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Old Sun, Jun-26-05, 06:27
galatia's Avatar
galatia galatia is offline
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Progress: 87%
Location: Mississippi

Mark-- Very well written and very inspiring!! Thanks for sharing.

Last edited by galatia : Sat, Aug-06-05 at 06:19.
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Old Mon, Jun-27-05, 06:25
Kristine's Avatar
Kristine Kristine is offline
Forum Moderator
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Location: Southern Ontario, Canada

Congratulations on taking control of your health. Little Grace is lucky to have a dad like you.

Much continued success!
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Old Mon, Jun-27-05, 06:57
magikitty's Avatar
magikitty magikitty is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: atkins
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Progress: 87%
Location: PEI,Canada

Thank you for sharing the Mark.. I wish you all the greatest things this world has to offer ..Grace is a lucky lil girl.
be well
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Old Mon, Jun-27-05, 09:48
medalian1 medalian1 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 273
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 500/100/101 Male 70 inches
Progress: 100%
Location: Young American, MI

congradulations ... now where are the after pics???
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Old Mon, Jun-27-05, 09:48
FabByFifty's Avatar
FabByFifty FabByFifty is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: Atkins~Modified
Stats: 173/173/145 Female 5' 6" and growing!
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Location: Akron Ohio

This is a very inspiring story!! You should most definitely be proud of yourself!! This hole that you talk about in your gym log of pulling yourself out of, is an amazing thing!! PAT YOURSELF MY FRIEND! I know alot of people that could not and never will go from where you were to where you are today!! I AM PROUD OF YOU!! I am also a very emotional woman right now, and this has brought tears to my eyes! Maybe there is something in your story that I can relate to, and it hit home!
Only someone who has been where you were could truly understand and appriciate what you have done and the fight that you had to succeed!!
I do not drink, or very rarely do I, but at one time in my life, for years as a matter of fact, the drinking controlled me too! That life style was given up almost 20 years ago though.
But, I know many that can not give it up, and you did! You got healthy, and happy, and you have a young daughter to love and care for.

You have come a long way, and have done a Wonderful Job at SUCCEEDING!
Good For You Mark! I salute your efforts and your success!
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Old Mon, Jun-27-05, 15:07
Cara73's Avatar
Cara73 Cara73 is offline
Posts: 8,845
Plan: A combo of a few
Stats: 208/172/155 Female 5'8"
Progress: 68%
Location: Missouri

Wow. That about sums it up. What an amazing story, Mark. You deserve to be extremely proud of yourself. Not only did you have your own demons, you had other people fighting against your efforts. What a journey. Congratulations!!!!! And thank you for sharing that wonderful story with us. Grace is one lucky little girl!!!
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Old Tue, Jun-28-05, 03:16
IdahoSpud's Avatar
IdahoSpud IdahoSpud is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,356
Plan: Intermittent fast/Lowcarb
Stats: 251/199/180 Male 5 ft 10 inch
Progress: 73%
Location: Idaho

Thanks for the kind words and thoughtful follow-up posts. I'm not *quite* as sure as you guys seem to be that there's much to be proud of.

I guess the sum of my feelings *before* that moment arrived was: "I don't care!" - about myself or anything else. To clarify, I didn't struggle with alcohol - I simply gave myself over to it, and had no particular desire to quit. My weight and eating habits reflected the same attitude - "I *don't* care"

Afterwards though I was *driven*, which was just as unhealthy! I wanted to get better, and do it right now. It's only more recently that I've entered a more reflective period and taken the time to try and understand myself a little better.

The physical changes are wonderful, but the self-understanding and sense of empowerment that have come with it are far more important. Very philosophical. Hmm... must be in a zen mood today! Peace!

Last edited by IdahoSpud : Wed, Jun-29-05 at 01:45.
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Old Tue, Jun-28-05, 05:03
Beryl's Avatar
Beryl Beryl is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 28
Plan: Atkins-to-Paleo
Stats: 132/128/110 Female 4'11"
Progress: 18%

I started out reading youe story mark... just skimming it... but kept going and going! Your story really touched me, especially the part with your daughter and how she suddenly made you see "the light".

Very, very well-written story, Mark. Just wonderful! I wish you all the luck in the future and hang on to what you believe in.

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Old Tue, Jun-28-05, 05:03
foxgluvs's Avatar
foxgluvs foxgluvs is offline
From Flab to Fab!
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Plan: Fat Flush / SB
Stats: 300/225/185 Female 5ft 8"
BF:No Thanks
Progress: 65%
Location: UK

WOW!!! what an amazing story. I am so pleased you posted this, but focus on the great job you've done in getting to where you are now, not on the negative point (which is in your head) about going below where you should have been.
YOU had the self dicipline to get off of the booze, YOU had the courage to go to LC when you could have picked any other plan, YOU lost the weight, YOU then reliased that you had gone a little too far on the loss.....but it was YOU who did this, no matter who said what along the way, YOU should be very very proud of yourself.
I think both you and your daughter are beautiful.
Thansk for sharing your story. It put a tear in my eye.
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Old Tue, Jun-28-05, 05:29
Bronx_Guy's Avatar
Bronx_Guy Bronx_Guy is offline
Resident Drunk
Posts: 230
Plan: Atkins mostly :)
Stats: 215/202/170 Male 5'8"
Progress: 29%
Location: New York

Mark. Thank you for writing your story. You're former life sounds very much like my own. A long long period of my life was spent with a couple of six packs or bottles of wine going down every evening. "every" evening. I ate poorly and drank without cares.

About 7 months ago I had a baby girl. Same as you mentioned, I truly thought that having a baby would change my perspective, but it didnt. I kept on drinking and eating.

I tried to change a couple of times, but I failed because I couldnt break away from the booze.

Then one day, I was sitting there, drunk, watching my girl and she crawled her first crawl-step. Just like that my brain cleared. Since then I've been fighting this slump with everything I got.

Your story is truly inspiring. I hope to come out ahead with the same success as you. Thanks for sharing!

Last edited by Bronx_Guy : Tue, Jun-28-05 at 05:49.
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Old Tue, Jun-28-05, 08:39
pudgynomo pudgynomo is offline
New Member
Posts: 5
Plan: Atkins Again
Stats: 148/128/118 Female 5'2"
Progress: 67%
Location: south usa

Well...I'm in tears. I'm not very religious...but it seems that you were really blessed with the "Grace" of God. I'm willing to bet that she is going to be something great as an adult. Not very many people receive that moment of clarity. My husband had a similar story, and has been sober for over a year and has been totally sucessful in every direction.(well..the eating habits could be better:-) ) You've put together a great and inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. Keep us posted on Grace and her wonderful life now that she has a wonderful and caring father. :-) Tessa
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Old Tue, Jun-28-05, 11:06
dpionk's Avatar
dpionk dpionk is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 220
Plan: Self Made Plan
Stats: 194.2/191.6/150 Female 63 inches
Progress: 6%
Location: Michigan

I agree! It's great to hear an inspiring success story! Thanks for sharing!
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Old Sun, Jul-10-05, 21:58
dreamseeds's Avatar
dreamseeds dreamseeds is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 684
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 184/140/125 Female 5 ft 1 in
Progress: 75%
Location: Arkansas

That is a great story-Best wishes!
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Old Sat, Jul-30-05, 06:25
J.K.'s Avatar
J.K. J.K. is offline
Rock, Ya'll
Posts: 2,255
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 278/273/178 Male 6 feet 0 inches
Progress: 5%
Location: Southern MS

What an inspiring story, Mark..

I could relate to so much of it -even the moment of clarity around Halloween 2003.

Here's to livin' the life!
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Old Sat, Jul-30-05, 06:32
Jo*'s Avatar
Jo* Jo* is offline
New Member
Posts: 21
Plan: atkins
Stats: 146.25/134/122 Female 5 ft 7"
BF:dont know
Progress: 33%
Location: UK

Moved by your piece. Well done for making the change! A real inspiration xxx
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Old Sat, Jul-30-05, 08:42
lizzyLC's Avatar
lizzyLC lizzyLC is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,187
Plan: LC
Stats: 157/155/135 Female 5'6
Progress: 9%
Location: PNW

Hey Mark:

That is a really great story - thanks for posting it - very inspiring.
Way to go !!

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