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Old Fri, Oct-22-10, 01:45
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ReAlly ReAlly is offline
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Plan: Stillman's
Stats: 249/155/114 Female 1.65
Progress: 70%
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Smile Simple way to beat candida

Hi everyone

I would like to share my experience and hope that it helps many others.

I've had candida for several years now, mostly showing as a (unbelievably horrible and noticable) rash around my mouth, on my forehead, on both arms and hands, and at varying times on my legs and trunk.

I started a low-carb diet to lose weight, and the weight-loss was fantastic. Mainly protein, some veggies and a little bit of fat. Steady energy, stable emotions, no candida, felt great.

After a break-up last year, I ate anything and everything carby. Of course, my weight ballooned and my candida became severe. Anything with sugar could not be tolerated - within minutes, I'd feel spaced out and just out of it, along with feeling very sleepy.

Out of desperation, I googled candida and came across a group of people doing the 80/10/10 diet. It is a low-fat raw vegan diet where 80% of calories should come from carbohydrates, 10% from protein and 10% from fat. At first it seemed obsurd, but then I saw a video where a person cured her long-term candida in a matter of days. So I tried it. Huge surprise - it worked! Within 5 days, my eczema was almost completely gone and I was stoked! Unfortunately though, the weight packed on. Despite that, the effect on the candida continued - whenever I ate something with sugar (be it fruit or cookies) I no longer got the spacey head and lethargy.

Long story short: if you have candida, keep eating low-carb while temporarily decreasing the amount of fat you consume. After a week, check your candida symptoms (for rashes, photos are a great reference.) Keep eating low-carb and you'll have both benefits of losing weight and getting rid of the candida.

I wish I'd known this earlier because it would've saved me a lot of embarrassment and heartache from both the weight and candida rashes.

Hopefully this helps you, too
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Old Tue, Oct-26-10, 04:13
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Annajen Annajen is offline
Registered Member
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Plan: candida diet
Stats: 116/113/110 Female 5'1"

Thanks for the post, ReAlly!

I have had a similar experience to you where diet has had a huge effect on my symptoms and if I fall off the wagon, I notice the candida gets worse.

Low-fat raw vegan diets sound similar to the candida diet I was on too, although I wouldn't try any elimination diets permanently.

The only thing I would say is if you had eczema as one of your main symptoms, liver congestion is often to blame for that. The reason eliminating meats and animal products may have helped the eczema is that a lot of people have difficulty breaking down meats in the gut due to insufficient stomach acid. When that happens, the residue ferments in the gut and makes a great breeding ground for candida.

You might also be low on Essential Fatty acids (omegas 3, 6 and 9 ) which also help with eczema, so you might want to try supplementing these (try to get a pre-made tablet or oil with all three pre-balanced, since the ratio of 3:6:9 is important).

Here is a link which might help, although there are plenty of other sites out there too.

Anyway, most of these things seem to start in the gut, so try probiotics and prebiotics (good name brands, ask at the health shops) and add them to natural yogurt or warm water and drink before meals about twice a day.

Good luck and thanks for the diet info! I'm feeling like I need to go back on a loow-fat raw vegan diet myself, although another thing which might help both your eczema and candida would be virgin coconut oil (Biona does some I think). You can actually rub this stuff directly on to your eczema like a skin oil and eat it mixed in your yogurt or on food. Great stuff. I live with it now. And coconut oil is antifungal too, although as it is a type of saturated fat, you wouldn't want to eat it by the tubful or anything---just a teaspoon or so per day maybe (I keep it in the fridge and then grate a bit with a fork on to my yogurt and it works on cold stuff like dried coconut) but most health books say it is not as bad for you as, say, animal-derived saturated fats because of the way it works in the body.

Good luck, anyway, and please share more of whatever you find out too! It's all helpful stuff!
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Old Tue, Feb-21-12, 16:26
Miaowzen's Avatar
Miaowzen Miaowzen is offline
New Member
Posts: 16
Plan: Anti-candida
Stats: 133/133/130 Female 175
Progress: 0%

Hi ReAlly, I tried 80/10/10 after having success on a normal anti-candida diet but finding it made me constipated. I followed 80/10/10 to a T but after a few months I was experiencing the most insane sugar cravings. I was pregnant too and eventually my candida came back much worse and I lost my pregnancy. I tried different combinations of 80/10/10 after that without becoming a fruitarian (80/10/10 is a very high carb, no grains or legumes fruitarian diet with greens) but my candida became awful. I think it's mutated now because I can no longer maintain anti-candida unless I eat low carb.
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Old Fri, Apr-06-12, 23:22
ice1968de ice1968de is offline
New Member
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Plan: rapid fat loss /atkins
Stats: 255/237/187 Male 180
Progress: 26%
Location: Denmark

I suffered a lot with candia too, so i started to look around for "smooth" solutions (I hate to take chemical meds). Here is what helped me in a gentle way to minimize it. First of all you have to understand that candia is a natural part of you "body-system". Off course in a "balanced" environment only. Helpful is to understand the symptoms, the causes, the effects it takes on your body.... To make it short: If you fight candia to quick it will cause a lot of problems, because a lot of toxicals will be set free in your body (as candia binds them), so a smooth and slow way is far better. Eat a lot of basic foods (vegetables)to stabilize your acid/ alkaline balance (candia grows best in an acid environment). Avoid all kinds of sugars (as best as you can). That is a first step to deprive "foods" for candia. I found a trick, a trojan, to kill candia, here it is : mix a drink of 1 tbl spoon (organic) black molasses, 1 tbl spoon of natron and 10 drops of Lugol's iodine ( until all is disolved and drink it. Effect: all anaerobically,acidic cells "cheer" now about the treat given and consume it quickly...and with that they sealed their fate! Why? with the molasses (sugar) you fed them natron too, which is a neutralizer, so the cells will be killed. You can take this "cocktail 3 times daily.
At the same time you must take care that the toxins are flushed out of your system as they are set free by the death of the candia cells. A good way to do so is to consume healing earth or charcoal-pills (just google what is available where you live).
You should also rebuild your good intestinal flora with "good" bacteria as it is almost for sure weak (you can get pills for this).
Finally here are some other foods/ "helpers" to fight candia in a natural way:
-Coconut oil (or simply coconut rasps -not as effective, but they still do the job)
-Oregano oil
I had good results with it within 2-3 weeks.
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Old Mon, Jun-25-12, 18:09
jeffryrose jeffryrose is offline
New Member
Posts: 5
Plan: South Beach Diet
Stats: 270/262/170 Male 5'11

Hi ReAlly,

Thanks for sharing your personal experience. I have had my own struggles with yeast infection in the past. What made my condition worse was my underlying problem with diabetes. The information you cited bolstered my own conviction that management of the condition is indeed anchored on the right diet.
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Old Thu, Feb-07-13, 17:41
Yoga11 Yoga11 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 121
Plan: Primal+JUDDD
Stats: 168/163.2/140 Female 5'5''
Progress: 17%

Some of you say you are on Atkins... but you are also lessening the candida? So, if you are on atkins that means u are still eating cream? butter? but to lessen the candida you aren't suppose to eat sugar, dairy, cream, and what not... right?

just clarifying
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Old Sat, Mar-02-13, 07:48
jay253 jay253 is offline
New Member
Posts: 2
Plan: gaps
Stats: 135/135/180 Male 5 9

all over cure zone they claim candida makes the environment alkaline. you know probiotics are acidic like kefir or yogurt,if you have rhizome form colon candida it takes allot more then diet. also if you have any ibs issues going raw will cause fermentation big time and make you sicker cooking food is like predigesting it. i was vegan for 3 years then raw for 6 months, i realize now i made my conditions worse but being vegan and got really weak being raw. in just a week of no carbs grain,kefir,bone broth and salads to ween off raw, my skin is clearing up for the first time in my life sense 12 having cystic acne, the low fat coconut and flax oil only diet did help to a point but nothing like this, and its was way to hard to get enough calories with out stuffing your self and causing constipation the sunfood diet makes more sense if your raw
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