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Old Tue, Mar-23-21, 06:37
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Default Malnutrition bomb set to explode: Long-Covid

It took years, but I'm finally seeing improvement in the chronic conditions both myself and my partner, DH, have been struggling with far too long. This is why I know it is all connected to the industrial diet; at least, the treatment should be.

This long con -- it's about profit, not health -- has exploded during the COVD crisis.

And this in a country where 1 out of 3 adults (per the CDC's diabetes page) qualifies for pre-diabetes. Not a coincidence.

The Medical System Should Have Been Prepared for Long COVID

COVID long haulers have been breathlessly covered, but there’s nothing surprising about medically unexplained symptoms—or the reaction to them.

I've long discussed the giant crevasse which separates our medical system. For injury, we're incredibly good. For chronic conditions, it's the complete opposite. And all the suffering starts with trying to get a diagnosis.

It's like the inner knowledge of the medical system -- that they are really inadequate when it comes to treating all these mysterious disorders -- creates a pattern where they attribute symptoms to things they think they can treat.

Her visit followed a pattern, all too familiar to so-called COVID long haulers. “They did a bunch of tests. And at the end? The doctor asked me if I understood the power of suggestion.”

“I had no proof that I’d had COVID,” O’Brien continued. “I felt kind of crazy already, and he was validating my feeling of being crazy.”

And blame the victim, of course.

Worst of all:

Long COVID is now widely accepted by scientific experts. Post-COVID clinics exist in 39 states, many housed at flagship medical institutions. But patients continue to be treated this way. (As this article was being prepared for publication, Lisa O’Brien reached out to tell me she had been referred to a psychotherapist who suggested her symptoms might be caused by generalized anxiety disorder and stress.)

“It’s a common refrain we hear again and again, symptoms were chalked up to stress and anxiety,” said Dr. Lekshmi Santhosh, a pulmonary and critical care specialist who runs UCSF’s multidisciplinary post-COVID clinic. Santhosh’s clinic is limited to patients who were hospitalized for acute COVID. That means the people she’s treating had severe, officially documented cases, and still received psychological diagnoses of persistent symptoms.

We've long discussed the ways metabolic syndrome is all about pre-existing conditions that means a COVID patient has a much higher incidence of serious illness and death. But baffled doctors who stare at lab results have apparently been trained to punt to mental illness. And sure, there's incredible stress involved. But without addressing the terrible stress their own neglect is increasing, that's not going to respond to treatment, either.

My darling GP, now retired, broke the record for lab tests at the local hospital. And we found nothing. Because it was a disastrous medical-created menopause crisis which I was getting treatment for from a couple of other doctors, though that treatment did not work and they wouldn't listen when I told them that. All my GP could do was advise me I had a source of terrible stress and he supported me through the process where I found out how to treat my hormone crisis on my own, and figure out the un-diagnosed condition that was the true source of my problems.

And I was lucky. I had a job with insurance -- though it refused to pay for the right diagnosis, this is after all America -- and by that time I had another diagnose-able condition they could figure out and treat: only their treatment makes things worse. I had to give up on modern medicine for that, too.

Dr. Terry Wahls, who says "all autoimmune disease is the same disease" led me to the right diet for me. Dr. Sarah Myhill, who says, "chronic fatigue is a metabolic disorder" led DH to the right diet for him.

And it's the same diet, with individual tweaks. It's low carb.

But we all have to wait for the freakin' obvious to dawn on the medical-industrial complex. Since:

“Every virus has a post-viral syndrome,” said Putrino. “In a global pandemic we’re going to have a certain number of patients present with a post-viral syndrome, and shame on us for not being ready.”

How could top scientists and medical professionals suffer collective amnesia about this crucial piece of information? Why weren’t we being warned about two types of potential COVID complications, acute and chronic?

The answer is simple: Our medical system is radically unequipped, practically and conceptually, to serve patients whose tests come back normal and whose chronic symptoms cannot be explained with a biological diagnosis or outsourced to a specialist.

Dr Myhill has a test she developed that will give lab results. Which is the only thing out there. But I guess we will all have to wait for freakin' obvious to be considered science.
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Old Tue, Mar-23-21, 09:24
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As someone who has suffered from severe tinnitus for over 30 years, this news story yesterday hit me hard. He likely sought out all the medical experts in the US who will have told him to "learn to live with it". I trust that his death, and his legacy of donating to research, will raise awareness of how debilitating tinnitus can be.

Texas Roadhouse CEO dies by suicide after experiencing ‘unbearable’ COVID symptoms

"Our community and the restaurant industry lost a legend and the Taylor family lost a wonderful son, father and grandad this week," said a joint statement from Taylor's family and Texas Roadhouse sent to CNN on Saturday.

The statement said Taylor died by suicide after a battle with Covid-19-related symptoms, including severe tinnitus, or ringing in the ear, and his suffering had increased in recent days.

Taylor had funded a clinical study to help members of the military suffering with tinnitus, the statement said.

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Old Wed, Mar-24-21, 05:38
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Progress: 139%
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Originally Posted by JEY100
As someone who has suffered from severe tinnitus for over 30 years, this news story yesterday hit me hard.

My beloved grandmother likewise suffered from that. It's very tough to deal with, and I gather it's yet another issue where medicine falls short.

Evidence mounting that COVID-19 can cause diabetes type II

Aaaaand, things get worse.
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