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Old Mon, Jan-30-12, 00:16
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Plan: Atkins
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Progress: 100%
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Default Links to LC and Ketogenic Research threads of interest

Threads from 2000 to 2004

Voyajer's review of studies to 2002

Cardiovascular Disease
New Study: Low-Carb Diets Work Without Boosting Heart Risk
Heart disease starts early in life: studies
High-Grain Diet May Increase Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Atkins-like Diet Shows Promise for Heavy Heart Patients
Traditional formulas may overestimate heart risk
Statin Drugs - A Critical Review of
the Risk/Benefit Clinical Research

Dieters Decrease Heart Risk On Moderate Fat Diet
Most Heart Attacks Easily Predictable, Study Says
Wine Eases Blood Pressure Risks
Excess Weight Hurts Even Seemingly Healthy Heart
Getting Fat Worse For Heart Than Staying Fat
Yoga Gets Hearts Healthy
Study: Low-Glycemic Foods May Be Better For The Heart Than Low-Fat
Reusing cooking oil ups blood pressure
Diet Affects Hormone That May Protect Heart
Better to Get Fit or Lose Weight?
Deficient diets blamed for Central and Eastern European heart disease epidemic

Some unsaturated fats promote inflammation: study
Heart Study: Inflammation twice as bad as cholesterol

High 'Good' Cholesterol Level Lowers Stroke Risk
Low Cholesterol May Raise Risk of Death in Elderly
Cholesterol in Eggs
High saturated fat, no-starch diet doesn't raise cholesterol .. from the Mayo Clinic
Let them eat cake, butter, cream
Concerned Scientists Dispute New Cholesterol-Lowering Guidelines
Naturally Low Cholesterol Promotes Long Life
Is Lower Really Better for Cholesterol?
Downside to Cholesterol-Cutting Herbal Drug
Cholesterol Pills and Grapefruit Don't Mix
Comparison of LC Diet with "Cholesterol Ed" Diet

Study finds statin cholesterol drug does not cut deaths
Quick statins only marginally help heart patients
Statin Dangers

Saturated Fats
Fatty Foods Don't Always Harm the Heart
Saturated fat prevents coronary artery disease?
Saturated Fat Shows Unexpected Benefit
Are saturated fats heart healthy?

Fish Oil/Omega-3s
Fish Oil (Sort Of) OK
Fatty Fish May Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer
Fatty Fish May Cut Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk
Fish Oil May Reduce Risk of Irregular Heartbeat
Sizing up omega-3
Fish Oil Helps Depression
Dietary changes may help control ADD
Omega-3s could benefit new moms
Farmed salmon bring PCBs to the table
A Swiss Paradox? (Omega-3's in Cheese)
Omega-3 Claims Get FDA OK
U.S. Urges Limits On Eating Albacore: Concerns About Mercury Levels

Trans fats
Trans fatty acids up type 2 diabetes risk: study
Fat From Margarine Worse Than Butter
Dietary Trans Fatty Acids Increase Small, Dense LDL Particles
Stronger Proof That Trans Fats Are Bad
Weak Intellect? It Could be the Trans Fat

Fat Free Dressings
Liquid Assets (why fat-free edible oils are bad for us)

Fat Cells
Fat Cells Boost Immune System
Newsweek Article: What You Don't Know About Fat
Fat Has the Power to Guide Bodily Functions, Scientists Discover
Hormone in Fat Mimics Insulin

LowCarb Diets Benefit Cancer Patients
Study: Calcium May Cut Cancer Risk
Beef Prevents Cancer
Red meats and animal fats do NOT cause cancers -- study
Fruits and Veggies No Help Against Cancer

- Breast Cancer
Fatty diet not linked to breast cancer
Flax seeds can slow cancer cell growth
Eggs protect against breast cancer
Study: Low-fat diet doesn't fight breast cancer
Low-fat diet doesn't reduce hormone levels significantly or reduce Breast Cancer risk
Abdominal Fat May Up Breast Cancer Mortality
Study Links Low HDL Cholesterol, Breast Cancer
Eating lots of carbs may raise the risk of breast cancer, study finds

- Bowel Cancer
Adding Veggies Does Not Reduce Colon Cancer
Colorectal Cancer is a Manifestation of Syndrome X
No Link Between Fat Intake, Colon Cancer
Obese Women More Likely to Get Colorectal Cancer

- Prostate Cancer
Study Casts Doubt On High-Fat Diet And Prostate Cancer Link
Flaxseed Could Help Slow Prostate Cancer - Study
Obesity Linked to Worse Prostate Cancer Outcome

- Pancreatic Cancer
High carbohydrate diet implicated in pancreatic cancer

Study Links 'Western' Diet with Adult Diabetes
Foods cooked at high heat linked to inflammation in adults with diabetes
Coffee May Cut Diabetes Risk
Study: Caffeine Interferes with Diabetes Control
New clinical study uncovers mechanism by which chromium picolinate may enhance insulin sensitivity
Strength training improves insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetes
Study: Cinnamon mimics insulin, lowers blood sugar
Sweet Root from Peru holds hope for dieters, diabetics
Diabetics Can Regain Lost Memory
High Blood Sugar Also Poses Risk to Heart
Atkins Diet Combats Diabetes Says NZ Study
A Diabetes Researcher Forges Her Own Path to a Cure
Good News About Vitamin E For Diabetics
Prescribed High Carb Diets Blamed for Diabetic Amputations

Epilepsy Diet (Low-Carb) Has Lasting Anti-Seizure Effect
GLUT 1 deficiency syndrome successfully treated with a special high-fat low-carb diet
High-fat diet protects brain cells
High fat diet reduces seizure risk
Low-carbohydrate diet curbs seizures in some kids

Peptic Ulcer
Stomach Ulcer Bug Has a Sweet Tooth

Meat of the Matter: Fish, flesh feed gout, but milk counters it

High Protein and Phosphorous in Western Diet Does Not Affect Calcium Absorption
Eating Protein May Protect Elderly Bones
High Protein Intake Coupled With Calcium Supplementation Helps Maintain Healthy Bone
High-Protein Diet Won't Weaken Your Bones

Low-Fat, High-Carb Diet for Morbidly Obese Tied to Liver Inflammation

Impact of Protein Intake on Renal Function
Diet Can Alter Risk of Kidney Stones
Protecting Your Kidneys
Extra Pounds Increase Chances of Kidney Stones
Combating Kidney Disease

Stress can lead to weight gain
Caffeine Elevates Stress Levels Throughout The Day

Eating Disorders
Research shows that a sugar-stable diet may hold the key to treating bulimia

Sleep Deprivation Promotes Insulin-Resistance
Sleep More and You May Control Eating More
Getting more sleep may help you shed pounds
Trying to Lose Weight? Sleep More, Get Dog
Sleep Loss May Rev Up Appetite

PCOS: Women Can Fight an Almost Secret Syndrome
PCOS - Experts Urge Early Intervention to Prevent Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease

Metabolic Rate and Weight Regain in Dieters
Low-carb diets do a better job of keeping metabolism on track
Metabolic Edge For Low Carbohydrate Diets: All Calories Are NOT Alike
On Obesity, What the Researchers Didn't Find

Experts: Nuts Promote Better Health
Eating Nuts Lessens Heart Risk, Study Says
Peanuts for weight loss plus heart health
Eating a Healthy Diet Including Walnuts May Reduce Type 2 Diabetes Risks

Putting Humpty Together Again
Eggs More Filling Than a Bagel, Says Study
Eggs Help Lose Weight And Stabilize Glucose

Dairy Food
New Study: Dairy Food No Magic Bullet for Weight Loss

Leafy green veggies can prevent cataracts

Blueberries May Lower Blood Fat/Cholesterol
Purple Berries Pack Potent Antioxidant Punch

Getting Nasty: Wheat Foods Council is
Researchers Say White Bread Makes a Person Rounder

Another alert on Soya safety
Anti-Cancer Effects of Genistein
Sorting Out the Soy Story
Soy-Thyroid connection
Whole Soy Story: The Dark Side of America's Favorite Health Food
Hidden soya in fast food 'cutting men's fertility'

124 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health
Evidence that intermittent, excessive sugar intake causes addiction
Article from 1910 on the evils of sugar
A bittersweet harvest

Food that may be making you fat .. HFCS is a four-letter word!
Fructose Sweetener Linked to Obesity Rise
Fructose may play role in irritable bowel syndrome

Sugar Substitutes
Artificial sweeteners and insulin spikes....
Experts say popular diet sweeteners are harmless

Lab Grown Meat
Lab-grown steaks
Clone Steak Safe, Unless It Isn't

Water-Drinking Is Overemphasized, Doctors Say
More on water
U of U researchers study water intake
Water-induced thermogenesis

Benefits of Glutamine
Boosting Calcium Without Weight Gain
Is Vitamin D Fattening? (Explanation of How/Why Calcium Aids Weight Loss)
Vitamin E May Do More Harm Than Good, Study Finds
Too Much Vitamin C Not Good for Diabetics' Hearts
Four Common Supplements Found to Slow Weight Gain for the Middle-Aged

Ephedra May Have Deadly Effects
Statement From the Ephedra Education Council

Small reduction in blood sugar can lower health costs
Obese Middle-Aged Men Spend 3 Times as Much on Medications
Study: Obesity threatens health care system

Genes and Obesity
Possible Obesity-Influencing Genes Identified
Study: Genes may be at fault for binge-eating

Pregnancy, Childhood & Adolescent Obesity
Obesity on the rise among infants and toddlers
Schneider doc's study shows Atkins diet good for teens
Exercise may reverse heart disease in fat kids
Preemies Seen Prone to 'Pre-Diabetes'
Parents ignorant of obese children
Low-Carb Diet During Pregnancy Improved Triglycerides, Fat Metabolism in Offspring
High Glycemic Load Ups Birth Defect Risk
Babies at risk as mothers' obesity doubles
Excess Weight Can Compromise Birth Control Pills
Obesity rising among U.S. preschoolers

Mechanism of Obesity Hormone Revealed
Protein Key to Obesity Hormone's Effect on Brain
Clues as to How Fish Lowers Leptin Levels
Leptin link with obesity, heart and blood vessel disease
RESEARCH UPDATE: The Weight Loss Plateau
Leptin: Obesity hormone contributes to osteoarthritis
Leptin - Fat Hormone Can Rewire Brain

UK Scientists Report Discovery of 'Hunger Hormone'
Hormone pattern linked to obesity
Hormone Wants To Keep Body At Weight Set Point

Swedish Scientists Find Cancer Agent in starch: bread, rice and potatoes
Study finds likely carcinogen in many foods ... British confirm Swedish study
FDA Finds Cancer-Risk Acrylamides in More Food
Acrylamides Pose Little Risk, Panel Decides

Fat Tax
New Zealand Group Advocates Fat Tax [2001]
Ireland mulls a levy on fatty foods [2003]
UK: A VAT on fat? [2003]
UK to consider taxing "fatty" foods including cheese, whole milk [2004]

Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance/Syndrome X
Extra Sugar Can Cause Insulin Resistance in Cells
Obesity alone may not up risk of heart disease -- Insulin Resistance is key
Fructose, weight gain, and the insulin resistance syndrome
Emerging Research Reveals Important Role of Chromium Picolinate in Insulin Resistance
Gene linked to Insulin Resistance
Insulin Resistance in Teenagers
Metabolic Syndrome is in Your Genes
Metabolic Syndrome Can Reduce Mental Function

Info from/about Dr Atkins/Atkins Nutritional
Dr Atkins suffers cardiac arrest - NOT heart attack
Best-Selling Diet Doctor Dies at 72
Atkins Now Revises Fat Advice--NYTimes
Atkins Has Not Changed
The Truth About (Saturated) Fat
Atkins' Response to Story in Southern Medical Journal on the Teen's death
Controlled-carbohydrate research from around the world
Atkins Nutritionals Responds to Calgary Health Region Re: Low-Carb Diets
Atkins Responds to Attack on Low-Carb Diet by Alliance for Aging Research, Others
Atkins Responds to Confusion and Misunderstanding
Reports of the death of my pal Dr Atkins are a big fat whopper

Info from Science Journalist Gary Taubes
The Soft Science of Dietary Fat
What if It's All Been a Big Fat Lie?
Gary Taubes's 1997 Article regarding Prions

Studies Show Ketosis Beneficial

Calorie Restriction; Resveratrol
Extended longevity in mice lacking the insulin receptor in adipose tissue
Study shows red wine molecule may extend life
Slashing calories for longer life
Starve Your Way to Health

Intermittent Fasting
Skipping Meals Might Offer Health Gains

Studies Proving Safety of Low Carb Diets
USA Today article on the Duke study of the Atkins Diet
Atkins Health & Medical Information Services Research Update
Harvard Nurses' Health Study
Low-carb diet deemed safe over short term
American Heart Association's Own 1998 Study Proves They Distort Nutritional Facts
Three Medical studies lend weight to low-carb-diet claims
Research sheds light on why protein-rich diets aid weight loss
Volek: V.Low Carb Diets
AMA: New research on Atkins diet challenges 30 years of nutritional dogma
Study: Genes may be at fault for binge-eating
Media may mislead on drug study stories
Two Studies Vindicate Atkins Diet
A Randomized Trial Comparing a Very Low
Carbohydrate Diet and a Calorie-Restricted Low Fat
Diet on Body Weight and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in
Healthy Women

Low-Carb Diets Are Working, Study Says
Dietary Fat and Cholesterol Intake Apparently Not Related to Stroke in Healthy Men
PCRM: Atkins is fighting back with facts
Major Study on Long-Term Followers of Low-Carb Diets Reveals Significant Success Rate
Beneficial Effects of a Six-Month Ketogenic Diet in Obese Patients
New Survey Finds 78 Percent Low-Carb Success Rate in Losing Weight
Was Atkins Right? New Study (on rats) Provides Support
Atkins Research Update; Controlled-Carbohydrate Research From Around the World

Benefit of moderate exercise challenged
Exercise alone not enough to make people eat better
Dose-Relationship Between Exercise and Weight Loss - More is Better
Study disputes an exercise belief
Experts Stress Post-Exercise Nutrition
Walking Uphill or Down Said To Aid Heart Differently
Short bursts of exercise may help
Some people are 'immune' to exercise
Exercise Not Enough to Offset Obesity Health Risks
You can gain weight even if you exercise

Weight Loss Surgery/Liposuction
Stomach stapling a double risk, U.S. study says
Risks From Obesity Same After Liposuction
Deaths Raise Fears Over Stomach Stapling
Obesity Surgery Can Lead to Nerve Damage - Study

Aging and Dementia/Alzheimer's
Insulin Plays Central Role In Aging
Exercise Stalls Effects of Aging on the Heart
Small Study Suggests Insulin-Alzheimer's Link
Alzheimer's & Brain Glucose Metabolism
Vitamin E, C Supplements May Prevent Alzheimer's
Possible Mechanism for Link Between Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease Discovered by Joslin Diabetes Center
Niacin May Protect Against Alzheimer's
Studies Say Diet Can Affect Brain Health
Obesity linked to dementia in women
Supplement May Melt Belly Fat in Seniors
Tummy fat worse than obesity in older women
Exercise routine 'reduces' elderly heart disease risk

People with Disabilities
Obesity Blamed as Disability Rates Soar for Those Under 60

Free Radicals
Obesity increases damaging "free radical" particles

Nitrites good for you!

Diets Throughout History
Diets Since 1087
Research: Cereals Eaten 23,000 Years Ago
Benefits of Fat Meat as opposed to lean chicken and hot biscuits, circa 1860.

Weston A Price Articles
The Skinny on Fats
The Ethics of Eating Meat

Other Low Carb Plans
Praise the Lard/"Polish Atkins" Diet
Eat Fat Grow Slim by Richard Mackarness (online book)

Taste Sensitivity
Study: Taste Sensitivity Linked To Lower Weight

Cardiovascular Drug Used For Smoking Cessation Also Keeps Weight Off

Fat Lurks Behind Slim Asian Frames
Blood Test May Predict Rebound Weight Gain
Film Review: Super Size Me
Common Myths About Low Carbohydrate Diets
Can you trust medical researchers?
Study: Yo-yo weight loss harms immune system
A Toxic Side of Weight Loss: Pollutants may slow body's metabolism
Brain Regions Activated By Food Craving Overlap With Areas Implicated In Drug Craving

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Posts: 23,868
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/135/135 Female 5'4
Progress: 100%
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Threads from 2005 to 2006

Cardiovascular Disease
C-reactive Protein Is Factor in Heart Disease, Researchers Say
Heart clue to why women live longer
New Study: HDL and Triglycerides, Not LDL, Drive CAD Risk
Daily Meditation May Reduce Heart Disease Risks
Higher Elevations Healthier for Hearts
Red wine protects the heart, two or three glasses a day
Liver Enzyme May Be at Root of Heart Disease
Fat in bloodstream linked to heart problems
Hip/Waist ratio predicts heart attack risk
Relation Between Blood Glucose and Coronary Mortality
Heart disease, glucose connection
Waistline, not body mass index, is best guide to good health
Low Carb diet decreases heart disease in women

Thromboembolic Disease
Obesity Tied to Fatal Blood Clots

Global High Blood Pressure Rates Set to Soar: Study
High-Fiber Diet May Fight High Blood Pressure
Study: Slightly elevated blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular problems
Study says risk greater only when both weight, blood pressure high
Cola Drinks Not Coffee or Tea Are Linked to Women's High Blood Pressure
High carb diet may up blood pressure in diabetics
Plant foods linked to better blood pressure
Insulin Not Sodium May Be Hypertension's Bad Actor

Zeroing In On Inflammation
CRP Tests: No News We Can Use?
Cheeseburgers are good for the gut

Link Between High Cholesterol And Better Cognitive Performance
'Bad' LDL cholesterol may benefit elderly
The Great Cholesterol Myth - Malcolm Kendrick
Lowering LDL and Total Cholesterol Does Not Reduce Heart Risk
Cutting carbs can lower cholesterol

Death May Be Rare Side Effect Common to All Cholesterol-Lowering Statins
Cholesterol drug poses muscle damage risk: FDA
Statin drugs may combat two common cancers
Statins do not protect against cancer
Bombshell Drops on Cholesterol Medication's Glass House

Saturated Fats
Saturated Fat Stops Atherosclerosis

Olive Oil
Oleic Acid Key to Olive Oil's Anti-Cancer Effect
Top-quality olive oil 'like painkilling drug'
Olive Oil's Heart-Healthy Secret
Interesting tidbit on olive oil and lipolysis

Fish/Fish Oil/Omega-3s
Omega-3s to Enter Weight Loss Category?
Diet Linked to Disorder in Children
Fish oil may risk patients with defibrillators
Benefits of Fish Outweigh Mercury Risk
New study shows the benefits of eating fish greatly outweigh the risks
Fish oil prevents potentially deadly heart rate variability
Omega-3 Foods May Help Mental Outlook
The benefits of fish and linseed oils as elixir of life are another health myth
Fish oil may help protect against retinal degenerative diseases
Tuna, anyone?
Fish Consumption Linked to heart Abnormality
Oily fish 'can help beat obesity'
Fatty Fish Helps Heart Keep Rhythm
Omega-3, junk food and the link between violence and what we eat

Trans fats
The Killer in Your Cupboard
Hold That Fat, New York Asks Its Restaurants
Trans Fats Judged Major Villain in Cardiovascular Disease
Trans fat leads to weight gain even on equal calories
Eat Trans Fat, Get Big Belly

Problems with Cooking Oils
Research implicates cooking oils used in homes and restaurants
Toxic Substances In The Oxidation Of Fats And Oils

Fat Cells
How Does Body Fat Raise Heart Disease Risk?
Eat Fat To Lose Fat
The making of a fat cell

Glycemic Link to Cancer
Cancer Society joins fight against obesity
A diet rich in beans, nuts and cereals could be a way to prevent cancer, believe UK researchers
Which of These Foods Will Stop Cancer? (Not So Fast)]Which of These Foods Will Stop Cancer? (Not So Fast)
Cauliflower and broccoli boost cancer protection
Group says diet drug Xenical linked to pre-cancer
Broccoli, cauliflower and genetic cancer
Researchers Attack Tumor Cells By Exploiting Dependency On Sugar Metabolism
Lean bodies fight cancer better, scientists find

- Breast Cancer
High Carb Diets May Raise Breast Cancer Risk
Low Fat Diets May Not Prevent Breast Cancer From Returning
Daily stress may stop breast cancer: study
Soy not so smart for lowering breast cancer risk
Pumping iron boosts breast cancer survivors

- Ovarian Cancer
Ginger an Ovarian Cancer Killer

- Lung Cancer
Broccoli, beans may lower risk of lung cancer

- Bowel Cancer
Diabetes Raises Colon Cancer Risk
High-fat dairy food may lower colorectal cancer risk
Colon cancer risk not lower with high-fibre diet: review
Meats differ in effect on colon cancer risk
Large waistline may increase colon cancer risk

- Prostate Cancer
Diabetes Linked to Reduced Risk of Prostate Cancer
Extra weight makes it harder for doctors to detect prostate cancer
Obesity linked with higher prostate cancer risk
Obesity ups odds that prostate cancer will recur
No Link Between Diabetes, Aggressive Prostate Cancer
Curry and cauliflower could halt prostate cancer
Fish helps fight prostate cancer?
Vegetables inhibit growth of prostate cancer in mice with human tumors

- Pancreatic Cancer
Fruit, Veggies Tied to Lower Pancreatic Cancer Risk
High Insulin Levels Linked to Pancreatic Cancer
High Sugar Intake Increases Cancer Risk

- Skin Cancer
Fatty diet does not increase risk of skin cancer

- Oesophageal Cancer
Carb-Heavy Diet Linked to Esophageal Cancer

- Bladder Cancer
Skinless chicken link to bladder cancer risk

Researchers Find Diabetes Trigger, Possible Fix
New Theory Places Origin of Diabetes in an Age of Icy Hardships
Atkins Diabetes Surprise
diabetes and LC
Diabetes Study Result Supports Low-Carb Lifestyle
The case for low carbohydrate diets in diabetes management
Autoimmune reaction tied to diabetic neuropathy
Type 2 Diabetes: Problems in the Furnace
A low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet to treat type 2 diabetes
Diabetes Study Verifies Lifesaving Tactic
Hope for Diabetics
Scientists Discover Gene That Confers Sizable Risk of Diabetes
The case for low carbohydrate diets in diabetes management
Study: Low GI effects HbA1c, BMI values in diabetics
Diabetes Treatment Shocker: The Atkins Diet
Low-carb diet may help with diabetes
Stroke risk spikes with diabetes diagnoses
Unlocking the Diabetes-Heart-Disease Connection
Diabetes a Greater Risk for Death Than Obesity
High blood sugar levels add to heart, stroke deaths
The Cure for Diabetes
Diabetes Breakthrough!

Diabetes not associated with depression: study
Humiliation influences obese teens' depression
Obesity links depression and high blood pressure

Ketogenic diet prevents seizures by enhancing brain energy production

Motor Neurone Disease/ALS
Ketogenic- high caloric diet may prevent progression of ALS
Healthy fats 'halve risk of MND'

Osteoporosis/Bone Health
Xylitol may prevent and reverse osteoporosis
Bad to the bone?
Calcium (without adequate Vit D... IMO) not as protective as believed
Roles of calcium, vitamin D, and protein in bone health
Low-carb diets not threat to bone
Drinking cola may increase risk to women's bones

Liver Function/Disease
Epidemic of Liver Disease Linked to Obesity
Researchers Find New Fat Is Needed To Clear The Old
Joslin-led study reveals new findings on insulin signaling in the liver
Obesity tied to hepatitis C treatment failure

Kidney Function/Disease
Obesity and kidney failure
Low carb diet prevents kidney failure?

Lung Function/Disease
Researchers link vitamin D to healthier lungs
Fatty acids may help treat chronic lung disease
Fish oil can prevent airway constriction in asthma

Periodontal Disease
Obesity Is a Significant Predictor of Periodontal Disease

Low GI Diet Clears up Acne in Boys

combination of stress, deprivation and junk food promotes binging

Excessively sleepy? Could be more than poor sleep
Scientists Finding Out What Losing Sleep Does to a Body
The duvet diet
Sleeping too little, or too long, tied to diabetes
The Sleep Prescription Getting a Good Night's Rest May Help Prevent Heart Disease
Sleeping may help keep you slim
A link between sleep deprivation and obesity?
Sleep deprivation and diabetes

The Effects of a Low-carbohydrate Ketogenic Diet on the Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Diet change may improve ovary disease outcomes

Low Carb good for eliminating headaches

Dietary Protein
Dietary Protein = Satiety (and mention of our forum's survey)

Peanut butter -- good for you
How to be a health nut
Walnuts lower aortic cholesterol

More research eggs-onerates nature's perfect food
One Egg daily protects from heart disease, cancer

Dairy Food
Milk as the New 'Atkins'?
Organic Milk Higher in Vitamins/Omega 3
Yogurt May Help Burn Fat, Promote Weight Loss
Natural yoghurt beats bad breath
Dairy food consumption linked to lower risk of metabolic syndrome

- Lactose
Kefir May Bolster Lactose Tolerance In Intolerant People

Fruit & Veg
Fruits, vegetables not as nutritious as 50 years ago
Cauliflower: The perfect food
Carrots - Cancer Fighter vs. Glycemic Load?
Does washing veggies help reduce bacteria?
Eating your vegetables -- but not fruit -- will keep you young

Health benefits of green tea unclear
Green Tea Supplement Benefits Debated
Tea Sales Boom, but Benefits Uncertain
Green tea may protect the aging brain
Green tea and the 'Asian Paradox'
Tea 'healthier' drink than water

Caffeine Tied to Blood Sugar Problems
Another Coffee Perk: Antioxidants
RSNA: Coffee Boosts Short Term Memory
Study: Coffee reduces liver risk in people who are overweight
Coffee may cut alcohol liver damage
Drinking decaffeinated coffee can raise the level of L.D.L.
Coffee cuts risk of adult diabetes
Changes in caffeine intake and long-term weight change in men and women
Coffee may help reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Dark Chocolate Improves Insulin Sensitivity
More Cocoa means higher antioxidant capacity
Dark Chocolate May Protect Cardiovascular System
Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure
Chocolate Does a Man's Heart Good
Chocolate Sunscreen
Dark chocolate 'guards against blood clots'

Another Reason to Avoid Gluten in Foods
Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome Linked to Foods?
How wheat messes with Ghrelin (in some anyway)
Eating bread 'raises cancer risk'
Protein bread out of wheat

Whey Protein
Whey -- The Weight Loss Protein

Lab Grown Meat
Flesh from the lab
lab grown ribeyes? I think not!

ABC's 20/20 Myths: Eight Glasses a Day?

6 reasons why a little wine every day may do you good
A Drink A Day Drops Obesity Risk
Alcohol cuts diabetes risk in older women
Moderate drinking not healthy after all
Daily drink reduces heart risks — for men

Soy May Not Pack a Strong Antioxidant Punch
Soy-based shakes help lower weight, cholesterol
Avoiding soya 'may aid fertility'
Soy protein cuts bone fracture risk -study
Component in soy products causes reproductive problems in laboratory mice
AHA: Soy Doesn't Greatly Aid Cholesterol After All

Resistant Starch
Resistant Starch Puts Fat On Top Of Hit List
A Surprising Way To Lower the Glycemic Index of Foods

Sugar operates like addictive drug in body
Report says sugary drinks pile on pounds

Fructose Sweetener Spurs Obesity
UF scientists find sugar may have a sour side

Sugar Substitutes
Sweetener in the Spotlight: Is Splenda Safe?
Drink More Diet Soda, Gain More Weight
Fresh Fears Raised About Aspartame
Aspartame cleared of cancer link
Taking the Sugar Out of Sweet
The Real Truth about Splenda
New high intensity sweetener [PureLo]

Lower level of salt - harmful for heart
News Flash! Salt is good for you!

Vitamin E Ups Heart Failure Risk
Calcium Supplements Unable to Prevent Fractures
CLA Confirmed to Reduce Body Fat in the Long Term
Extra folic acid may help memory
Dietary Calcium Intake and Obesity
Multivitamins Don't Protect Seniors
Vegetarians, older folk advised to get enough B12
B vitamins no help in stopping heart attacks-study
Magnesium in your diet could lead to stronger bones
Pine Nut Oil and CLA News
Supplementation With Chromium Picolinate Improves Glycemic Control, Attenuates Weight
Dietary Supplements That Don't Work

- Vitamin D
Vitamin D Boost
Scientists Say Sunshine May Prevent Cancer
UCSD researchers state vitamin D needed to cut cancer risk

Bottom line on high fibre

Glycaemic Index
Study Casts Doubt on Glycemic Index
Researchers find glycemic index effective in composite meals
Low GI diet reduces fat and bad cholesterol

Bad Rap for Nitrate?
Sodium Nitrate Could Be Disease Cure

'Thin subsidy' would spur better eating: expert
Study: Obesity costs soar tenfold in 15 years
Extra Weight, Higher Costs

Diet and Genes
Study: Middle Age Spread 50% Genetic
Couch Potatoes Hardwired to Sit
Scientists say DNA could tell us what to eat, how to live
Aerobic exercise helps find genetic regions linked to prediabetes
Genes May Affect LC Weight Loss
Do Old Genes Have Trouble with New Foods?
Evidence for a role of developmental genes in the origin of obesity and body fat distribution

Pregnancy & Infancy
Obese Moms Often Make Obese Kids, Study Finds
Poor prenatal nutrition permanently damages function of insulin-producing cells
Moms' Obesity Makes Twins More Likely
Baby's First Week May Set Lifelong Weight Patterns
Propensity for Obesity, Diabetes May Occur in Utero
Baby's genes affect mom's cholesterol levels
Breastfed babies may become leaner kids
Weight Gain Between Pregnancies Poses Health Risks

Childhood Obesity
Children May Walk, Not Run to Burn Fat
Too Much Added Sugar Worsens Kids' Overall Diet
Sweet Drinks Linked to Preschool Obesity
Soft drinks consumption may increase the risk of childhood obesity
For Overweight Children, Are 'Fat Camps' a Solution?
Obesity: don't swallow everything you're told
Podgy children 'face heart risk'
'Toxic diets' fuel child obesity
Fruit juice packs pounds on preschoolers
Obesity 'damages children's feet'

Less Exercise Behind Teen Girls' Weight Gain
Study: Breakfast, Cereal Keep Girls Slim
Blood Vessels Show Effects of Fat in Teens

Protein Triggers Weight Loss Hormone

- Leptin
Secret to Diabetes Treatment May Lie In The Brain
Searching for the Missing Link Between Obesity and Diabetes
MRI Study Shows Hormone Leptin Alters Brains, May Ease Cravings
Leptin injections may help keep pounds off
Fat Hormone Leptin Affects Asthma Risk
Link Between Obesity And Memory?

- Ghrelin
Exercising? Hungry? Then eat something, ladies
A Shot At Fighting Fat (Hunger Vaccine)
Obesity Vaccine starting clinical trials

The Brain
How Your Brain Makes You Fat
Study by Einstein researchers could lead to a novel strategy for treating obesity
Does obesity begin in the brain?
An essential regulator of body weight revealed
Why high-protein meat may curb appetite
Being obese and a couch potato may have a biological basis in the brain

Aging and Dementia/Alzheimer's
Do Carbs, Calories Affect Alzheimer's Risk?
Lack of Insulin linked to Alzheimer's
Mid-life obesity may raise dementia risk
Higher Insulin Levels May Contribute to Alzheimer's
Broccoli could boost memory, says research
Research Suggests Exercise May Keep Senility at Bay
High fat diet eases Alzheimer’s?
New Study confirming Alzheimer's Insulin link
Obesity linked to Alzheimer's disease protein
Studies Link Diabetes to Risk of Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer's linked to obesity

Fat Tax
The Fat Tax: A Controversial Tool in War Against Obesity

Insulin Resistance/Sensitivity
Metabolic Syndrome Rising Among Young Adults
Metabolic syndrome: Big bellies mean big bills
Low Cholesterol? Don't Brag Quite Yet
Molecular link between obesity and diabetes found
Those With Insulin Resistance May Have Lower Calorie Requirements
Low-carb diet better than low-fat diet at improving metabolic syndrome
Insulin Resistance Hereditary?
Chant 'Om' for Better Heart Health
Insulin Pathway Component Explains Insulin Resistance, Metabolic Syndrome
Low-Sugar Diet Best In High Insulin Secretors
Strength Training Improves Insulin Sensitivity
76% of workers older than 60 years of age are overweight or obese

Abdominal Fat
Exercise a Must for Losing Deep Belly Fat
Waistline A Better Indicator Of Diabetes Risk Than Body-Mass Index
Lifting weights can help women control belly fat, study finds
Exercise important in reducing size of abdominal fat cells
Waist-hip ratio should replace body mass index as indicator of mortality risk in old
Obese indicator could be flawed

Info about Dr Atkins/Atkins Nutritionals
First Biography on Robert Atkins Tells All About The Man Who Changed America's Diet
Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. Launches Atkins University
Science Backs Controlled-Carb Rather Than 'Right-Carb' to Improve Heart Health
Controlled-carbohydrate nutrition sees increasing support from scientific research
Low carb evolution

Dr Eades
Low-carb or low-cal? Dr. Eades
Dr. Mike Eades on Maintenance
Why carb binges are harmful, more so to low-carbers
Former Pres. of AHA dies at 63...
Tough meat for vegetarians to swallow
Better have some fat with that fruit
Supersize Me: The other side of the coin
Saturated fat study sucks
Dr. Mike on fiber
Protein helps Genghis Khan conquer the world

Peer-reviewed defense of LC Diets

Calorie Restriction; Resveratrol
How to Live Forever
Starving won't make people live longer-researchers
Low-calorie diets can help keep the heart young
Low-cal diet 'long-life benefits'
Why eating less can be the key to a long life

Timing of Eating
Research on 'Mini-Meals' Shows Mixed Results
Eat me, eat me not
Sabbatical Diet
The blowout diet: fast all day, feast at night
Intermittent Fasting boosts recovery from spinal injury

Studies Proving Safety of Low Carb Diets
Atkins Is Safe
Long term effects of ketogenic diet in obese subjects with high cholesterol level
Low carbohydrate diet did not increase bone loss, study finds
Whatever Happened to Low-Carb Diets?

Studies Proving Efficacy of Low Carb Diets
Limiting Carbs Results in Greater Weight Loss
Low-carb Diets Improve Metabolism in the Short Term
High Protein, Low Carbohydrate Diet Helps Reduce Stomach Fat
Food experts left in a quandary over the effects of the Atkins diet
New Study: Protein-Rich Diet Boosts Benefit of Exercise
LC Study from Total Well Being authors
Low-carb diet promising for weight loss
Eating habits of successful weight losers shift

Junk "Studies" (IMO)
How Low-Carb Diets Hurt Your Mood
Calorie-burning: the future of diet drinks?
Dr Michael Eades: Aaarrrggghhhh!
Diet Study: Protein May Help Tame Appetite
Food Fats In Transition
To Cut Fat, Eat Less Meat
Diet May Inhibit Prostate Cancer
Study links eating fish in childhood to adult strokes
Fruit juices blamed for rising obesity rate by the anti-carb crowd
New study gives thumbs down to low-carb diet
Liver in high doses leads to brittle bones
Low carb diets 'cut heart energy'
Sugar may help in Cancer fight
Microwave Cooking Problems
Diet strikes at the heart
Eat more veggies, less red meat to keep BP in check
Fatty foods can lead to diabetes, researchers say
Low-fat, high-carb diet does not cause weight gain in post-menopausal women
Fat Overload Kills Mammalian Cells
Diabetic hearts make unhealthy switch to high-fat diet
Atkins Diet Not Safe for Everyone (Ketoacidosis)
Small cholesterol cuts slash heart disease risk
Ketogenic low-carbohydrate diets have no metabolic advantage over nonketogenic low-carbohydrate diets
Separate effects of reduced carbohydrate intake and weight loss on atherogenic dyslipidemia
Med diet better than low-fat for heart health
Hold the bacon? Cancer risk from some meats
Meals high in sat fats impair HDL cholesterol's protection against clogged arteries
The Claim: Microwave Ovens Kill Nutrients in Food
High Protein Diets May Boost Cancer Risk

- PCRM/PETA Propoganda
"Physicians Committee" Trying To Milk The Courts
Vegetarian diet causes major weight loss in women
Low-fat vegan diet may spur weight loss
Greater Weight Loss, Less Obesity in Vegetarians, Researchers Say
Lean Plate Club: Would carbs fight diabetes?
Are we herbivores?

Research errors?
Medical Journals Getting Tougher On Misleading Articles
How Your Doctor Looks at Research: the Error Factor
Mediterranean-type diet report falsified
Whom Can You Believe?
Weight study's data tortured
Just how useful are animal studies to human health?

GIT Bacteria
Bacteria That Cause Ulcers May Protect Against Obesity
Intestinal Bacteria May Explain Obesity
Fat Factors
Dragonfly's Metabolic Disease Provides Clues About Human Obesity
Gut bacteria levels may contribute to obesity

Effects of Exercise Training on Glucose Homeostasis
Exercise capacity linked to heart health: study
New Weight-Loss Focus: The Lean and the Restless
Exercise helps you lose fat, not bone
Keeping fit may only take minutes
Slow Walking May Be Best for Obese
Fitness Helps Even 'High Cholesterol' Hearts
Inactivity Leads to Fat Buildup Deep Inside Belly
Rigorous workouts not necessary for healthy hearts, new study finds
How Much Exercise Sparks Weight Loss?
Exercise to get fit, live longer: study
Exercise at night does not disturb sleep
Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles' Foe, It's Fuel
Why low carb is good for athletes
New study weighs benefits of exercise, diets

Weight Loss Surgery/Procedures
'Stomach Pacemaker' Shows Promising Weight Loss Results
Massive Weight Loss Patients Create Mass Appeal For Body Contouring Procedures
Anti-obesity device fakes satiety
Study: Obesity surgery riskier than expected
Weight-Loss Surgery Not Without Risks
Weightloss surgeries increase 6 fold
Obesity may be more dangerous than stomach stapling

Diets Throughout History
Weight Loss: 1760's style

Weston A Price Articles
Cholesterol Theory Wipes Out Human Race

Other Low Carb Plans
Have the wizards of Oz found the ultimate diet? [CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet]

Research Shows Fat Smokers Get Old Faster

Yo-yo Dieting
The Claim: Repeated Dieting Slows Your Metabolism

General Obesity/Weight Loss
It's not just about calories: why is there obesity in starving nations?
Study: Risks Jump As Obesity Escalates
China faces up to obesity epidemic
Obesity: Size isn't everything
Daily Weigh-Ins Help Dieters Maintain Weight Loss
Losing weight can mean gaining a sex life
Study confirms you can’t be fat — and healthy
1 in 10 have a fat gene
Why some just cannot resist food
Being Fat May Not Harm Your Heart
On the Futility of Dieting
Obesity ups risk of complication after heart surgery
Obesity 'doubles sight-loss risk'

ALCF Survey
Active LowCarber Survey Results Article
ALCF survey is complete
Dr. Eades writes about us!

Genetically Modified Foods Eaten Regularly (aka Frankenfoods)
Thorough Chewing of Food Effects Blood Sugar
Very-Low-Carb and Preservation of Muscle Mass (Nutrition & Metabolism journal)
NY Times: Study Finds Low-Fat Diet Won't Stop Cancer or Heart Disease
Conference Coverage: Nutrition and Metabolic Aspects of Carbohydrate Restriction
Fat stem cells turned into muscle in experiment
Study: Surroundings play key role in diet
Big fat lie: food labels hiding truth (in Australia)

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Threads from 2007 to 2008

Cardiovascular Disease
Heart survival 'higher in obese'
Some High-Carb Diets May Boost Women's Heart Risk
Being Overweight May Independently Increase Risk For Heart Disease
High Fat Diet Doesn't Cause Heart Disease
Eat like a caveman for a healthy heart
Obesity may offer some protection after stenting
Studies Refine Obesity's Risk for Heart Troubles
Here's what your healthy grains do for your heart...
Even a moderate carb diet helps your heart (compared to high carb)
Dietary carbohydrate intake is associated with cardiovascular disease risk in Korea

Thromboembolic Disease
Pill health risk is five times higher for obese women

Hypertension Triples Women's Diabetes Risk
Blood pressure not ‘worth its salt’
High Sodium Levels Don't Raise Blood Pressure

More Fish Oil, Less Vegetable Oil, Better For Your Health

Differences in HDL and triacylglycerols observed in different ethnic groups may be due in part to carbohydrate intake
Study: HDL, or 'good' cholesterol looks better
High HDL negates effect of high LDL
Low "good" cholesterol always bad
2-Fold Reduction in Triglycerides! How? Low-Carb!
The bad science that created the cholesterol con
Low Levels Of Good Cholesterol Linked To Memory Loss, Dementia Risk
Increased dietary cholesterol does not increase plasma low density lipoprotein when accompanied by an energy-restricted diet and weight loss
Size matters (in LDL particles anyway)
High Blood Fat Levels Tied to Ischemic Stroke Risk

Taking statins may increase cancer risk
Statins and sleep issues
Statin group had MORE fatal heart attacks

- Other Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
Cholesterol Drug Has No Benefit...
Another failed cholesterol-lowering drug study

Saturated Fats
What if "bad" fat is good for you?

Fish/Fish Oil/Omega-3s
Fat pupils on fish oils make a mental leap
Omega 3s and Bone Health
More Evidence for Fish Oil
Beneficial effects of long-chain n-3 fatty acids
Pilot study gives sign of fish oil for insulin sensitivity
Scientists Learn How Food Affects The Brain: Omega 3 Especially Important
Researchers: Farm-Raised Tilapia Has More Omega-6 Fatty Acids Than Doughnuts
Fish-Heavy Diet May Slow Hardening of Arteries
Fatty fish may prevent memory loss
Omega-3s Improve Insulin Sensitivity
Omega-3s: Mixed Findings for Elderly
Omega-3 Fatty Acids, but Not Statin Therapy, improves outcome in heart failure
New Study Shows Omega-3s Reduce Appetite

Trans fats
Trans fats 'raise infertility risk'
The truth about trans fat

Fat Cells
Way cells store fat is uncovered
Study Finds Number of Fat Cells Doesn’t Change
Number of Fat Cells set in Adolescence
"Sick" Fat Found In Obese People
How Nutrition Affects The Breakdown Of Fats

Women with high blood sugar levels face greater cancer risk
Red and blue fruits and veggies the best for fighting cancer
Time magazine: Can a High-Fat Diet Kick Cancer?
Extra two stones boosts risk of cancer
Starvation could kill tumours: study
Withdrawing glucose from cancer may lead to cancer cell death
Cancer links to obesity revealed in new study
More Evidence That Tumours Feed On Sugar
Steak and wine to fight Big C

- Breast Cancer
Insulin and breast cancer
Omega-6 fatty acid intake tied to breast cancer

- Endometrial Cancer
Obesity and Diabetes Increase Risk of Endometrial Cancer

- Bowel Cancer
Fat hormone 'boosts colon cancer'
Japan study finds coffee may prevent colon cancer in women
Obesity biggest risk for colon cancer in women
Metabolic Syndrome Raises Colon Cancer Risk 75%

- Prostate Cancer
Obesity & Prostate Risk
Study links diet to prostate cancer
Putting on the pounds 'doubles prostate cancer risk'
Eat low-carb diet, keep cancer at bay
Obesity 'may distort cancer test'
Prostate cancer outcome linked to insulin levels
Prostate Cancer More Deadly in Men Producing High Insulin Level

- Pancreatic Cancer
Meat diet reduces risk of pancreatic cancer
Obesity 'hikes' pancreatic risk

- Oesophageal Cancer
Carb Intake, Obesity Tied to Rise in Esophageal Cancers

- Renal Cancer
Yo-yo dieting 'can increase the risk of kidney cancer'
Study: Meat, Fat, Protein Don’t Increase Risk of Renal Cancer

- Brain Tumours
High-fat, low-carbohydrate diet significantly slows tumor growth and enhances health
Ketones and Free Radicals

Dr. Bernstein on the ACCORD study
Carbohydrate Restriction and Diabetes
Diabetic sugar highs trigger heart disease

- Type 1
Type I diabetics live without insulin in stem cell experiment
Weight gain with Type 1 diabetes may be associated with longer life
Prevalence of type 1 diabetes linked to excessive cleanliness

- Type 2
Low-Carbohydrate Diet in Type 2 Diabetes
No evidence of 'thrifty' gene
Original Human 'Stone Age' Diet Is Good For People With Diabetes
Glucose molecules 'seal' diabetes memory
Why You Don't Want the "Experts" to Tell You What to Eat
Rice & HGI Associated With Risk For Developing Type 2 Diabetes In Women
Low-Carb Reduces Risk of Diabetes
Constant High Blood Sugar Disables Insulin 'Off' Switch
Dietary carbohydrate restriction in type 2 diabetes mellitus and metabolic syndrome: time for a critical appraisal
Low-carbohydrate diet in type 2 diabetes: 44-month follow-up
Study by 24 Doctors and Researchers Lobs Rebuttal
Diabetes Risk Directly Related to Glucose Level, Even Within Normal Range
Caffeine Interferes with Diabetes Control
Study sees longterm benefit of blood-sugar control
Exercise reduces fat in livers of diabetics: study
Chamomile Tea May Ward Off Diabetes Damage
Incidence of Diabetes in Postmenopausal Women Not Reduced By a Low-fat Diet
Diabetes: Low GI diet out-performs High Fiber diet
Low-carbohydrate, Ketogenic Diet Better Than Low-GI for Diabetics

Which Came First - Depression or Diabetes?

Atkins-like diet cuts epileptic seizures
Diet treatment call for epilepsy

Peptic Ulcer
Stomach ulcers 'prehistoric link'

Coeliac Disease
Gluten-free Diet Alone Is Enough To Get Bones Healthy In Celiac Patients
Do Vitamin D Deficiency, Gut Bacteria and Gluten Combine in Infancy to Cause Celiac
Study links diabetes and coeliac - BBC 11 Dec 2008

Osteoporosis/Bone Health
High-protein, high-dairy diet prevents bone loss: study

Liver Function/Disease
Metabolic Defect In Liver That Can Lead To Obesity Found By Monell Researchers
Starchy foods 'may be linked to fatty liver'
Dad's early obesity tied to liver disease in kids
Low-carb Diets Good For Your Liver
Body Shape and Heart Disease Risk: Apple Or Pear Shape Is Not Main Culprit

Kidney Function/Disease
Fat-cell Hormone Linked To Kidney Disease

Respiratory Function/Disease
Consumption of cured meats and prospective risk of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in women
Cutting down on omega-6 is better than increasing omega-3

- Asthma
Overweight 'higher asthma risk'
Hunger 'links asthma and obesity'
Overweight kids at risk for asthma hospitalization

Obese people appear better protected from TB: study

Thyroid Function/Disease
Celiacs and Thyroid Auto-Immune
Child obesity 'may harm thyroid'

Inflammatory bowel disease
Low carb diet now extends benefits to IBD

Dental Health
Overweight Kids Have Fewer Cavities

Milk: Does the face no good
Low glycemic load diet may improve acne

Sugary drinks may raise uric acid levels in men

Eating Disorders
The thin gene: Breakthrough links bulimia to testosterone

Comfort-food Cravings May Be Body's Attempt To Put Brake On Chronic Stress
Job strain increases obesity risk
Worry 'ups men's diabetes risk'

Sleep more to weigh less, kids told
Sleep disruptions may up diabetes risk
A good night's sleep the key to staying slim
Sleep more to slim down, scientists say
Baby sleep linked to weight risk
Lack of REM sleep may raise obesity risk in kids
Lack of Quality Sleep Promotes Insulin Resistance, Diabetes
Sleep may stave off obesity: NZ study

Dietary carbs linked to vision loss

Inheritance Of Hormonal Disorder Marked By Excessive Insulin In Daughters

Dietary Protein
Protein Summit 2007: Exploring the Impact of High-Quality Protein on Optimal Health
Protein-induced satiety: Effects and mechanisms of different proteins
A diet rich in proteins can help to avoid regaining weight after weight loss
High protein breakfast – Dieters Key to Staying Full Through The Day
Study: Increasing protein may curb appetite
Higher Protein Meals Help Keep the Fat Away Says New Research
Protein & Weight Loss
Protein builds muscle in older adults too
Protein before carbs improves glucose and insulin response

Study: Macadamia nuts good for the heart
Cashews cause worse allergic response than peanuts

Dairy Food
Full-fat dairy products linked to lower weight
High-fat dairy foods good for fertility
Drinking farm (raw) milk reduces childhood asthma and allergies
Researchers Find Milk Blocks Antioxidants In Tea
Recent Studies and Age Old Wisdom Point to the Health Benefits of Butter
Dairy Intake Study

- Lactose
Early man 'couldn't stomach milk'

Fruit & Veg
Proof broccoli helps prevent cancer
Broccoli may undo diabetes damage

Turmeric Shows Promise in Combating Diabetes and Obesity

Black tea shows blood sugar benefits

Healthy coffee lovers, drink up!
Coffee Before Breakfast Cereal Boosts Blood Sugar - study

Cocoa, not tea, calms blood pressure, study says
Brain scans pinpoint how chocoholics are hooked

Lab Grown Meat
Is in vitro meat the future?

The Mythical Daily Water Requirement

Why a vegetarian diet may leave a man less fertile
New Study Shows Compounds From Soy Affect Brain and Reproductive Development

The dark side of sugar

More about Fructose
Fructose & Metabolic Syndrome
High-Fructose Corn Syrup: Not So Sweet for the Planet
What’s so bad about fructose?
Can fruit make you fat? Natural sugar in fruit fuelling the nation's obesity epidemic
Limiting Fructose May Boost Weight Loss, Researcher Reports
Fructose Sets Table For Weight Gain Without Warning
Fructose Metabolism More Complicated Than Was Thought

Sugar Substitutes
Agave Nectar, the High Fructose Health Food Fraud

Low-Salt Diet May Not Be Best for Heart

Calcium lowers cardiovascular risk in people on a weight loss program
Vitamins A, C and E don't help you live longer
Meta-analysis supports CLA's anti-obesity potential
Diabetes problems 'vitamin link' [Vit B 1]
Vitamins no help for women's hearts
Vitamins shorten lifespan
Fish, meat and milk may protect against memory loss [Vit B 12]

- Vitamin C
How Humans Make Up For An 'Inborn' Vitamin C Deficiency

- Vitamin D
Vitamin D vs cancer
Low Vitamin D Linked to Increased CV Risk Factors
Vitamin D and the brain
The vitamin D miracle: Is it for real?
Vitamin D 'cuts risk of diabetes'
Vitamin D deficiency linked to breast cancer in new study
Risk Of Dying Linked To Low Vitamin D
25-Hydroxyvitamin D Levels and the Risk of Mortality in the General Population
Low Vitamin D Raises Women's Hip Fracture Risk
Teenage girls who lack vitamin D 'risk weight gain and stunted growth'

Starch Blockers
Using The Old Bean To Reduce Starch Digestion

Glycaemic Index
Medicalnews article on GI/GL (carbs) contributing to diseases

Say yes to nitrates!

Anti-obesity Drugs
Long-term data needed on anti-obesity drugs
FDA Approves Non-Prescription Diet Pill

Dietary Preferences And Patterns May Be Linked To Genes
Diet Choices "Written in Genes"
Gene sequence puts half of UK population at greater risk of obesity, researchers say
Patterns: Craving Sweets? It May Be in Your Genes
Obesity gene 'affects appetite'
Gender and genes affect food choices
Genes For Nine Health Indicators: Population Study Finds Genetics Clues
Gene 'triggers unhealthy eating'

Men who pile on pounds cut their chance of being a father
IVF weight limit 'not justified'

Pregnancy & Infancy
Breast-feeding link to adult weight challenged
Baby weight charts may have led to adult obesity
Obese pregnant women can safely lose weight
'Yo-yo' weight warning to mothers
Lower energy expenditures in infants from obese biological mothers
Omega-3 needs of pre-term infants higher than thought: study

Childhood Obesity
Puppy fat at 9 could lead to heart disease at 29, say scientists
'Children need to consume more fat'
Fat toddlers 'risk early puberty'
Fruit Juice Doubles Risk of Obesity
Mother's puberty 'obesity clue'
Obesity-Linked Woes Boost Kids' Lifetime Heart Risk
Unlimited energy, restricted carbohydrate diet improves lipid parameters in obese children

New study: Low carb is the best diet for teens
Teenage weight may affect later fertility

Sex Hormone Signaling Helps Burn Calories
First lipid hormone discovered

- Leptin
Scientists find hormone to stop over-eating
Hunger hormone 'better fat stripper'
Exercise reduces hunger in lean women but not obese women
Fat Hormone Linked to Psoriasis

- Ghrelin
Plasma Ghrelin Levels after Diet-Induced Weight Loss or Gastric Bypass Surgery
Proof at last that you shouldn't go shopping when hungry... it's down to our hormones
Blocked Brain Enzyme Decreases Appetite and Promotes Weight Loss
'Hunger hormone' depression link
'When you're full, you're shortening your lifespan'

The Brain
Appetite 'control centres' found
Ketones and the brain
Low Levels Of Brain Chemical May Lead To Obesity
High carb diet linked to neurological damage
Obesity and The Pleasure Factor
New twist in brain obesity riddle
Why some fatty foods curb hunger

Aging and Dementia/Alzheimer's
Big bellies may double the risk of dementia
Omega 6 Link To Alzheimer's
Vitamin Holds Promise for Alzheimer's Disease
Impaired energy metabolism linked with initiation of plaques in Alzheimer's brain

Fat Tax
Fat taxes 'could save thousands' [UK, 2007]

Insulin Resistance/Sensitivity
Low-Carb Diets Combat Metabolic Syndrome
Metabolic syndrome -don't blame the belly fat
Western diet pattern 'promotes metabolic syndrome'
Comparison of the effects on insulin resistance and glucose tolerance of 6-mo high-monounsaturated-fat, low-fat, and control diets
Not All Fat Created Equal: Certain Body Fat Reduces Insulin Resistance
Diabetes, Heart Disease Risks Can't Be Grouped, Researchers Say
Report: Insulin Resistance May Lead to Cancer
Good insulin sensitivity linked to longevity
Eating more fat improves insulin resistance

The Calorie Question
Are All Calories Created Equal?

Abdominal Fat
Belly Fat May Drive Inflammatory Processes Associated With Disease
Diabetes-Linked Protein Warns of Dangerous Deep Belly Fat
Lose that belly boys, eat red meat: scientific study
Belly fat breeds fat
'Love handles' raise death risk
Depression Linked to Increase in Abdominal Fat

Ketones Could Trigger Low-End Alcohol Breathalyzers

Calorie Restriction/Resveratrol/Longevity
Is Calorie Restriction Really Different From Anorexia?
NYTimes, New Hints Seen That Red Wine May Slow Aging
Reducing Insulin Signaling In The Brain Can Prolong Lifespan
Life can be sweeter if you cut out the sugar

Intermittent Fasting
Alternate-day fasting may shrink fat cells
Religious practice of fasting one day a month may protect arteries
Researchers Look at How Frequency of Meals May Affect Health
A Re-Think on Intermittent Fasting?

Info from/about Dr Atkins/Atkins Nutritionals
Atkins Editorial Rejected

Professor Richard Feinman
What if Saturated Fat is Not the Problem?
Analysis of dietary interventions

Dr Mary Vernon
Dr Mary Vernon on diabetes and low carbing

Drs Eades
What's the Source of Mickey D Mystery Carbs? By Mary Dan Eades, M.D.
Ketosis cleans our cells
Why low carb squashes your appetite
Dr. Eades on serum albumin, protein, and health
Dr. Eades on inflammation and diet
Fast food and endothelial function
Jane Brody's High Cholesterol, and how she made it higher...
Dr. Eades: colon cancer & red meat
Dr Eades: More on red meat/colon cancer
Dr. Eades: more on calories and weight
Dr. Eades: Thermodynamics and weight loss
Dr Eades: cholesterol & cognitive decline
Dr Eades: The low-fat diet cascade
Dr Eades: vitamin D and statins
Dr Eades on statin-like effects of LC diets
Dr Eades: on triglycerides and carbs
Dr Eades on the ACCORD study
Dr Eades: vegetarians AGE faster
Dr Eades: Low Carb & Calories
Dr Eades: low carb & calories - part 2
Dr Eades: Another China Study
Dr Eades: Ending Aging?
Dr Mary Dan Eades on lard
Dr Eades: more on Tierney, Taubes, and saturated fat
Dr Eades: LC diet and lipid profiles
Dr Eades: LC wins meta-analysis
Dr Eades: Metabolic efficiency
The fraud of intention-to-treat analysis

Dr Briffa
Dr. Briffa: High GL diet and cancer
Lower carb diet found to benefit individuals with metabolic syndrome
Lower fat ‘healthy’ eating shown to be a dismal failure for cancer prevention
More Evidence Favors Low-Carb Diets
The Japanese eat rice. So what?
Women with breast cancer advised to lower insulin levels - but how?
Should women who have paid for statins be given their money back?
Diet higher in protein and lower in carb shown to be superior

Dr Malcolm Kendrick
Videos on What Causes Heart Disease

Weston A Price Articles
Weston A. Price Book Online - Free!

Science Journalist Gary Taubes
Gary Taubes’ new book [Mike Eades]
Gary Taubes in the NY Times Sunday Magazine
Gary Taubes article on exercise in New York Magazine
Good Calories, Bad Calories: Taubes book released 9/25/07
The Sweet Lowdown About Weight Gain
Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus
Taubes for "dummies"
Is Nutrition Science Not Really Science?
Gary Taubes at Berkeley
Taubes on NPR
Big fat Lie - an interview with Gary Taubes in the British media
Taubes in NY Times: What's cholesterol got to do with it?
Red Meat: A Healthy Choice?
Good News on Saturated Fat
Gary Taubes in Mother Earth News - GCBC, What Really Makes us Fat
Gary Taubes answers questions
End of the Diet Wars?
Ornish vs Taubes -- Round 2

Studies Proving Safety of Low Carb Diets
Studies Dispel Myth Of Cancer-causing Red Meat
20-Year Study Finds No Association Between Low-Carb Diets And Risk Of Coronary Heart Disease
Long-term Low carbohydrate diet does not induce deleterious metabolic effects

Studies Proving Efficacy of Low Carb Diets
This proves Atkins is best diet, say scientists
Low-carb diet speeds initial weight loss: study
LowCarb works for Men and Upper Body Fat
Low-carb diet reduces inflammation and blood saturated fat in metabolic syndrome
Low Carb Diet Better for Weight Loss and Helps Brain Work Faster Than Low Fat Diet
Effects of a high-protein ketogenic diet on hunger, appetite, and weight loss
Atkins IS better than the GI diet at keeping of the pounds, say scientists
Study: Low-carb diet best for weight, cholesterol
Effects of LC diets high in red meats or poultry, fish and shellfish
Low-carbohydrate weight-loss diets: Effects on cognition, mood
More Science behind what we know: eating fat makes us thin

Junk "Studies" (IMO)
Low-carb diets lead to birth defects?
Diet high in cholesterol can trigger onset of Alzheimer's
GMO corn causes liver, kidney problems in rats: study
Article: Women who follow Atkins 'die younger'
Obese mothers blamed for baby deaths
Study-Calories Count More Than Food Type
Hey, honey, let's boil up a steak!
Low carb, high protein diet found to increase mortality
Eat Sugar to Lose Weight
Dr. Barry Sears "uncovers" low-carb dangers, in favour of the Zone diet!
Seven Eggs A Week Can Kill You!
Sexes need different dinners, says study

- Junk Studies re Diabetes
Dr. Furhman-Fat accelerates diabetes????
Self-testing sugar levels could harm diabetics
Eggs now blamed for diabetes

- Junk Studies re Cardiovascular Disease
Best Weight-loss Plans For Heart Health Identified
Whole grain cereals can cut heart attack risks
High-fat Atkins diet damages blood vessels: study
Cardio health responds better to low-fat diets
Statins for everyone!!

- Junk Studies re Cancer
Fatty diet link to breast cancer
Breast Cancer Redux: Red Meat to blame this time
Low-carb diet 'bowel cancer risk' claim
Meat raises lung cancer risk: study
NYTimes: "Low Fat" Diet may cut prostate cancer risks
High fat diet means high breast cancer risk
Cancer Progression Can Be Spurred By Eating Red Meat

- PCRM/PETA Propoganda
PETA Asks Governor to Fight Global Warming by Encouraging Residents to Go Vegetarian
Advertisements Saying Dairy Products Help You Lose Weight Are Misleading, Study Shows
Physicians' Group Responds to Smear Tactics by American Meat Institute
New Study Shows Vegan Diet Reduces Heart Disease Risk in People with Type 2 Diabetes

Research Errors/Poor Research Reporting
On Research Reporting in the Media
Research funded by beverage industry likely to be tainted
Evidence whole grains cut CAD mortality -- Zilch
Majority Of Studies Of High-Fat Diets In Mice Inaccurately Portrayed
Plenty of Guidelines, but Where’s the Evidence?

GIT Bacteria and Viruses
Is fat catching? Scientists discover the cold virus that makes you obese
Scientists Explain Chocolate Cravings
Say Hello to the Bugs in Your Gut: Are Gut Microbes a Key to Weight Loss?
Natural gut hormones may provide a treatment for obesity
Bacteria Mix in Guts of Babies Predicts Obesity
Probiotics May Help Promote Weight Loss
Bug genes are the key to human digestion

How To Burn More Fat, With Less Effort [HIIT]
Study shows why exercise boosts brainpower
Strength training may reverse muscle aging
Dramatic Health Benefits After Just One Exercise Session
Fitness means less belly fat at any weight
The lonely road to fitness
Eating carbs after exercise stops fat burning
Runners burn more calories – even at rest

Weight Loss Surgery/Procedures
Gastric bypass cuts obesity death rate: studies
Death risks high after weight loss surgery
Danger worries surface in fight against obesity
Long-term Weight Regain after Gastric Bypass
The psychological effects of gastric bands and stomach stapling
Obesity Treatments That Don't Require Invasive Surgery
Weight Loss Surgery May Be Associated With Bone Loss
Weight can be kept off no matter how it's lost

Eating Throughout History
Fad Diet Timeline – Fad Diets Throughout the Years
Restricted diet for diabetes - 1866
Low carbing in the 1200s
The Food Timeline
Weekly Diet in US: 1970 versus 2006

Yo-yo Dieting
Crash diets 'may reduce lifespan'

General Obesity/Weight Loss
High-fat, high-carb meals more harmful to obese
Researchers find virus causes weight gain

Body Mass Index: a big fat lie

Results of MSN Poll of Dieters or Atkins Kicks Butt!

Your gut has taste receptors
Land use for meat-eaters, not so bad
Clearing up misconceptions on hunger, vegetarians, and methane
Daily energy expenditure and cardiovascular risk in Masai
Exhaustion linked to obesity, heart attacks
Cooking and Cognition: How Humans Got So Smart

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Threads from 2009 to 2010

Cardiovascular Disease
Studies Challenge Framingham Risk Score
Latest Study on Vitamin K and Coronary Heart Disease
'Healthy' diet increases heart attack risk
The Coronary Heart Disease Epidemic: Possible Culprits
Large thighs 'may protect heart'
The Lyon Diet-Heart Study: Background
Cornflakes, White Bread Could Boost Heart Risk
High carb diets are bad news for the blood vessels [Dr Briffa]
Does running cause heart disease?
Research; mummies had heart disease
Stroke and Heart Disease Trigger Revealed
Hyperglycemia and heart disease
Low-fat, Mediterranean and low-carb diets 'help heart'
A paleolithic diet is more satiating per calorie than a mediterranean-like diet in individuals with ischemic heart disease

For Lower Blood Pressure, Low-Carb Diet May Be Best

Fat-Derived Inflammatory Factor May Explain Diseases That Come With Obesity
Forget cholesterol and statins - it's inflammation (Press)

The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics...
Cholesterol and heart attack survival
ASTEROID destroys lipid hypothesis!
Most heart attack patients' cholesterol levels did not indicate cardiac risk
Butter Leads to Lower Blood Fats Than Olive Oil, Study Finds
Bad Cholesterol: Its not what you think
NYTimes: Added Sugars Appear to Affect Cholesterol
High levels of cholesterol better for longevity

Causes of Statin Side Effects
Dr Eades: statinators spill the beans
Statins, Pregnancy, Sepsis, Cancer, Heart Failure: a Critical Analysis
‘Twas The Night Before Statins …
Should Healthy People Take Statins? New Studies Say No
Statins May Only Benefit Patients With Arterial Calcification

- Plant Sterols
Margarine and Phytosterolemia
Ditch the margarine

- Other Cholesterol Lowering Drugs
Popular cholesterol drug may hurt, not help

Saturated Fats
No evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease (it’s official) [Dr Briffa]
Loren Cordain on saturated fat
Benefits of a High Saturated Fat Diet
7 reasons to eat saturated fat
No relationship between saturated fat and heart disease [meta analysis of 21 studies]
Saturated fat and insulin resistance
Dr Briffa: Is eating less saturated fat and more carb good for the heart?
Health Benefits of a Low-Carbohydrate, High-Saturated-Fat Diet
Higher saturated fat intakes found to be associated with a reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease [Dr Briffa]
Think saturated fat contributes to heart disease? Think again
For those worried about Saturated Fat. a 2004 Study
More butter equals less heart disease
Replacing Saturated Fat with Seed Oils (New, better Meta-study)

Corn Oil
The horrors of corn oil (Omega-6)

Fish/Fish Oil/Omega-3s
Fish oil makes you happy: Psychological distress and omega-3 index [Dr Davis]

Omega 6
Bill Lands complete lecture now on YouTube [Balance Omega 3/Omega 6]
Omega 6 Content of Common Foods

Fat Cells
Having a Big Derriere May Be Good for Your Health
Having a big bum, hips and thighs 'is healthy'

- Brown Fat
Energy-burning brown fat created in mice
How sticking your feet in cold water could help you lose weight
Daylight, Brown Fat and Weight Loss
Brown fat cells make 'spare tires' shrink

Don’t be fooled by the study which found lower cancer rates in vegetarians [Dr Briffa]
Antioxidants could give cancer a hand
Scientists Spot How Sugar 'Feeds' Tumors
Cancer risk increases with blood sugar
Blood Sugar and Cancer Risk Link
Cancer as a metabolic disease
NYT: In Cancer Research, a New Target--Tumors' Fuel Line

- Breast Cancer
High insulin levels linked with enhanced breast cancer risk
Eating Meat Does Not Raise Breast Cancer Risk In Older Women
Metabolic Factors May Play A Role In Risk For Breast Cancer
"Glycemic load" of diet tied to breast cancer risk
Meat and dairy are not connected to breast cancer

- Lung Cancer
restrict glucose and live longer?

- Bowel Cancer
Being vegetarian increases risk of colon cancer [Dr Briffa]
Does red meat give you bowel cancer? No, would be the answer!

- Pancreatic Cancer
Sugar and Pancreatic Cancer
Cancer cells slurp up fructose, U.S. study finds

- Stomach Cancer
High blood glucose increases stomach cancer risk

- Brain Tumours
Does the Existing Standard of Care Supply Energy Sources to Brain Tumor Cells?

Low Glycemic Diets Help Diabetics Control Blood Sugar, Review Suggests
Child diabetes blamed on food sweetener [fructose]
Joslin Identifies Source of Beta Cell Damage
Glucose toxicity [Dr Davis]
Why your “normal” blood sugar isn’t normal
Glucose Tolerance in Non-industrial Cultures
To control the risk of infection after surgery, control your blood sugar

- Type 1
Lower Carb vs Higher Carb Diets Type I Diabetics
Can wheat cause diabetes? [Dr Briffa]

- Type 2
Diabetes drugs given 'too soon'
Yet another trial that shows low-carb is better for diabetics
New Alterations Found in Young Adults With Type 2 Diabetes
High starch diets associated with increased risk of type 2 diabetes [Dr Briffa]

Pinpointing Role Of Insulin On Glucagon Levels

Mental Health
Schizophrenia, gluten, and low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diets: a case report and review of the literature.
What makes you diabetic can also make you schizophrenic
Scientist Shows Link Between Diet and Onset of Mental Illness

- Depression
Depression Linked With Accumulation Of Visceral Fat
High glycaemic load diet associated with increased risk of depressive symptoms [Dr Briffa]
Depression link to processed food

Coeliac Disease
Coeliac bone loss link uncovered- BBC

Liver Function/Disease
Regular Aerobic Exercise Improves Fatty Liver
Fatty liver disease and fats [Dr Eades]
Low-carbohydrate diet burns more excess liver fat than low-calorie diet, UT Southwestern study finds
fatty liver disease

Gallbladder Disease
Gallbladder and high/low carb/fat [Dr Eades]

Kidney Function/Disease
Dr Eades on thiamin and kidney function

Thyroid Function/Disease
T3 and rT3 greatly affected by diet...

Dental Health
Reversing Tooth Decay
If A Diet Is Bad For The Teeth It Is Also Bad For The Body
Implications for your teeth

Gout: The Missing Chapter from Good Calories, Bad Calories

Study Says Atkins-Type Diets May Reduce Stress
Study finds low-carb diet leads to improved mental wellbeing compared to low-fat one [Dr Briffa]

Insomnia may alter "hunger hormone"
Insufficient Sleep May Be Linked To Increased Diabetes Risk
Sleep might help dieters shed more fat

Are Your Eyes What You Eat?

Fat may reduce allergic reactions

What if Vitamin D Deficiency is a Cause of Autism?

Dietary Protein
Study finds lower-carb diet better for sating the appetite [Dr Briffa]
Hungry? How About Some Protein-Rich Cotton...
Can higher-protein diets help weight loss maintenance? [Dr Briffa]
Sources of protein even vegans can't quibble over?
Eat protein to heal a damaged brain
Save the planet -- Eat more Beef

- Eggs
Regular eggs 'no harm to health'
Eggs 'should be considered a superfood' say scientists
Eating eggs for breakfast helps reduce calorie consumption throughout the day

- Lab/Kitchen Grown Meat
In vitro meat - Would you eat hamburger from the lab?
Device that grows meat in kitchen wins grand prize
Will In Vitro Meat really replace the real thing?
Burgers From A Lab: The World Of In Vitro Meat

Dietary Fat
New fat is needed to clear old fat from body
Ode magazine: "Fat is where it's at"
More evidence comes to light that fat is not fattening [Dr Briffa]
Fat in diet won't affect weight gain over time
Butter is a wonderful thing
Tropical Plant Fats: Coconut Oil, Part II

- Margarine
It's not nice to fool Mother Nature! (Really!)
Scientist claims margarine manufacturers are misleading us on omega-3 claims [Dr Briffa]

More evidence comes in that demonstrates a calorie is not a calorie [Dr Briffa]

Dairy Food
Children who often drink full-fat milk weigh less

Fruit & Veg
Fruit allergies on the rise in kids
Eating our way to nirvana
Alpha-carotene from veggies linked to longer life

New evidence that dark chocolate helps ease emotional stress
No more feeling tired thanks to chocolate

Wheat Belly Revisited [Dr Davis]
Name that food [Dr Davis]
This is your brain on wheat [Dr Davis]
New “China Study” Links Wheat with Weight Gain

Oats cause iron deficiency?

Not all alcoholic drinks are the same
Archeologists Link Rise of Civilization and Beer's Invention

Consuming Too Much Sugar Shortens Lifespan
Sugar: The bitter truth
U.S. heart group draws hard line on sugar intake

Clues seen to how fructose may promote diabetes
Fructose Metabolism By The Brain Increases Food Intake And Obesity
Glucose Trumps Fructose
Hypothesis: Could Excessive Fructose Intake and Uric Acid Cause Type 2 Diabetes?
Fresh Take on Fructose vs. Glucose
Toxic substance forms in heated High Fructose Corn Syrup
Sugary High Hurts Your Heart
Fructose Causes High Blood Pressure?
Soft drink consumption and obesity: it is all about fructose
High-Fructose Corn Syrup Prompts Considerably More Weight Gain, Researchers Find
Fructose Sugar Makes Maturing Human Fat Cells Fatter, Less Insulin-Sensitive, Study Finds
Excess Fructose May Play Role in Diabetes, Obesity and Other Health Conditions

Sugar Substitutes
New sweetener not so sweet for your diet (Stevia)
Bad news. Sugar subs cause weight gain too

Salt Might Be 'Nature's Antidepressant'
High salt intake linked to strokes and cardiovascular disease

What Can Evolution Teach us About the Human Diet?
Soil Isn’t Just Dirt: A Review of The Vegetarian Myth
Vegetarian Diet Weakens Bones
China Study: Problems of Interpretation
Interview With an Ex-Vegan: Denise Minger

Study: Multivitamins don't lower older women's cancer risk
Low levels of vitamin B12 may increase risk for neural tube defects
Vitamin supplements may block benefits of exercise
"Calcium pills 'increase' risk of heart attack" BBC
Calcium & Body Composition in Older Women

- Vitamin C
vitamin c and the masai
Low Carb and Scurvy

- Vitamin D
Low vitamin D levels linked to metabolic syndrome
Vit D deficiency and obesity
OAPs advised to take vitamin D for better balance
Vitamin D associated with significantly reduced risk of death from stroke [Dr Briffa]
Researchers recommend pregnant women take 4,000 IU vitamin D a day
Sunshine Superstar [Dr Eades]

Fibre may help asthma, diabetes

Glycaemic Index
Is the glycemic index irrelevant? [Dr Davis]
'High GI' carbohydrates increase women's heart risk
Low-GI/GL diets may help reduce risk of disease and death by quelling inflammation
[Dr Briffa]

Anti-obesity Drugs
Patients on anti-obesity drug liraglutide lose a stone in 20 weeks

Why some become fat and others don't
Genes remember sugar hit: Australian research
Fat gene mystery unravelled by scientists
Researchers find gene that turns carbs into fat
Genetic variant near IRS1 is associated with type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance and hyperinsulinemia
Morbidly obese 'may have missing genes'
How genes influence obesity, senility – and the effects of olive oil
Why genes, not diet, may increase your chances of getting heart disease

Carbohydrates linked with infertility in women [Dr Briffa]
Low-carb Fertility [Dr Davis]
Insulin and fertility

Pregnancy & Infancy
Study links baby insulin resistance to the weight of the mother
Higher fat, rather than high-carb, diet appears to benefit nursing mother and baby [Dr Briffa]
Lower-carb diet found to be better than a lower-fat one in pregnancy [Dr Briffa]

Childhood Obesity
Link between inactivity and obesity queried

Hormones & Enzymes
Disabling enzyme allows mice to gorge without becoming obese, new study finds
Fat enzyme explains why some people don't get flabby
Oestrogen boosts fat stores in woman
Eicosanoids and you!
Insulin Linked to Core Body Temperature

- Leptin
The waning promise of leptin in the obesity fight
Do dietary lectins cause leptin resistance?

The Brain
Researchers Shed Light On Fat Burning

Aging and Dementia/Alzheimer's
Blood Sugar Control Linked to Memory Decline, Study Says
Hypometabolism as a therapeutic target in Alzheimer's disease
High blood sugar, Alzheimer's risk linked
Insulin May Protect Against Alzheimer's
Novel Mechanisms Might Causally Link Type-2 Diabetes To Alzheimer's Disease
Hypoglycemia linked to dementia, says study
Big Waistline - Littler Brain - as you age
Hormone that curbs hunger may guard against Alzheimer's
Coconut oil: Doctor says an oil lessened Alzheimer's effects on her husband
Excess Weight in Older Women Linked to Diminished Memory
Insulin resistance may cause Alzheimer plaques
Vitamin B slows down Alzheimer's Disease
Very low carb diets found to be good for the brain [Dr Briffa]

Overweight septuagenarians live longer: study
Clinical Experience of a Diet Designed to Reduce Aging
Can cutting carbohydrates from your diet make you live longer?
Aging causes decrease in ketogenesis

Insulin Resistance/Sensitivity
Diet & insulin resistance: a review & Asian Indian perspective
Carbohydrate Restriction Reduces Biomarkers of Metabolic Syndrome
Obesity as Protection Against Metabolic Syndrome, Not Its Cause
High fat bacon and eggs breakfast 'could be healthiest start to the day'

The Calorie Question
If you eat the right foods, you can forget all about counting calories... [Dr Groves]
May the Best Calorie Lose

Abdominal Fat
Four inches of fat on waistline increases risk of heart problems
Even Modest Exercise Can Reduce Negative Effects Of Belly Fat
Why Fat Thighs Are Not as Bad as a Fat Abdomen

Ketones to the Rescue - Fashioning therapies from an adaptation to starvation

Calorie Restriction/Resveratrol/Longevity
Being overweight or obese 'costs you 10 years'
Eat up! Calorie restriction may weaken the immune system

Timing of Eating
The no-food diet
It's not just what you eat, it's when you eat it
Feast or famine

Info from/about Dr Atkins/Atkins Nutritionals
New Atkins book out in March...

Drs Eades
Meat is Cruelty?
Eades: Nutritional Dark Ages
Low-carb gaining a foothold…with the mainstream
Dr Eades: Four patients that changed my life

Dr Briffa
Paleolithic diet again found to bring rapid health-related benefits
Are whole grains good for the heart?

Dr Davis
De Novo Lipo-what?

Dr Barry Groves
Should all animals eat a high fat, low carb diet? Barry Groves article

Weston A Price Articles
Coconut oil: A brief history and the benefits of coconut oil
Guts and Grease: The Diet of Native Americans

Science Journalist Gary Taubes
Beef is "Good Calories"
An interview with Gary Taubes and Ronald Krauss, M.D.
Why We Get Fat: Adiposity 101 and the Alternative Hypothesis of Obesity
Gary Taubes: Calories, fat or carbohydrates? (new blog entry)

How to Read Studies
How to read articles about health and healthcare
Accept Defeat: The Neuroscience of Screwing Up

Studies Proving Safety of Low Carb Diets
High-protein low-carb diet an option in obese teens

Studies Proving Efficacy of Low Carb Diets
Low-carb Diet Burns More Excess Liver Fat Than Low-cal Diet, Study Finds
Latest Paleo study
AJCN Study: LC diet beats LF diet - again (mostly)
LC bests LF diet in heart risk study
Long Term Effects of Ketogenic Diet in Obese Subjects with High Cholesterol Level
After-eating effects: Carbs versus fats
relevant studies from Nutrition and Metabolism -- nothing older than 2004

Junk "Studies" (IMO)
Counting calories, not carbs or fat, matters most, study says
Study Finds Eating Red Meat Contributes to Risk of Early Death
Kids who love sugar grow faster
Dieters' dream: Scientists create food that will make you feel full for twice as long
Fatty foods -- not empty stomach -- fire up hunger hormone
'Eco-Atkins' Diet Sheds More Than Pounds
Mutant mice living the dieter's dream
Why Fat Angers the Immune System (New Scientist)
Long-term Effects of a Very Low-Carbohydrate Diet and a Low-Fat Diet on Mood and Cognitive Function
Coconut Oil May Promote Inflammation
Plant-based or animal-based? [Dr Davis]
More gems from the gym...Walking & Metabolic Syndrome
No significant effect on bone mineral density by high doses of vitamin D3 given to overweight subjects for one year
Animal-based protein diets increase mortality rate

- Junk Studies re Diabetes
Gestational Diabetes
Eating fat and protein "causes" diabetes ..... (in rats)
Brown Rice Linked to Lower Diabetes Risk

- Junk Studies re Cardiovascular Disease
High-fat Diets Contribute To Heart Disease
Low-Carb Killing Spree Continues
Eat More Fat, Just Make Sure It's The Right Kind
Adding omega-3 fats to margarine didn't make a difference in CHD

- Junk Studies re Cancer
Excessive Dietary Fat Caused 300 Percent Increase in Metastasizing Tumor Cells
Another "study" linking sat. fat to cancer *sigh*
High-Fat Diet During Puberty Linked to Breast Cancer Risk Later in Life

- Junk Studies re Alzheimer's
Saturated fats linked to Alzheimer's
High Protein Diets May Shrink Brain, Boost Risk of Alzheimer's
Diets may determine dementia risk
Fish oil doesn't benefit the brain, study shows

- PCRM/PETA Propoganda
Peta attempts to make fish more adorable
PETA does it again...this will make your day! ()
'Lose the breasts. Go vegetarian'
PETA mouths off again

Shonky Research/Poor Research Reporting
Observational Studies
Do We Really Know What Makes Us Healthy?
Senator Asks Pfizer About Harvard Payments
Modern Diet-Health Epidemiology: a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? Part I
Modern Diet-Health Epidemiology: a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy? Part II
Mathematically modeling why quackery persists...
Good Math Slices Bad Bologna
Science and Pseudoscience in Adult Nutrition Research and Practice
Medical Editors Push for Crackdown on Ghostwriting
Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies
Medical ghostwriters who build a brand

Conflict of Interest
Conflict of Interest
Nice warning about 'consensus science'

GIT Bacteria and Viruses
How Intestinal Bacteria May Cause Weight Gain
Modified probiotics may help to fight fat: Study

Physical Activity May Not Be Key To Obesity Epidemic
Exercise not likely to rev up your metabolism
Trying to lose weight? Skip the gym
Cardio/Weight Training Study by Cosgrove and Berardi
Muscle: ‘hard to build, easy to lose’ as you age
Stalled on VLC? Try exercise
Phys Ed: Why Doesn’t Exercise Lead to Weight Loss?
Does Exercise Really Keep Us Healthy?
Phys Ed: How Exercising Keeps Your Cells Young
Why Exercise Won't Make You Thin
Exercise Affects Insulin Sensitivity
Long distance runners plagued with heart plaque

Weight Loss Surgery/Procedures
Gastric 'condoms' could help obese avoid surgery
Electrodes in the brain could curb appetite
Bariatric Surgery: Bad To The Bone
Gastric by-pass surgery can cause major health problems
Heightened suicide risk after weight-loss surgery

Eating Throughout History
Human Stone Age diet included processed grains
The Raw Milk Cure
Lucy's kin carved up a meaty meal, scientists say
How Neolithic Milk Drinkers Took Over
Drs. T. L. Cleave and John Yudkin: making sense since 1936

Paleo Info
Paleo Diet Research

Other Diets
What is food combining good for? [Dr Briffa]
The Dukan Diet: French women do get fat . . .

Yo-yo Dieting
Yo-yo dieting increases risk of comfort eating

General Obesity/Weight Loss
Feast or famine: dieters can't win
Findings Show Insulin - Not Genes - Linked to Obesity
Obesity may well include a microbial component...
USDA: No evidence that access to fruit, veg, whole grains, & lowfat milk reduces BMI
Can You Be Overweight and Still Be Healthy?
Estrogen, Soy, The Obesogen Effect and Obesity
Internal Starvation
Study - Eating Fast Associated with Overeating
Stomach Shrinkage

Global Warming
NY Times: The Carnivore’s Dilemma

Are you a carb addict?
Sweet tooth, depression, alcoholism: Linked?

Beyond BMI: Why doctors won't stop using an outdated measure for obesity
Obesity: what a waist

Cooking and human evolution
How to understand risk in 13 clicks

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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 235/135/135 Female 5'4
Progress: 100%
Location: Brisbane, Australia

Threads from 2011 to 2012

Carbs Are Killing You: an infograph (Why Eating Fat Doesn't Make You Fat)

Cardiovascular Health/Disease
Alarmingly High Cardiovascular Risk Factors Found in Mediterranean People
Damaged Hearts Pump Better When Fueled With Fats, Study Suggests
Ancient Egyptian Princess Now Known to Be First Person in Human History With Diagnosed Coronary Artery Disease
Review shows advice to reduce/change fat intake does not prevent disease/save lives [Dr Briffa]
"Heart Disease and Molecular Degeneration" by Chris Masterjohn
Low Carb Is Heart Healthy, by Dr William Davis
Diet, not diet drinks, causes heart disease
UC Berkeley research shows stem cells cause hardened arteries

Cerebrovascular Disease
Dr Briffa on Strokes

Blood Pressure Control in Middle Age Can Lower Lifetime Heart Risk

World Renowned Heart Surgeon Speaks Out
Trying a New Line of Attack in Heart Disease
Losing Weight On Either LC or LF Diet Lowers Inflammation

‘Bad’ Cholesterol Not As Bad As People Think, Shows Texas A&M Study
Fascinating podcast on cholesterol by Chris Masterjohn
Dr Briffa: We need more actuaries in medicine
Dr Briffa: Huge study finds gaping holes in the cholesterol hypothesis
What is this wacky thing called “weight loss”? [Dr Davis]
Why a ‘raised’ cholesterol level may be a cause for celebration [Dr Briffa]
Questions raised over the role of HDL-cholesterol in cardiovascular disease [Dr Briffa]
Low LDL Cholesterol Is Related to Cancer Risk
Prominent cardiologist reveals some flaws in conventional cholesterol wisdom
Japanese experts question the evidence for the cholesterol hypothesis [Dr Briffa]
Low-carbohydrate diet better than low-fat for cholesterol and triglycerides

Statins WEAKEN heart muscle
Unexpected Benefits of Statin Drugs Found
Medical journal editors brand statins as without known benefit but with definite risk [Dr Briffa]
Statin use linked to more diabetes in women: study
Statins and diabetes [Dr Eades]
Diabetes and Memory Loss warning on Statins
Taking statins cause fatigue
Another industry funded statin study that smacks of bad science and bias [Dr Briffa]
Researcher claims more potent statins should be prescribed with greater caution [Dr Briffa]
Unbiased review concludes that statins do not have overall benefits for healthy people [Dr Briffa]

- Plant Sterols
Dr Briffa questions validity of article on so-called cholesterol-lowering products

Saturated Fats
USDA advice incorrect: Saturated fat not linked to cardiovascular disease
Enjoy Saturated Fats, They’re Good for You!
Saturated fat, carbohydrates and cardiovascular disease
Richard David Feinman on Saturated Fat
Heart disease and stroke are highest in countries with low saturated fat consumption
The Case Against Saturated Fat
Wow...a mind blowing video on saturated fat

Fish/Fish Oil/Omega-3s
A Diet Rich in Fish May Help the Aging Brain
Anthropologists Finds High Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Breast Milk of Amerindian Women
Omega-3s May Not Lower Cardiac Risk
Omega-3 supplements can lengthen telomeres

Omega 6
Too much omega-6 can lead to obesity

Trans fats
Trans Fat Leads To Weight Gain Even On Same Total Calories, Animal Study Shows

Brown/Beige Fat
Scientists turn 'bad fat' into 'good fat'
Brown Fat Found in Thin Children Could be the New Antidote to Obesity: Study
In More Socially Engaging Environment, White Fat Turns to Brown, Mouse Study Suggests
Brown Fat Burns Calories in Adult Humans
Thermostat protein could help burn off the flab
Calorie-burning “Beige Fat” Identified
Why brown fat is 'good' in the fight against obesity

Positron Emission Tomography and the Warburg Effect
Low-Carbohydrate, High-Protein Diets May Reduce Both Tumor Growth Rates and Cancer Risk
Low-carbohydrate diets look good for the prevention and treatment of cancer
Cancer cells poisoned with sugar
Cancer-Fighting Goodness Found in Cholesterol, Study Suggests
Cancer cells and sugar -- or not?
Glucose Deprivation Activates Feedback Loop That Kills Cancer Cells, Study Shows
Obesity Promotes Tumor Growth Regardless of Diet
Targeting insulin inhibition as a metabolic therapy in advanced cancer
Dietary glucose affects the levels of a powerful oncogene in mice

- Breast Cancer
Obesity 'leading driver' of breast cancer
High-carb diet tied to breast cancer risk for some
More dietary evidence for breast cancer
Weight Gain, Metabolic Syndrome, and Breast Cancer Recurrence

- Bowel Cancer
Curry spice used to fight bowel cancer
Starchy, high carbohydrate diet associated with recurrence of colon cancer

- Pancreatic Cancer
Diet high in fish and nuts could cut pancreatic cancer risk
Low Adiponectin Associated With Increased Pancreatic Cancer Risk

- Renal Cancer
UK: Kidney cancers: Major rise 'linked to obesity'

- Brain Tumours
Leptin and its receptor are overexpressed in brain tumors
Combination of ketogenic diet and radiation therapy treats malignant gliomas

Higher overall levels of sugar in bloodstream appears to be good predictor of death
A Protein May Help Treat Obesity, Diabetes
New Hormone for Lowering Blood Sugar
Ketogenic Diet proves Great for Diabetes and complications
Dire diabetes outlook among US kids and adolescents: Type 1 and type 2 on the rise
High blood sugar 'speeds up ageing'
Diabetes and stress: A central molecule is uncovered

- Type 1
Low carbohydrate diet in type 1 diabetes, long-term improvement and adherence: A clinical audit

- Type 2
Amyloid could "directly poison" pancreas cells
Obesity-Linked Diabetes in Children Resists Treatment
High Fat and Low Carb Diet Better for Diabetes Type-2
Normal-weight Type 2 diabetes patients more likely to die than the obese
The Bypass Cure

Mental Health
Primal mind: Diet and mental health, by Nora Gedgaudas
New case study of ketogenic diet for bipolar II

- Depression
Could Soda and Sugar Be Causing Your Depression?

Can A Multivitamin Help Treat ADHD?

Reverse Engineering Epilepsy's 'Miracle' Diet

Coeliac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity
Neurologic and Psychiatric Manifestations of Celiac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity
The skin and gluten
Coffee and Gluten Sensitivity - Surprising News
Overactive Bladder? Maybe blame gluten
How Common is Gluten Sensitivity?
The Celiac Iceberg
Wheat for people allergic to gluten: Possible?

Rheumatoid Arthritis
Obesity Epidemic Fueling Rise in Rheumatoid Arthritis Among Women

Multiple Sclerosis
Dr. Terry Wahls gives a talk on how a Paleo diet cured her MS

Liver Function/Disease
Dr Briffa on LC and Fatty Liver
Molecules Work the Day Shift to Protect the Liver from Accumulating Fat
Limiting Carbs, Not Calories, Reduces Liver Fat Faster, Researchers Find
The growing culprit behind liver disease
Breakthrough in Regulating Fat Metabolism

Gallbladder Disease
Gallstones and Low Carb

Kidney Function/Disease
Wait... I thought it would make my kidneez asplode!
High-Protein, Low-Carb Diet Safe for Kidneys

Gastric Bacterium Helicobacter Pylori Protects Against Asthma
“Soft drinks could cause asthma”, South Australian research team

Thyroid Function/Disease
Chris Masterjohn on thyroid and heart disease
Low-Carb Diets and Hypothyroidism

GIT Function/Disease
Low-Calorie Diet May Be Harmful for Bowel Disease Patients
When Everyday Foods Are Hard to Digest
A Gut Check for Many Ailments
The second brain in our stomachs
Dr Briffa: Dietary ‘excitotoxins’ linked with fibromyalgia and IBS

Dental Health
How to eliminate tooth decay
Coconut oil could combat tooth decay

Dr Briffa: Got acne? Go primal

Eating Disorders
Anorexia may be more metabolic than mental, scientist argues

Working 11-hour days increases your risk of heart disease by over 50%
Scientists Highlight Link Between Stress and Appetite

Less or more sleep can age your brain
'Sleep diet' may be the best way to slim says research
Sleepy brains drawn to junk food
Good night's sleep can help you diet
Even Your Fat Cells Need Sleep

Ocular Health
Aspirin increases risk of macular degeneration

Lower carb diet trumps higher carb one in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome [Dr Briffa]

Dr Briffa: Magnesium for migraine?
Migraines More Likely for People With Gluten Problems

Gluten-Free, Casein-Free Diet May Help Some Children With Autism, Research Suggests
Obesity and diabetes link to child disorders

Dietary Protein
Grass fed vs Grain Fed
Eating Protein Preserves Muscle, Physical Function in Dieting Postmenopausal Women
An interview with Joel Salatin
Tip your protein balance to curb hunger pangs
How Much Protein Helps With Weight Loss?
70 Percent of Ground Beef at Supermarkets Contains ‘Pink Slime’
Low-carb protein diet causes muscles to grow without training

- Eggs
Eggs Have Lower Cholesterol and More Vitamin D Than Previously Thought
Egg producers fund study confirming the health benefits of eggs
Eating Whole Eggs Can Improve Blood Lipids

- Lab/Kitchen Grown Meat
Japan scientist synthesizes meat from human feces
Would you eat a burger grown in a laboratory?

- Gluten
Clues to Gluten Sensitivity

Dietary Fat
Receptor for Tasting Fat Identified in Humans
Study: No-Fat, Low-Fat Dressings Don't Get Most Nutrients out of Salads

- Margarine
Margarine additive linked with Alzheimer’s disease

- Fake Fats
Fat substitutes linked to weight gain

Nuts Make A Healthy Snack For Diabetics Concerned With Weight Gain
Eating almonds could aid dieting

Dairy Food
Dairy's influence on insulin [Dr Davis]
Dairy attentuates oxidative and inflammatory stress in metabolic syndrome
Foods Rich in Protein, Dairy Products Help Dieters Preserve Muscle and Lose Belly Fat

- Yoghurt
Yogurt that might stop a heart attack
Yogurt Makes Mice Slimmer, Sexier

- Cheese
Cheese 'could reduce diabetes risk'
The secret to why the French live longer - Roquefort cheese

Fruit & Veg
Tomatoes good for the heart
Study examines health benefits of older varieties of fruit
Genetic Discovery Could Make More Tomatoes Taste Like Heirlooms

Diet Food: Red Hot Chili Peppers May Help You Eat Less
Spicy Food May Boost Metabolism
Black Pepper May Help Fight Fat

Green Tea
Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green coffee beans show potential for losing weight

Are Traditionally Prepared Grains Healthy? Mark Sisson
The Grain Foods Foundation fights back! [Dr Davis]
Modern Bread, The Broken Staff Of Life

- Wheat
Dreamfields pasta
Should anyone eat wheat?
A wheat farmer weighs in on Wheat Belly [Dr Davis]
Three Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat
Wheat: Opiate of the masses [Dr Davis]
Modern wheat a "perfect, chronic poison," doctor says [Dr Davis]
Bread – the staff of life or the stuff of nightmares? [Dr Briffa]
What Wheat Does to Everyone [Dr Davis]
Bariatric surgeon: "Half my patients just need to cut out wheat"

Organic Farming
Study debunks myths on organic farms

Advice to drink more water dismissed as harmful nonsense

Nightly Glass of Wine May Protect Boomer Women's Bones

Most Cow Cheeses in USA/Britain contain GMO Soy
Is the soya bean really a wonder-food?

Coping with MSG

More From Taubes: Is Sugar Toxic?
Eating too much sugar can increase heart disease risk factors, study finds
How to Dump Sugar for Good
Dr Briffa: Is now the time to target sweet foodstuffs in your diet?
Studies more firmly tie sugary drinks to obesity
Taubes - Big Sugar's Sweet Little Lies

Dietary fructose and risk of metabolic syndrome in adults
Fructose, high fructose corn syrup increased risk factors for CVD
Research Offers Insight to How Fructose Causes Obesity and Other Illness
This Is Your Brain On Sugar: Study Shows High-Fructose Diet Sabotages Learning, Memory
Diabetes and Sweetener Link Scrutinized

Sugar Substitutes
Can we stop calling them artificial sweeteners?
Choosing a Sugar Substitute
Should I Be Afraid Of Low-Calorie Sugar Substitutes? [Gary Taubes]
The sweet solution?

Salt is good for you, so be sure you don't eat it!
To Salt or Not To Salt?

Vegetarians and Heart Disease (new Denise Minger post)
Dr Briffa: Question marks raised over the vegetarian diet
Increased Heart Risk In Vegans' Requires Omega-3s And B12
review by Zoe Harcombe of 'The Vegetarian Myth' by Lierre Keith
A fascinating interview with Lierre Keith!!
Side effects of becoming vegetarian. Thinking of going Vegetarian? check this out

New Evidence of Synergy Between Vitamins A and D: Protection Against Autoimmune Diseases
Book Review – Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox
5 supplements we all must take
Calcium Supplements Linked to Significantly Increased Heart Attack Risk, Study Suggests
Dr Briffa: Selenium may be vital to your diet

- Vitamin D
Pre-diabetes and vitamin D
Got insulin resistance? Vitamin d supplements can help
Taking vitamin D may assist fat loss and reduce risk of chronic disease [Dr Briffa]
UK: Sunshine and vitamin D: why cloudy skies are bad for our health
Vitamin D could matter in older women's weight gain

- Magnesium
Oral magnesium supplementation reduces insulin resistance in non-diabetic subjects
Magnesium and the Brain: The Original Chill Pill

Nitrate Improves Mitochondrial Function
The Nitrate and Nitrite Myth: Another Reason not to Fear Bacon

Anti-obesity Drugs
First diet pill that doesn’t make you ill
Would you have the obesity jab?
Fat busters: Are diet pills an impossible dream?
'Flab jab' could provide obesity breakthrough
FDA-approved diet drug Qsymia now available with prescription
'Curing' super-sized mice

Thrifty Genes: The life and death of a seductive theory
"Lean gene" ups risk of heart disease and diabetes
Underweight? You may have skinny genes
Eating your greens alters your genes
Thin parents pass on 'skinny genes' to children
Scientists Uncover New Role for Gene in Maintaining Steady Weight
Study reveals how Bdnf gene mutation contributes to severe obesity
Genetic Adaptation of Fat Metabolism Key to Development of Human Brain
Scientists Study Gene That Converts Carbs Into Fat

Pregnancy & Infancy
Why a steak for pregnant mothers could stop babies crying
High Carb Intake Raises Gallbladder Disease Risk for Pregnant Women
Ketones fuel fetal development
Study links womb environment to childhood obesity
Obese women more likely to become pregnant if they lose weight: research
Weight management 'benefits' for mother and baby
Hey baby, will that be medium or well-done? Iron-rich meat recommended after 6 months

Childhood Obesity
Genes Identified in Common Childhood Obesity

Molecular Mechanisms
Molecular Pair Controls Time-Keeping and Fat Metabolism
Sugar Production Switch in Liver May Offer Target for New Diabetes Therapies
Genetic Regulator of Fat Metabolism and Muscle Fitness Discovered
How Cellular Pathways Converge to Regulate Food Intake and Body Weight
Groundbreaking Discovery of Mechanism That Controls Obesity, Atherosclerosis
Key to Burning Fat Faster Discovered
Pint-Size Molecules Show Promise Against Obesity
Study reveals body's food clock on a molecular level

Hormones & Enzymes
Switching To Fresh Foods Cuts Hormone Disruptors BPA And DEHP
Exercise Hormone May Fight Obesity and Diabetes
Testosterone supplements may help male weight loss
Hormone 'Ratio' May Show Which Dieters Will Keep Weight Off
Manipulating Hormone Receptors May Help in the Fight Against Obesity
Brain-Gut Hormone - New Clue to Predict Diseases in Women?
Hormone Mixture Successful In Treating Obesity In Mice
Obesity Reversed in Mice by Manipulating Production of an Enzyme

- Leptin
Prevention and reversal of diet-induced leptin resistance with a sugar-free diet despite high fat content
Modulation of Inhibitory Output Is Key Function of Antiobesity Hormone
Dr Briffa: If you lose weight, better make sure your leptin is functioning properly
How men can lose the paunch forever [Dr Briffa]
Dr Rosedale on leptin
New Drug to Tackle Body Fat Problems

- Ghrelin
A bitter pill to combat obesity?
Low Ghrelin: Reducing Appetite at the Cost of Increased Stress?

The Brain
Treating Obesity Via Brain Glucose Sensing
It’s All In The Brain: Unlocking The Secrets Of Overeating With Neuroscience
Loss of Appetite Deciphered in Brain Cell Circuit
Brains of people with anorexia and obesity are wired differently
Heightened Sensitivity to Cheap, High-Calorie Food Is Linked With Obesity
New Brain Target for Appetite Control Identified

Contrary to Earlier Findings, Excess Body Fat in Elderly Decreases Life Expectancy
Healthy obese people may live as long as their slimmer counterparts
Obesity harms 'later brain skill'
Obesity in the Elderly - Function Trumps Form?
Fit Versus Fat: Which Matters More for Longevity?
Olive Oil Extends Rat Lifespan
How 'ketogenic diet' increases longevity

Nutrition and Alzheimer's disease: The detrimental role of a high carbohydrate diet
Alzheimer's: Diet 'can stop brain shrinking'
Brain Insulin Resistance Contributes to Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer's Disease
Eating Lots of Carbs, Sugar May Raise Risk of Cognitive Impairment

Calorie Restriction/Resveratrol
Mouse Study Turns Fat-Loss/longevity Link on Its Head
Resveratrol shows results similar to calorie restriction
Strict diet could save brain from aging: study
Severe Diet Doesn’t Prolong Life, at Least in Monkeys

Chips, crisps and biscuits... why every mother-to-be should steer clear

Fat Tax
Diet Dictocrat Alert: Hungary Adopt a Saturated Fat, Salt & Sugar TAX
Bad news for LCHF Danes!
What the world can learn from Denmark’s failed fat tax

Insulin Resistance/Sensitivity
Insulin Action on Brain's Reward Circuitry Linked to Obesity
Sitting Causes Insulin Resistance
Increased Muscle Mass May Lower Risk of Pre-Diabetes: Study Shows Building Muscle Can Lower Person's Risk of Insulin Resistance
WHS: Does high circulating insulin drive bodyfat accumulation?
Protein May Play Role in Obesity, Diabetes, Aging
Insulin and Obesity: Another Nail in the Coffin
Obesity and metabolic syndrome associated with impaired brain function in adolescents
Metabolic Syndrome and Health – Does Healthy Obesity Exist?
It's the Insulin, Stupid

The Calorie Question
A Calorie Just a Calorie? No Way
The very squishy science of counting calories

Abdominal Fat
Good on the hips, bad on the waist - the truth about fat
Trans Fatty Acids induce abdominal obesity (monkeys)
Belly fat not so bad after all

Your Brain On Ketones
I'll have a bottle of ketones please - Could this elixir hold the key to weight loss?

Polyphenols, Hormesis, and Disease

Info from/about Dr Atkins/Atkins Nutritionals
The Atkins diet, updated
Atkins Nutritionals & Celebrity Chef Launch "The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook"

Professor Richard Feinman
Metabolic advantage, “a calorie is a calorie,” and why the First Law of Thermodynamics does not apply
Latest in Paleo - Interview with Dr. Feinman
A Mediterranean Interlude
Crimson Slime – Making Americans Afraid of Meat
Suddenly last summer. The triumph of carbohydrate restriction.
Richard David Feinman - Hunger. What it is and what you can do about it

Dr Mary Vernon
Low carb explained..another great video

Drs Eades
Dr Eades: How to start (or restart) an LC diet
Dr. Eades:Are we meat eaters or vegetarians? Part III
Dr Eades reviews Volek and Phinney's book
New Eades post - AMPK
Dr Eades: Are Carbs Really Fattening?

Dr Briffa
New Dr Briffa book: Escape the Diet Trap
Briffa -Artificial sweeteners boost weight gain in animals

Dr Davis
Low Carb Cruise (Dr. Davis)
Wheat = human bait
Anybody know a Neolithic dentist?

Dr Westman
'Irresponsible' doctor declares: 'Fat is your friend'

Weston A Price Information
Understanding Weston Price on Primitive Wisdom — Ancient Doesn’t Cut It
New FREE video of Sally Fallon Morell

Science Journalist Gary Taubes
Why We Get Fat: A Book Review
Interview with Gary Taubes
It's Not About the Calories
Eades on Taubes' "Why we get fat"
Mercola interviews Taubes
New Taubes blog post
Gary Taubes: Catching Up On Lost Time, Part 2
New Gary Taubes Interview
The Only Logical Way to End the Obesity Epidemic (new Taubes article in Daily Beast))
Why the Campaign to Stop America's Obesity Crisis Keeps Failing (Taubes)
Interview with Gary Taubes "Why We Get Fat"
The Taubes Archives
NuSI: Nutrition Science Initiative
Taubes "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit
The fat and the fiction
Why We Get Fat: Diet Trends and Food Policy

Tom Naughton
Science for smart people

Denise Minger
Denise Minger: The Truth About Ancel Keys

Dr Lustig
Beyond gluttony and sloth
The Skinny on Obesity
Here's the Thing with Alec Baldwin and Robert Lustig
Fat Chance: Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Food, Obesity, and Disease

Dr Bill Lands
Bill Lands, on excess Polyunsaturates and health

Conferences/2012 Low carb cruise
Low Carb Experts on YouTube
Metabolism, Diet & Disease Conference
Tom Naughton at Research Integrity Conference

How to Read Studies
How to read a news article on health/medicine

Studies Proving Safety of Low Carb Diets
Eating Fat, Staying Lean
The Claim: A Diet High in Protein Is Bad for Your Kidneys
Low-carb, high-fat diets add no arterial health risks to obese
Dr Briffa: Higher protein diets proven better for a range of health measures
Low-carb diet gets more support from new analysis

Studies Proving Efficacy of Low Carb Diets
Spanish Ketogenic Diet Reverses Metabolic Syndrome
Yet another study shows the superiority of lower-carb eating over low-fat
Low-carb diet burns the most calories in small study
More Evidence for Low Carb Diets

Junk "Studies" (IMO)
Dangers of Plaque & Gingivitis to Your Health
Make-up/shampoo makes us fat
Study: Hormones May Make It Hard for Dieters to Keep the Weight Off
Low intelligence causes obesity? ( )
Death By Bacon [and red meat]?
Fatty Diets May Be Associated With Reduced Semen Quality
Harvard Researchers Unveil New Healthy Eating Plate
Healthy Women Advised Not to Take Calcium and Vitamin D to Prevent Fractures
Don't count calories, it'll just make you FATTER! Which foods really make us fat?
Giving up fatty foods could send dieters on a downward spiral

- Junk Studies re Diabetes
Obesity and Diabetes Are a Downside of Human Evolution, Research Suggests
saturated fat => diabetes?
Type 2 diabetes in newly diagnosed 'can be reversed'
Red Meat, Bacon, Hot Dogs May Increase Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Scientists reveal mechanism behind high-fat, diabetes link
Poor Diet During Pregnancy Predisposes Baby To Diabetes

- Junk Studies re Cardio/cerebrovascular Disease
Death Rate Drops With Each Added Fruit and Veggie Serving
High-fat, low carb diet is detrimental to heart and brain in healthy subjects?
New Evidence for an Apple a Day
A Recipe for Brain Injury
High-Fat, Low-Carb Diets Not for Obese People at Risk of Heart Attack
Atkins diet may be bad for the heart, say Swedish doctors
Low-carb diets raising cholesterol in Finland
Fear of heart attacks in women on Atkins
Heart campaigns a 'waste of money'
No yolk: eating the whole egg as dangerous as smoking?
9 meals a day lower cholesterol and help lose weight
UK report claims heart disease lowest since 1952 - thanks to statins

- Junk Studies re Cancer
New studies explain how cancer cells 'eat us alive'
High Protein Diet & Colon Cancer
High intake of Omega-3s --> increased risk of prostate cancer
Cut red meat intake and don't eat ham, say cancer researchers
High-fiber diet may help thwart colon cancer
Pancreatic cancer risk increases with every 2 strips of bacon you eat

- Junk Studies re Aging and Alzheimer's/Dementia
Diet Affects Markers of Alzheimer's Disease
Older Adults With Too Much Salt in Diet at Greater Risk of Cognitive Decline
Some Fats May Harm the Brain More
Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Longevity, Surprising Study Shows

- Junk Studies re Exercise
The Fountain of Youth is really a treadmill
Top 10 Reasons Exercise Is Bad For You

- PCRM/PETA Propoganda
Good job building that credibility PETA
Milton Mills: Whats Wrong with the Paleo Diet?
PETA makes the news again

Shonky Research/Poor Research Reporting
Diet soda study goes flat
Example of a terrible diet study
Countdown to a Food Coma
One reason why mice studies don't work...
Dr Briffa: Note to medical journalists: correlation does not prove causation
Obese Brain May Thwart Weight Loss
It's news, but is it true? How scientific research makes the news .. or not.
Skip your breakfast today? Here are the consequences ...
Diabetes Study Ends Early With a Surprising Result
Can One Drive-Through Breakfast Be That Bad?

Just Plain Scary
Pesticides Are Good for You
Kellogg’s found guilty of misleading us about sugar, but this is just the tip of the iceberg
Skinny genes – how GM food may help you stave off obesity
TIME: FDA Panel Backs Approval of Weight-Loss Drug Lorcaserin
UK: All over 50s should be taking statins

Too Ridiculous for Words
Risk of SHC with Ketosis ?
How Carbs Make You Thin...For Life
Using Feeding Tubes to Rapidly Shed Pounds?
Ursolic Acid Increases Skeletal Muscle, Brown Fat & Decreases Diet-Induced Obesity
First weight loss fragrance hits UK
Is sugar really that bad for you?
Scare yourself thin: horror movies help burn calories, study finds
Genetically Engineered Tomatoes Decrease Plaque Build-Up in Mice

Conflict of Interest
Dr Briffa: Conflicts of interest rife in diabetes and cholesterol guidelines

GIT Bacteria and Viruses
Microbes in Our Gut Regulate Genes That Control Obesity and Inflammation
What's Your Gut Type?
Antibiotics that reduce gut bacteria linked to obesity
The rainforest in your gut: A brief tour through your intestinal biome
'Cure for obesity' may not be for the squeamish
Antibiotics may make you fat
Babies are born dirty, with a gutful of bacteria
Gut Bacteria Linked to Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome Identified
Low carbohydrate diet can reduce the calories you absorb from food, says study
Gut Bacteria Could Play Key Role in Development of Type 2 Diabetes

Mark Sisson on Exercise and Inflammation
Exercise instantly boosts fat-busting genes
Does Exercise Make You Overeat?
How Exercise Could Lead to a Better Brain
Exercise can suppress metabolism
Ketogenic Diet Does Not Affect Strength Performance in Elite Artistic Gymnasts
For Weight Loss, Less Exercise May Be More
Dr Briffa: for optimal fat loss, the best thing to eat before exercise is nothing

Weight Loss Surgery/Procedures
Fat removed by liposuction returns after a year, study finds
Study: Weight-Loss Surgery Doesn't Help Older, Sicker Patients Live Longer
Bariatric Surgery May Help Patients’ Families, Too
Bariatric Surgery Risks Rise as Renal Function Declines
Gastric bypass death brings focus on risks
Addiction a Risk After Weight Loss Surgery

Eating/Dieting Throughout History
Prehistoric BBQ
Dr Briffa: It looks like our ancient ancestors ate a low-carb diet
Fish and birds gave Neanderthals fine dining
A history of diet obsession: Why fixating on fatness is a recipe for misery
Anemic neolithic farmers in Greece
Ash traces hint at cave cuisine 1 million years ago
Dieting: a pot-bellied history
Early Meat Eating Human Ancestors Thrived While Vegetarian Homonims Died Out
How long have humans been eating meat?
Prehistoric 'Kennewick Man' Was All Beefcake
Invention of cooking made having a bigger brain an asset for humans
Square Meal Myth: Have people always eaten three times a day?

Paleo Info
Back to the Stone Age!
From the Caveman Diet to the caveman workout
Debunking the Hunter-Gatherer Workout

Intermittent Fasting
Study Confirms Heart Benefits of Routine Periodic Fasting
Why fasting is the new way to lose weight (and live longer)
When You Eat Matters, Not Just What You Eat

Other Diets
The revised Archevore diet
The Karatay Diet, Turkey's Answer to Low Carb
Limiting Carbs to Dinner-Time Increases Satiety, Reduces Risk for Diabetes

Increased Bodyweight After Stopping Smoking May Be Due to Changes in Insulin Secretion

Yo-yo Dieting
'Yo-Yo' Effect of Slimming Diets Explained
Yo-Yo Dieting Vs. Obesity? Dieters May Be Healthier, Live Longer, Mouse Study Suggests
Regained weight found to be ‘fatter’ than weight originally lost [Dr Briffa]
Yo-Yo Dieting Does Not Thwart Weight Loss Efforts or Alter Metabolism Long Term

General Obesity/Weight Loss
How the war on obesity went pear-shaped
Goodbye Food Pyramid, Hello Dinner Plate
Still Counting Calories? Your Weight-Loss Plan May Be Outdated
Could a Tumor Suppressor Also Fight Obesity?
Nervous System May Hold Key to Weight Loss
Potential Method to Control Obesity: by blocking fat cell formation
Obesity a sentence to early death? Not so fast, says new study
Online Obesity Treatment Programmes Show Promise
In ‘Obesity Paradox,’ Thinner May Mean Sicker
Immune Cells Could Protect Against Obesity
Can Obesity Hit A Point Of No Return? Researchers Say Yes
Obesity kills more than hunger in march of ‘progress’

Muscle-based Thermogenesis
Muscles that do nothing can keep you warm and thin

Food Reward
Whole Health Source: Food Reward: a Dominant Factor in Obesity
Dr Briffa: Enjoy your food (but not too much)
Pleasure Eating Triggers Body's Reward System and May Stimulate Overeating

Study Identifies Neural Activity Linked to Food Addiction

Obesity expert: A better fat measure than BMI
'Forget BMI, just measure your waist and height' say scientists

Evidence for Gluconeogenesis from Fatty Acids in Humans
How to Experiment on Yourself
Commoditization Eliminates Nutrition, Impoverishes Farmers, and Destroys The Earth
"Certified Organic" becoming a meaningless term
You Are What You Eat? Not Really!
Gut instincts: The secrets of your second brain
Atherosclerosis Drops from 77% to 8.5% Among Soldiers

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Threads from 2013 to 2014

Top 11 Biggest Lies of Mainstream Nutrition

Novel Dietary Ideas

Correlation does not equal Causation!

Cardiovascular Health/Disease
Diabetic fruit flies support buzz about dietary sugar dangers
Locally led study shows hardened arteries were a curse for mummies, too
Excess Sugar May Double Heart Disease Risk, Study Finds
170 countries Study: Cardiovascular disease burden highest with low animal fat intake

Sugar blamed for pumping up blood pressure

Obesity Makes Fat Cells Act Like They're Infected
New Way Discovered to Block Inflammation
LC is anti-inflammatory; high-fiber, whole grain not so much
Low-carbohydrate diet reduced inflammation in study

New Rules for Giving Good Cholesterol a Boost
Does cholesterol play a beneficial role in immunity?
Cholesterol Levels: Heart of the Matter, Dietary Villains
Cholesterol and heart disease: Where is the science? [Dr Eades]
High levels of cholesterol said better for longevity

Statins nullify Omega-3
Some statins 'raise diabetes risk'
Commonly Prescribed Statin Linked to Memory Impairment, Study in Rats Suggests

Saturated Fats
Saturated fat, from BMJ
Dietary Fats and Health: Dietary Recommendations in Context of Scientific Evidence
Saturated fat is not the major issue
New study - Saturated fat doesn't increase heart disease risk

Olive Oil
Olive Oil Makes You Feel Full
It's safe to cook at high temps with olive oil (according to Kresser)

Trans fats
A Lifelong Fight Against Trans Fats

Fat Cells
Important Factor in Fat Storage and Energy Metabolism
Not all fat is packaged the same way, Yale researchers find
White Fat Cells Feel the Cold, Burn Calories for Heat
Scientists find the origin of 'bad' fat linked to heart disease and cancer

- Brown/Beige Fat
Viagra Converts Undesirable White Fat Cells Into Beige Ones in Mice: May One Day Lead to New Weight Loss Methods
Knowing How Brown Fat Cells Develop May Help Fight Obesity
Scientists explain age-related obesity: Brown fat fails
Cold helps body turn bad fat into good fat

Atkins versus cancer?
Summation of Seyfried's Cancer book
What does cancer eat? Sugar, mostly
Cancer is a metabolic disease that can be managed with low-carb ketogenic diet
Research Reveals How Sugar CAUSES Cancer

- Breast Cancer
Insulin again implicated in breast cancer

- Bowel Cancer
Sweet snacks 'link to bowel cancer'
A Low-Carb Diet Cuts Risk of Colon Cancer
Eating like a caveman 'cuts bowel cancer risk by half'

- Liver Cancer
Low fat intake is associated with pathological manifestations and poor recovery in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

- Endometrial Cancer
Endometrial cancer linked to carbs
Sugary Drinks Linked To Cancer Risk In Women

- Skin Cancer
Melanoma cells found to be addicted to glucose, offering new treatment hope

It's The Sugar, Folks
LC Diet should be First Approach for Diabetics
New Type Of 'Good' Fat Could Help Cure Diabetes

- Type 1
Finnish team makes diabetes vaccine breakthrough
Cure for Type 1 diabetes imminent after Harvard stem cell breakthrough

- Type 2
Drinking One 12-Ounce Sugar-Sweetened Soft Drink a Day Can Increase the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 22 Percent, Study Suggests
Two Diets with Different Hemoglobin A1c and Antiglycemic Medication Effects Despite Similar Weight Loss in Type 2 Diabetes
Hearty breakfast rich in protein and fat may be best for diabetics
More weight loss operations for diabetes

Study Sheds Light On Why Diet May Help Control Seizures in Epilepsy Patients

Coeliac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity
Gluten Confirmed To Cause Weight Gain
Does gluten threaten the health of most humans?
Dr. Alessio Fasano: Spectrum of Gluten-Related Disorders
Does gluten affect non-celiacs?

Multiple Sclerosis
Mouse Studies Reveal Promising Vitamin D-Based Treatment for MS

Glycolytic control of vacuolar-type ATPase activity: a mechanism to regulate influenza viral infection

GIT Function/Disease
GERD by Dr. Michael Eades
The GERD diet

Dental Health
Beyond Sugar and Soda: Nutritional Cures for Damaged Teeth

High glycemic foods and dairy linked to acne

Autism and Diet: Is There a Connection?

Dietary Protein

- Eggs
Stop Trashing Eggs: Large Study Finds No Harm
Another reason to go to work on an egg - it could lower your blood pressure

- Lab/Kitchen Grown Meat
World's first lab-grown burger to be cooked and eaten

Do you really need to drink eight cups of water a day?

Enjoying your alcohol?

Dairy Food
Dairy stimulates insulin?
Could dairy products be the cause of some children’s constipation? [Dr Briffa]
Study Links Fattier Milk To Slimmer Kids

Fruit & Veg
Berries Linked to Lower Heart Disease Among Women
GM Corn

Dietary Fat
Time Cover Story - Eat Butter

- Margarine
Dr Briffa: impossible to reconcile margarine’s heart-healthy image with the facts

Another reason to avoid grains
"Grain Brain" new book by David Perlmutter & Kristin Loberg

- Wheat
Does Wheat Cause Heart Disease?
Looks Like Dr. William Davis Was Right in Wheat Belly
Dreamfields Pasta Fined $8 mln in Fraud settlement

BMJ: Science souring on sugar
Cut intake of Sugar to tackle obesity epidemic globally: WHO
9 Reasons To Avoid Sugar As If Your Life Depended On It
25,000 U.S. Deaths Linked to Sugary Drinks

Revealed: fructose 'may spur overeating'
Processed Foods, High Fructose Corn Syrup Making People ‘Stupid’
NYT: Vulnerability to Fructose Varies, Health Study Finds

Sugar Substitutes
Another new artificial sweetener approved by FDA
Why do artificial sweeteners have an aftertaste?

Harvard study: Eating nuts may make you live longer

Salt Awareness Week – 10 BS things to be aware of
No Benefit Seen in Sharp Limits on Salt in Diet
Shaking up the Salt Myth: The Human Need for Salt

Study: Vegetarians Less Healthy, Lower Quality Of Life Than Meat-Eaters

Are You Eating These Supplemental Foods?
Calcium plus vitamin D3 supplementation facilitated Fat loss

- Vitamin D
Vitamin D – could it stop 'modern’ diseases?

- Magnesium

Study finds dietary fibre is more likely to be cause of, rather than a cure for, constipation and other bowel symptoms

Anti-obesity Drugs
Upcoming Obesity Drugs

Artificial Light
Artificial light's effect on sleep / obesity

Jet Fuel, Plastics Exposures Cause Disease in Later Generations; Reproductive Diseases, Obesity
Tributyltin exposure may cause ‘transgenerational obesity’
Genetic mutation linked to severe obesity
Genes That Help Europeans Break Down Fat Come From Neanderthals

Pregnancy & Breast Feeding
Eating Junk Food While Pregnant May Make Your Child a Junk Food Addict
Insulin resistance may affect breast milk production

High-carb intake in infancy has lifelong effects, UB study finds

Childhood Obesity
Obese youngsters at far greater risk than had been supposed
Metabolic impact of a ketogenic diet compared to a hypocaloric diet in obese children
Study links BPA to obesity in girls

Consumption of Sugary Drinks during Adolescence Impairs Learning Abilities, Study

Hormones & Enzymes
New Study:Warnings From a Flabby Mouse(NYTIMES)
Hormone Combination Shows Promise in the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes
Discovery of new hormone opens doors to new type 2 diabetes treatments
Hormone May Help Fight Obesity and Reduce Cholesterol
Multihormone Reverses Metabolic Damage of High Calorie Diet

- Ghrelin
Scientists Find How 'Obesity Gene' Makes People Fat
Appetite Hormone Misfires in Obese People

The Brain
Scientists uncover dieting dilemma [NPY]
Blame Your Brain When You Cave To The Craving
High-fat diet postpones brain aging in mice

Can cutting carbohydrates from your diet make you live longer?
Healthy Living May Lengthen Telomeres And Lifespans
Is gut bacteria the secret to a LONG LIFE?

The Clue to Why Low Fat Diet and Statins may Cause Alzheimer’s
Higher blood sugar may raise the risk of dementia, study suggests
Lower Blood Sugars May Be Good for the Brain

Calorie Restriction/Resveratrol
Resveratrol doesn't extend life

Abdominal Fat
Butt fat might not be better than gut fat

Blood ketones depress appetite -- and how it happens.
Ketones Inhibit AGE Formation
Ketones have anticancer effects regardless of glucose levels
Stressed normal weight men show high ketone reactivity
Ketosis in an Evolutionary Context

Carbohydrate Withdrawal
Why carb flu?
Low Carb Flu or Wheat Withdrawal? [Dr Davis]

In Food Cravings, Sugar Trumps Fat

NuSI (New Science Initiative)
Why Are We So Fat - Wired Article

Dr Peter Attia
Two Choices
Peter Attia TEDMED Talk
Fat Flux
Ketones and Carbohydrates: Can they co-exist?
Ketosis and exercise
The War on Cancer
Dr. Attia on Dr. Oz: The Truth about Saturated Fat

Dr Briffa
How our beliefs about what controls our weight may actually affect our weight
My take on the fish oil and prostate cancer study - Dr. Briffa
Higher protein diets are better for fat loss and muscle preservation during weight loss
Dr Briffa's Radio Interview
Dr Briffa complains to NHS Choices website about its stance on carbs
Get Fit, Lose Weight, and Feel Great the Easy Way!

Dr Davis
Wheatlessness: A 21st Century Health Strategy
I lost the Wheat, but not the weight

Drs Eades
Eat Less, Move More, Die Anyways
Dr Eades: 2 New Blog Posts

Professor Richard Feinman
Red Meat and the New Puritans

Nora Gedgaudas
A Primal Diet for Modern Times, part 1

Stephan Guyenet
Neuronal Control of Appetite, Metabolism and Weight

Zoë Harcombe
Food for Thought: Have We Been Giving the Wrong Dietary Advice?
The Calorie Theory

Dr Lustig
Fat Chance: New Dr. Robert Lustig Video

Chris Masterjohn
We Really Can Make Glucose From Fatty Acids After All! O Textbook, How Thy Biochemistry Hast Deceived Me!

Denise Minger
Why I’m Not Dismissing the Latest “Animal Protein is Bad” Study

Journalist Michael Moss
Salt, Sugar and Fat - interview with author Michael Moss

Tom Naughton
Fat Head--An 8 minute Follow-up
Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds
Revisiting Resistant Starch

Professor Timothy Noakes
The Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Dietary Modification Trial: An inconvenient finding and the diet-heart hypothesis
Dr. Tim Noakes interview on his change to Low Carb

Jenny Ruhl
ACCORD final analysis

Mark Sisson
Omega ratios not really important

Science Journalist Gary Taubes
What Really Makes Us Fat -- Taubes in the BMJ
New Gary Taubes lecture on Obesity

Nina Teicholz
The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz

Jeff Volek
The Many Facets of Keto-Adaptation: Health, Performance, and Beyond

Dr Westman
Recent LC Presentation by Dr Westman

Ancestral Health Symposium 2014

Studies Proving Efficacy of Low Carb Diets
Beyond weight loss: a review of the therapeutic uses of very-low-carbohydrate (ketogenic) diets
British Journal of Nutrition Very-low-carbohydrate ketogenic diet
23 Studies on Low-Carb and Low-Fat Diets
Long Term Scientific Verification of The Paleo Diet
Cutting Back On Carbs, Not Fat, May Lead To More Weight Loss
The effects of ketogenic dieting on skeletal muscle and fat mass

Junk Studies re Diabetes
Splenda has Diabetes Promoting Effects in Humans
Eating red meat may boost Type 2 diabetes risk

Junk Studies re Cardio/cerebrovascular Disease
Losing Weight Sooner Rather Than Later Gives Best Chance of Reversing Heart Damage from Obesity, According to Mouse Study
New Heart Disease Culprit: Red Meat and TMAO
Skipping Breakfast May Increase Coronary Heart Disease Risk
Regular Consumption Of Diet Drinks Linked To Heart Problems In Older Women

- Junk Studies re Cancer
BBC News: Cholesterol 'Fuels' Breast Cancer

Junk Studies re Aging and Alzheimer's/Dementia
Dieting Does Not Seem to Matter in Health of Obese Seniors Age 75 and Older
Cholesterol linked to brain changes that cause Alzheimer's Disease

Shonky Research/Poor Research Reporting
Diet soda increases diabetes risk by 60%
Palatability vs hypoglycemia
Anti-Obesity Effect of Lactobacillus gasseri BNR17 in High-Sucrose Diet-Induced Obese
Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease with a Mediterranean Diet
Are high-fat diets to blame for ADHD and learning disabilities?
They're attacking bacon again
High-Fat diets make you drowsy?
Wonders of vegetable oil
40 Years of Federal Nutrition Research Fatally Flawed, Study Finds
Science has lost its way, at a big cost to humanity
Cooking with Splenda found to release cancer-causing dioxins in food

Too Ridiculous for Words
Coca-Cola to tackle obesity
Segway Inventor Patents A Gadget That Sucks Food Directly Out of your Stomach
A Spoonful (Or Less) Of Sugar Helps The Vegetables Go Down

Low Carb Scams
Low Carb Scams

Conflict of Interest
Big Food Ties to Registered Dieticians
Sugar Propaganda Alert!

GIT Bacteria and Viruses
Bacteria in the Intestines May Help Tip the Bathroom Scale, Studies Show
'Weight loss gut bacterium' found
Changing gut bacteria through diet affects brain function, UCLA study shows
Bacteria from slim people could help treat obesity, study finds
Gut Bacteria Shift Quickly After Changes in Diet, Study Shows
Would YOU eat Baby Poo sausages? Scientists say they boost good gut bacteria
Do gut bacteria rule our minds? In an ecosystem within us, microbes evolved to sway food choices
Jet lag can cause obesity by disrupting the daily rhythms of gut microbes
In the Gut: The mix of Bacteria can Affect Weight

A Look Back at Fitness Reporting
Truth About Exercise (Lecture)
Lift Weights to Lower Blood Sugar? White Muscle Helps Keep Blood Glucose Levels Under Control
Exercise found to improve ‘fat genes’, but what about its effect on actual fat?
Cardio = Deadio?
Exercising for 1/2 hour helps you lose more weight than going for a full hour
Can Working Out Actually Cause Weight Gain In Women?

Weight Loss Surgery/Procedures
Laser Liposuction Melts Fat, Results in Tighter Skin
Implant that tells you when you’re full

Eating/Dieting Throughout History
Earliest Archaeological Evidence of Human Ancestors Hunting and Scavenging
How long have "humans" and their ancestors been eating meat?
Putting Time In Perspective

Paleo Info
Eating like a caveman makes good sense - why the Paleo diet must be taken seriously

Intermittent Fasting
Fast track: Two days of fasting a week is the new way to diet
Intermittent Fasting: Why It’s Not The Weight Loss Fix You Think It Is
Two Large Meals a Day Tops Six Mini-Meals for Weight Loss
another intermittent fasting study

General Obesity/Weight Loss
Another study shows that being overweight is good
Can Skinny Models Undermine Your Dieting Goals?
Obesity Approaching Cigarette Smoking as Leading Avoidable Cause of Premature Deaths
Stomach Bacterium Responsible For Ulcers Could Help Combat Obesity
Appetite control could be rewired, say researchers
The ‘Healthy Obese’ and Their Healthy Fat Cells
Obese but healthy? It’s a big, fat myth
Obesity: Not just what you eat

Global Warming
Sun Food vs. Oil Food
Maybe cereal crops aren't blameless (for global warming)

A Good Way to Measure Obesity? Fat Chance
ABSI Calculator: What is the Obesity Test More Effective than BMI?

How Forks Gave Us Overbites and Pots Saved the Toothless
Ancient Teeth Bacteria Record Disease Evolution
Livestock can save grasslands & prevent desertification
Sun's blood pressure benefits 'may outdo cancer risks'
similarities between germ-free mice and ketogenic humans
Why Women Need Fat
Dietary Epigenics: New Frontiers
11 biggest-lies-of-mainstream-nutrition
Farmer pens Open Letter to Angry Vegetarians

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Threads from 2015 to 2018

Ravnskov's The Cholesterol Myths available online

Cardiovascular Health/Disease
Effects of intensive lipid-lowering therapy on coronary plaques composition in patients with acute myocardial infarction: Assessment with serial coronary CT angiography
Can a Low-Carb Diet Help Prevent a Heart Attack?
New Study: High Fat = Lower CVD
President of World Heart Organization speech on CVD
MI & Stroke Before and After the Trans-Fat Restrictions in New York

Association of Urinary Sodium and Potassium Excretion with Blood Pressure
Potato consumption associated with increased risk of high blood pressure

Anti-inflammatory mechanism of dieting and fasting revealed
Quelling Inflammation with Ketosis
MI & Stroke Before and After the Trans-Fat Restrictions in New York
Protein regulates vitamin A metabolic pathways, prevents inflammation

Hats off to the Japanese (Raised cholesterol is good for you)
Malcolm Kendrick on cholesterol
David Diamond- Demonization and Deception in Cholesterol Research
LDL-C Does Not Cause Cardiovascular Disease: a comprehensive review

Statins stimulate atherosclerosis and heart failure: pharmacological mechanisms
Statins may boost diabetes risk
Statins: Heart disease drug speeds up ageing process, warns new research
Could our overuse of statins be the biggest health catastrophe of a generation?

Saturated Fats
Saturated fat diet advice not backed by evidence
Decades-Old Study, Rediscovered, Challenges Advice on Saturated Fat
Saturated fat could be good for you, study suggests
Dr. Salim Yusuf and the PURE study: Saturated fat isn't bad for you
Saturated Fat Does Not Clog your Arteries

Canola Oil
Effect of canola oil consumption on memory, synapse and neuropathology in the triple transgenic mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease

Soybean oil
Study: Soy Oil Promotes Obesity and Liver Damage

Omega 6
Openheart/BMJ: Omega-6 vegetable oils as a driver of coronary heart disease

Trans fats
Fred A. Kummerow, an Early Opponent of Trans Fats, Dies at 102

Fighting Cancer By Putting Tumor Cells On A Diet
Cancer link offers another reason to avoid highly processed carbs
Keto for Cancer - Miriam Kalamian, EdM, MS, CNS
Comment on Review of Ketogenic Diet for Cancer

- Lung Cancer
New Study links white carbs with lung cancer
Lung Cancer Has A Sweet Tooth

- Bowel Cancer
Clinical effects of one year of chemo and keto w/MCT on stage 4 colon cancer

- Brain Tumours
Healing Brain Cancer with a Zero Carb Ketogenic Diet by Andrew Scarborough
Scientists studying effect of ketogenic diet on brain cancer

- Skin Cancer
Melanoma mutation likes fat for fuel

A New Biology for Diabetes
kraft-father of the insulin assay
prediabetes phenotypes
Sickly sweet: How diabetes conquered the world
The dietary advice that caused a diabetes catastrophe

- Type 2
Yale team discovers how insulin inhibits liver glucose production
Reversing Type 2 Diabetes Starts with Ignoring the Guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDx
Retrospective Analysis of Metabolic Control in Type 2 Diabetes with American Diabetes
There's New Evidence That Sugar Calories Are Much Worse Than Other Calories
Low carb diet ‘should be first line of approach to tackle type 2 diabetes’

Mental Health
High-fat low-carb diet may help to treat schizophrenia

- Depression
Poor mitochondrial function and depression?

(Exogenous) Ketone Bodies Mediate Antiseizure Effects

Coeliac Disease/Gluten Sensitivity
Non-celiac Gluten Sensitivity Proven True
Study finds non-celiac gluten sensitivity is not imagined

Sleep Deprivation and Obesity

Liver Function/Disease
Liver may sway sweet tooth, alcohol consumption

Multiple Sclerosis
keto vs. inflammatory enzymes in MS

Ocular Health
Age-Releated Macular Degeneration (AMD)

Dietary Fat
Dietary fat and blood lipids on a ketogenic diet
How Much Fat Should You Eat on a Ketogenic Diet?

Dairy Food

- Cheese
Say cheese: 6 reasons why brie and cheddar are good for you
Full-fat cheese can CUT your cholesterol

Water myths that refuse to die...

Wheat: New Post at IDM
New study links protein in wheat to the inflammation of chronic health conditions

Feeding Into Our Sugar Addiction
Sugar now an investment risk: AMP

New Discovery About Fructose Could Lead To Treatments
Diets Heavy In Fructose Damage Genes Related To Memory And Metabolism

More suspicion about the anti-salt messages
High salt in high-fat diet found to prevent weight gain in mice
Tuit Nutrition: The Salt Fix
The science of salt and electrolytes (are we consuming enough?)
Salt not as damaging to health as previously thought, says study

Long term vegetarian diet changes human DNA raising risk of cancer and heart disease
Dark Truths Behind Veganism & Vegetarianism
Being vegan isn’t as good for humanity as you think

Vitamin D
Vitamin D Deficiency May Raise Your Diabetes Risk More Than Obesity

Glycaemic Index
High variability suggests glycemic index is unreliable indicator of blood sugar response

Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity improves rapidly with sugar reduction, study finds

More Genetic links to obesity

Hormones & Enzymes
Newly discovered hormone, stress hormones and obesity

- Leptin
Digested wheat gluten inhibits binding between leptin and its receptor
Obesity research finds leptin hormone isn't the overeating culprit
Leptin gene therapy

The Brain
How brain-healthy is YOUR diet?
How Ketogenic Diets Curb Inflammation in the Brain

Live younger longer: why everything you know about ageing could be wrong

Memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s reversed for first time
Could high blood sugar be a cause of Alzheimer's disease?
Alzheimer’s thought to be accelerated by an abnormal build-up of fat in brain
Midlife Obesity and Alzheimer's Disease
Ultrasound as Alzheimer’s Treatment
Dr Perlmutter Interview about Alzheimers and Hyperinsulinemia
Alzheimer's could be caused by excess sugar: new study finds 'molecular link'
Dr. Dale Bredesen on Preventing and Reversing Alzheimer's Disease

Ketosis & Fat Adapted Blog
Ketone bodies mimic the life span extending properties of caloric restriction
What is Ketosis?

Amy Berger
Amy Berger finally takes on Protein

Dr Richard Bernstein
Dr. Bernstein series on YouTube

Drs Eades
Dr Eades critiques Dr Ornish's anti-'high-protein' editorial
Will the new Dietary Guidelines make us even fatter?
Dr. Michael Eades - 'A New Hypothesis of Obesity'
The Importance of Protein-- Dr Michael Eades

Dr Georgia Ede
Dr. Ede: Has Fructose Been Framed?
Georgia Ede - Changes to Dietary Guidelines Needed to Preserve Our Sanity
Latest Low-Carb Study: All Politics, No Science - Georgia Ede MD

Dr Sarah Hallberg
Doctor says low carb diets could help diabetes, plans clinical trial

Zoë Harcombe
analysis of the Seven Country Study by Dr Zoe Harcombe

Marty Kendall
Great new Marty Kendall article

Dr Lustig
The sugar conspiracy

Dr Aseem Malhotra
Dr Aseem Malhotra's Talk to European Parliament

Denise Minger
Denise Minger's Review and Critique of Proteinaholic

Professor Timothy Noakes
Tim Noakes: ‘Why I won’t practise medicine of failure’

Dr Steve Phinney
Steve Phinney Q&A - Interesting Read!

Dr Cate Shanahan
What Every Doctor Should Know About Ancel Key’s Experiments
How statistic lie: drug edition

Gary Taubes
"Newer" Taubes video
Diet Advice That Ignores Hunger, By Gary Taubes
Taubes: Big Sugar’s Secret Ally? Nutritionists
FAT: new article by Taubes in Globe & Mail
New Gary Taubes article

Nina Teicholz
Nina Teicholz BMJ Article on the Dietary Guidlines
Carbs, Good for You? Fat Chance!

Low Carb conference in Capetown
Public Health Collaboration UK

Studies Proving Efficacy of Low Carb Diets
Comparison of Low- Carbohydrate and Low-Fat Diets
New study proves that low carb is better for weight loss and health than low fat diet
Low-fat lie one big diet cover-up: Dr Joe Kosterich

Junk "Studies" (IMO)
News article on media reports on nutrition research [/url

- Junk Studies re Cardio/cerebrovascular Disease
[url=] red meat now causes heart disease too

- Junk Studies re Cancer
Bacon, ham and sausages 'as big a cancer threat as smoking', WHO to warn

- Junk Studies re Exercise
Carbs for endurance?

Shonky Research/Poor Research Reporting
Reporting Bias: No Love for Real Low-Carb Research
Salt Intake Directly Linked to Obesity - CASH Study
Paleo diet touted as better for diabetics can cause rapid weight gain, research finds

Too Ridiculous for Words
Why Almost Everything Dean Ornish Says about Nutrition Is Wrong
High-protein diets may backfire in the long run
High fat diets change taste buds, leading to overeating: research

Conflict of Interest
Behind the Veil: Conflicts of Interest and Fraud in Medical Research

GIT Bacteria and Viruses
How Our Gut Bacteria Control Weight (video)
How depleting the gut microbiota protects from obesity
The Gut Microbiota
Which foods can improve your gut bacteria?

Volek-Phinney endurance study
Running a marathon is as traumatic for your body as having heart surgery

Intermittent Fasting/Timing of Meals
Why you should stop eating breakfast, lunch and dinner
Mark Mattson: IF, Health & Brain Power
Fasting Diets are Gaining Acceptance
Give breakfast a miss if you want to lose weight
"What if you stopped eating?" video
Resetting the Circadian Clock Might Boost Metabolic Health
Intermittent fasting promotes adipose thermogenesis and metabolic homeostasis via VEG
Late breakfast and early dinner helps to fight flab
Daily Fasting Improves Health and Survival in Male Mice Independent of Diet Composition and Calories

Other Diets
The Pioppi Diet: a 21 day lifestyle plan

General Obesity/Weight Loss
"You can't outrun a bad diet"
Obesity Research

Global Warming
The great nutrient collapse

Sure, sure: Study called ‘nail in the coffin for BMI’

Probiotics actually harmful?

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