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Old Sun, May-23-04, 12:32
#1nana #1nana is offline
New Member
Posts: 2
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 152/149/133 Female 62 inches
Smile New member

I am a new member with some recent health problems, Hope this helps me get control of my weight. Thanks Kathy 54 for the nice advice..
Does anyone know where I can get a complete listing of low carb foods.
My book list a few but I need a list.. Thanks all.

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Old Mon, May-24-04, 09:11
AFwife's Avatar
AFwife AFwife is offline
PuertoRican Princess
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 299/236/135 Female 5'3
Progress: 38%
Location: South Carolina
Default will be useful to you.

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Old Mon, May-24-04, 09:59
ttc#2's Avatar
ttc#2 ttc#2 is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: atkins
Stats: 164/146.0/135 Female 64 in
Progress: 62%
Location: Texas

You can also get lists from this site by using the carb counter in the tools section.

Happy LCing,
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Old Wed, Sep-13-06, 15:10
Denise7609's Avatar
Denise7609 Denise7609 is offline
New Member
Posts: 2
Plan: Adkins
Stats: 350/328/250 Female 5'10"
Progress: 22%

Hi! I'm new here too. I've been on this diet for about three weeks now, I've lost 20lbs so far. I just hope I can keep it up!
I live in Arizona, have two teenage daughters and I've been married to the same wonderful man for 15 years.
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Old Wed, Sep-13-06, 21:50
Newbirth's Avatar
Newbirth Newbirth is offline
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Progress: 96%

Here's another helpful link:

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Old Sun, Jul-15-07, 05:40
Hadassah7's Avatar
Hadassah7 Hadassah7 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 166
Plan: LC Candida Diet
Stats: 284/225.8/140 Female 5'5.75"
Progress: 40%
Location: Texas
Default I'm new too...warning, long intro and ramble

Hello everyone,

I found this forum a couple of days ago. Looks like a great bunch of people here! I am struggling with Candida and therefore am pretty much forced by that issue to go LC. But I am OK with that because I know now that LCing is healthy!

About 5.5 years ago I lost 90 pounds on a raw vegan diet. Nine months with no cheats. The weight melted off and I didn't even exercise. I will never forget when my nurse friend, who studied my food journal during that 9 month period, said to me: you're still addicted to carbs. Her words were like a hammer! They still ring in my ears when I get tempted to try that diet again. I can't believe I lost all that weight eating so much carbs. However, I realize now that I had candida back then but didn't know it. Looking back, I see that after eating certain foods that those yeasty beasties love, like nama shoyu (unpasteurized soy sauce), the next morning I would pay for it! I also had psoriasis (which is linked to candida) and it went away in about 2 months. It surprises me now, knowing what I know, that it went away while I was still eating so much fructose! Perhaps the fact that I ate nothing processed helped a great deal.

Anyway, I eventually gained the weight back. I only recently gained back to more than I was when I started the raw diet.

I have tried every diet and from a relatively young age, too, although I was not obese as a child/teen. It's overwhelming to think about sometimes. I wonder if I will ever lose the weight AND keep it off! I have never lost weight slowly like they say you are supposed to. Don't have the patience for it.

What brought me to this forum is I was looking through some papers and found some old OA grey sheet info. I remembered being on that plan. I had a very negative sponsor that I dreaded calling every morning. She and I didn't mix well, esp. with my caretaker tendencies. I finally quit because I hated the discipline of calling in my food every AM and then calling again if something changed and I was about to eat something different than what I called in. I also began to feel like it was a crutch, the whole OA thing. I'm sure I'm not alone in that soon after starting plan that works, I get bored and want out. I sabatoge myself. Anyway, somehow when I looked at those grey sheet papers I felt I could do it again (but without getting a sponsor etc). I did a search for grey sheet and a link for this forum came up, as some people had discussed it back in '02.

I decided on a modified version of the diet, cutting out the fruits allowed and adding in more fat and low carb veggies. I'm starting on Mon. (I still need to go shopping for, to be perfectly honest, I want to eat Mexican food before I start on Mon.) Really, what the diet is, is Bee Wilder's Candida Diet, which I have been on before and fell of the wagon. I couldn't think about doing Bee's diet again until I found those OA papers. Somehow going through the back door of grey sheet, I could handle Bee's diet again. I am really weird!!!

Well, I'm glad to be here. I will be posting a journal too and tracking my food etc. on fitday. I will include links to that in my journal as soon as I get started on Mon. I look forward to getting to know some more people struggling with candida. Also, I really like friendly competition, so if anyone is game for some weight loss competing, let me know! I try not to think about events to lose weight for anymore, but there is something coming up in November that I will be keeping in mind as I travel along on this journey. Also, as far as more long term goals go, my 20 year class reunion is in the summer of 2009 and I want to be fit for that!

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Old Sun, Jul-15-07, 11:57
Kisal's Avatar
Kisal Kisal is offline
Posts: 14,482
Plan: It's anybody's guess!
Stats: 350/250/160 Female 70 inches
Progress: 53%
Location: Oregon

Welcome, #1nana! Glad to have you with us!

I suggest that, while on Induction and as you move into OWL, you follow the lists in Dr. A.'s book. You can learn the carbohydrate content of almost any food by using the USDA search function here:

My P.L.A.N. (which is a tool offered on this site), or offer the same type of search function.

Your other alternative would be to buy a carboydrate gram count book. A good one is The Nutribase Complete Book of Food Counts, and Corinne Netzer puts out another that comes highly recommended. Both are available in bookstores, and on
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Old Mon, Jul-16-07, 06:19
WH1968's Avatar
WH1968 WH1968 is offline
Creating my reality
Posts: 2,448
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 350/259/190 Male 5'11"
Progress: 57%
Location: United States

Welcome #1nana....

Do you have the Atkins book? There's a complete listing of what you can have in the book for each level... also the website listed above at atkinscenter has a great site. Also look at some of the recipes and learn to cook low carb... It really is the only way you will keep your meals interesting especially when you move into OWL and Maintainance.

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Old Thu, Sep-20-07, 05:53
tparrie tparrie is offline
New Member
Posts: 1
Plan: non yet
Stats: 240/230/150 Female 5'5''

Hi All, I am also new to the sight- not sure how or where to get started or what to do first. I have been cutting carbs for the past few weeks but have not been on a hardcore low carb diet and now ready to being this journey!
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