eat. You should find this easy to do. Reading nutrition labels is a must.

I know you can do this!! Why not give it 2 weeks???? The instructions for Atkins are listed here on the forum in a sticky under the Atkins forum. BUt I highly recommend reading the book!!

Dr westmann has taken up the batton for Atkins.

Just find a list of page 4. Personally I use the list here on the Atkins thread.

I hope you will give this a 2 week try. Eat your salt and drink lots of water.
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Old Wed, Jul-18-18, 15:35
Ms Arielle's Avatar
Ms Arielle Ms Arielle is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 9,386
Plan: atkins
Stats: 247/217/153 Female 5'8"
Progress: 32%
Location: Massachusetts

I collected these utube videos to encourage a friend to try LC. You might find these helpful, espcially Dr Westman. He presents info slowly as he is teaching, so bear with him.
introduction to starting a lc diet. w/dr westmann

dr westman explaining macros
butter bobs guide to starting with simple, boring recipes, and his website.

a man who found the power of butter;butter bob

detailed summary of Protein Power
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