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Old Thu, Dec-22-16, 11:44
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Default What is your cholesterol?

Hi there.

I am just curious- I know LC has been shown to improve lipid profiles.

I am 32, active, and have LC for 12 years.

My total cholesterol is 250 something, but my Hdl is 127. Woot!
Obviously, my Dr is thrilled with that ratio
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Old Thu, Dec-22-16, 13:45
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Robin - My total cholesterol at my last NMR Lipid Panel test in late September was 149. My HDL was 54, and my triglycerides number was 46. My experience is these numbers can vary, and I would not be the least concerned with a TC of around 250. By the way, what was your triglycerides number? The Tri/HDL ratio is one of the more important indicators according to recent findings. If it's around 1, then you're in good shape. Anything <2 is preferable.

My last NMR Lipid Panel in 2015 was much higher in TC and LDL, and I went into that blood draw after having fasted for several days and not simply the 12 hours recommended (which is what I did in September). I know that we can all impact our numbers depending on how we're eating and the amount of time fasting prior to the blood draw. Good stuff!
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Old Thu, Dec-22-16, 14:24
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Location: Washington state

I remember reading a study several years ago that indicated that for those shifting from SAD to LC, about 1/3 saw their blood lipids go down, another 1/3 saw them go up, and the last third saw no real change.

I'm in the category of those who saw lipids go down. In 2003, just before adopting LC eating, my total cholesterol was around 240. Just high enough that my doc wanted me on statins.

Since adopting LC in late 2003, my cholesterol has stabilized between 150 and 180. My HDL has slowly improved during that time from the 60s to the 90s and trigs have stayed about the same - in the 40s. LDL has gone from 130ish to 70-90ish. For the last 5 or so years, my HDL has been higher than my LDL.

Ken (khrussva) and Rob (GRB5111) have shown some really interesting results from how fasting vs general LCHF can affect blood panels.
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Old Thu, Dec-22-16, 17:24
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Location: NC

I haven't even had cholesterol tested in a few years, but last Feb had a CAC score of 14, not a perfect zero, but not bad for a 65 yo raised on Crisco crust pies, sugar, and later low fat vegetable oil laden processed foods. Also took large doses of calcium supplements the past 15 years until 2012, so surprised my arteries weren't lined with calcium worse than shown.

Between 2012-2014 I had four tests, one an NMR, which show a classic Low Carber profile:
TC ranged between 211-253. A bit high by normal labs, but not the "high" seen by some LCers.
Trigs between 20 (that was by NMR!) - 39, other two right near 30. Very low.
HDL between 85-118, the other two right near 100. Very high, so I claim my average Trig/HDL to be only .33. Both Trigs dropped and HDL climbed within the first year of LC and have stayed solidly in this range for five years.
LDL has been 103- 155. The 155 was the NMR, which had an LDL-P of 1197 and Small LDL-P of 148, or 12% small LDL.

All seems pretty average for a long term low carber, some numbers out of standard lab ranges, but a stellar Trig/HDL ratio. Even my GP is OK with the 250 TC because she understands the Trig/HDL ratio and follows new ACC guidelines on LDL...not to worry until 190.

Last edited by JEY100 : Fri, Dec-23-16 at 04:24.
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