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Old Yesterday, 05:22
Lori_:)'s Avatar
Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: My Way; IF
Stats: 223/170/150 Female 68 inches
Progress: 73%
Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

Let's try this again. I had 2 paragraphs typed and then hit something(?) and the whole thing went poof. Wish I knew what combo of keys cause that to happen.

Blue...your weekend sounds perfect. Our weather is just beginning to break, but it's still pretty humid and the temp is 72 already this morning. Although a high of 76 today sounds better than the high 90's we've been having! OY!

Funny that your DH had to come and check on you girls at the pool! I can see how time would fly when you're paddling around and talking.

Jaz....hope you have a good day with the littles. Fingers crossed that your DD gets good news from the Dr.

I love a big chair and ottoman. So cozy. My sister used to have one...I think they called it a chair and a half....the chair was huge. I loved that thing. You sure got a steal on that purchase! Way to go.

Trig....hope all is well and that you didn't melt in the heat! Did you spend a lot of time in the pool this weekend?

Nic...I'm sure you're ready to be home. You had a whirlwind of a week in NYC.

Greg...Blue gives good advice about the Yoga. I jumped right into Sport Yoga because I did 5 years of a boot camp workout that was quite intense. Even so, the Sport Yoga is hard. have to give any new workout at least 4 sessions before you decide that you don't like it. You will probably hate it after the first time.

Nothing much happening here. Just waiting for the weather to moderate so we feel like doing anything. It was a lazy weekend for sure.

After eating way too many hollow pretzels with hummus, the scale is up....big surprise. I need to learn to portion control those things until they are gone and then not buy any more.

Tomorrow afternoon we're going to our daughter's for a little birthday party for our grandson who just turned 16 last week. He was away all last week playing in a regional baseball tournament. His team won! They are off to Vero Beach Florida on August 5th for the championship tournament. We thought about trying to go, but we'd have to make some plans in a hurry and then we have the worry of DH's elderly cousin. I did a little searching of flights etc, but I think we'll have to give it a pass.

Have good days everyone!
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Old Yesterday, 19:28
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
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Posts: 1,734
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Lori- WE are still dealing with the extreme heat for another day. supposedly. It was SOOOOOOO humid today- like sucking in water to breath! YUCK!!!!!!

I do like Hummus as well in small doses. Then it sorta taste like cardboard after a bit. I like it with salsa and olives- but a little I mean little goes a long way! A bite or two and I am done. I love it for those bites though.

So are we the only ones on today? I know we all get busy. But I must say I miss a full busy up chat house!!!!!!!

NIC- you came back today!!!!!!!- hope your travels were good!!!!!! So what did you think?????

- I am hoping you have a divine weekend of pool!!!!!!!

TRIG- You said you were going to zone out- not disappear!!!!! Hope you got some down time in!!!! did it rain there yet? Is the hubby back yet? Did he come bring salmon like LORI'S hubby??
I bet you are ready to roll again !!!

Well the good news I had a BLAST with my grand kids today. OMG- My little Noah is such a fire cracker and ever SOOOOOOOOO Smart. we were reading a story about animals and their babies. He so child like said : do you have a mommy? - or course I say- it's grandma R
He processes........ oh...... does my mommy have a mommy..... so frekin precious...... yes I say I am your mommy's mommy. - his eyes got SO SO SO big. YOU are MOMMY's MOMMY????????- yes I say.......
Him:- OH....... Mommony was little like Me?
ME: Yes she was little too........
Him: she was????????????- and you her mommy?
ME yes-
HIM:- ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh...... and I am ??????...............
ME: GIGI's grandson I love you very very much. Forever to the moon - then tickles and hugs......... kissing fest ......... dam I love that kid.

But guess who made her presence known today- Princess........ Who decided She liked me...... wanted held entire time and played with all my jewelry- full approval from me! She is our ballerina! she loves pretty and sparkles- my girl. She kissed me today and it was really our first true bonding. she hugged.

Now for the other news. - My DD came back and I had put the kids down for a nap. I was waiting. She come in and blurts out there is not one heart beat.

Stupid me goes:::::::: omg two- your having twins?????- DD bursting to tears said no the baby died last night or this morning. it was moving last night. This morning nothing and its gone. Just gone. no heart beat. She said if I don''t have it to pass- I need a DNC in 4 weeks.

OMG who in the hell would make a woman carry a dead child in her womb for 4 weeks!??!?!?!?!- I am livid.
Now is not the time to talk to my DD as she thank me for coming and promptly went to bed.
I hope to have another conversation with her on Thurs. As I invited her to see Helen Ga with me.

There in not much to say except I surely hopes she opts to get this resolved ASAP.
What a sad thing to think about - I couldn't do it- carry around a dead baby- I would think about it every minute- but I guess we all have our own way of grieving and it is not my place to judge.

So that is that. her husband is being snipped next month and he better be respectful until then - or I will wack him myself!!!!!

Dr. Appt. tomorrow.

waiting for cool air-

until tomorrow - good day all

Last edited by Jaz66 : Yesterday at 19:35.
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Old Today, 05:15
Lori_:)'s Avatar
Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,372
Plan: My Way; IF
Stats: 223/170/150 Female 68 inches
Progress: 73%
Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

Oh sorry about your DD. I have heard of that before....that the baby dies, but they wait to see if it will pass on it's own. So sad. I even heard of one that had to keep it until it delivered on it's own, even though.....again, so sorry for your DD.

I am so happy that Ava has "discovered" her Gigi! I know she will be your special girl. Little Noah sounds just precious. I'm glad you had a good day with them.

Hope everyone else had a good start to your week.


We had another hot day yesterday, but then some storms came thru and cooled things down. Just on and off downpours, no bad t storms or anything. Lovely sleeping last night with a cool breeze. Ahhh.......

I doing ok with the 16:8 fasting. Also trying to cut back portion sizes, especially the darn Swiss cheese! My nemesis!

DH's 50th high school reunion is Aug. 3 and I was hoping to have lost 10 lbs or so, but that's clearly not happening. Oh well...the dress I'm going to wear is pretty forgiving, so I should still look ok. Now to get this darn hair cut! It is driving me crazy! I get it cut & colored next Wednesday. I still have the long pixie, which is fine, but I've had a really long side bang that I am sick of. It needs to go.

At 11 this morning I'm going to the new Sport Chiro. I'll let you know how it goes.

Right after my appointment, we'll be heading to our daughter's....just over an hours drive. I think she's going to just get pizza & subs and she'll have a cake for the birthday boy. She wants me to bring some fruit. She was worried about what I will eat, and I told her I'll just eat the toppings from the pizza and dump a sub out of the bun....easy!

Have good days everyone!
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Old Today, 05:39
steadyed's Avatar
steadyed steadyed is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 51
Plan: Atkins Induction
Stats: 198/183/156 Male 69.5 inches
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Location: West Hartford, CT

Lori, all, I had my first yoga class yesterday, very interesting and well done. Motivating instructor. Experienced beginner group. Spent some time observing, not judging myself. Need lotsa work on balance. I wonder if this is improvable as I have lost a good bit as I aged. I would think so. I can feel the fat on me keeping me from crunching and stretching in the manners proscribed. No special gear, but I have to bring a positive mind-set. I can do this!!!! Cleaning out the garage today with my two nephews. Rain all day. Blueberries have just about gone by but grape tomatoes are coming fast. Hope you are all well. Great to read your posts and follow your triumphs and trials.
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Old Today, 06:31
Whirrlly's Avatar
Whirrlly Whirrlly is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,233
Plan: Zero Carb!
Stats: 234/182/170 Female 68
Progress: 81%
Location: Southeast

Greg, ugh I can feel your thoughts on my body as I read your post. I also have that heavier fat still blocking my body from doing easy normal things and I feel it....just know it ya know like you mentioned. I hate it! BUT great thing is you are out and trying new things. So happy your new yoga plan might help ya improve balance etc cause the only way to change things is TO make it happen, keep going and get the benefits from it!

Jaz loved reading about grandkid time

So sorry for your DD. What a tough time she has had thru a lot of heartache for her. I hope she is ok and everything corrects out for her soon. Rough for sure!

Lori....what is a hollow pretzel? Not sure on that one LOL I know only doughy pretzels
Hope your Sports Chiro does good things for you, I noticed you aren't as achey when chatting about your problem, maybe everything is slowly helping you move forward, a good thing!


sorry for short posting today guys, my mind is in foggy land. big storms came thru, sinus troubles, mind is heavy in bowling ball foggy land

tired. bored. dull. blah. don't care one bit and got that slug feeling. in a mood, just doing, not enjoying

one thing on my mind is hiking. I kinda put it on the shelf. I enjoyed it so much and I just mostly stopped. said it in my mind, too much damn work to do it LOL the slug in me finding excuses but for something I love to do why in the hell ain't I bothering to do it? I don't know. So I am going to pick and day and schedule up some hikes. Push me to do it cause right now I can plan but still say why bother and not even ramping up pushing myself a bit with hikes

just doing, not thriving right now but I will get mojo back somehow

great day all
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Old Today, 08:59
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,734
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Good Morning all-

Lori- Enjoy time with the kids!
As far as the reunion I know you will be stunning! You have NOTHING to worry about! Go and have a great time! I know your hubby will be proud to have such a cutie pie on his arm!

TRIG- - Yes today is the dark, and stormy day here in the south. BUT - it is pushing this nasty humid air to the corner! It is supposed to be a GORGEOUS rest of the week! -
So the sun and cooler weather on tap in 24 hours!!!!!!!- Then take a hike!!!!!

NIC- so you should be back and settled in???? How was travels home? Whats on the agenda now?
Can't wait to hear all about it- I know you gotta be excited!!!!!!

Blue- - Hey there!!!!!!!- - You betcha I am happy with my 100.00 fireplace/ reading/ chair. I know you would appreciate my find! - But you are right- "stuff" loses it's value if nobody is interested anymore. But hey- I am.
What is on your agenda list this week?

Hey Greg- glad you are enjoying Yoga!
I am taking today to get my "at home" stuff done now that I am home from a crappy doctors visit. It was a total waste of time. I went first thing. It was out of pocket- first of all, since it is not a "well visit"- I had an agenda. Since my blood work was just taken- and all normal I would have to pay for all blood work out of pocket- so I declined. I have not reached my incredible high deductible- so it would be hundreds of dollars- it was all normal, except the cholesterol.

My referral- is to a dietitian. Total waste of a morning and money. My blood sugar is low- so the endocrinologist is out. My doctor is so frekin OLD SCHOOL. He still thinks I should go to a dietitian and learn to eat EVERYTHING in moderation, excersize more and reduce my stress, blah blah blah blah blah - OMG.
What a waste. I will figure this out my dang self.

I am NOT giving up. I know there is an answer out there. I also think it REALLY is hormonal issue. But I know at this point I am going to have to think out side the box and find an alternative medicine clinic. - None of that type of treatment is covered by insurance. OH well.

I am taking the rest of my day since it is raining and dark to get all my house work done so I can enjoy the sunshine and beautiful weather coming!
I am on my second laundry batch. Will do sheets and towels- and then tackle the office. I want to set it up so I like being in that room. Tomorrow is trash day- and I want to load it up and purge!!!!

Tomorrow- is not sure!!!!!- love that
Thur- I am going to Helen- it should be a BEAUTIFUL day! Low humidity and sunshine- all the way through next week! Cards in the evening with the Euchre group
Friday- I want to see that movie Once upon a time in Hollywood

Although - except Helen on Thur- I am pretty fluid on my schedule. It is whatever floats my boat!
Saturday - my mom really wants me to bring them dinner for his birthday. I will come up with something. He is having a fusion on his back on Wed. So he will be out of commission for a few days over his birthday.

Today I am going to try salmon in my air fryer! - So far it has been a great gadget. 2 days in! HAHAHAAH

Have a great day all!!!!-
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Old Today, 17:09
Blue52 Blue52 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 906
Plan: My own
Stats: 238/187/175 Female 5'11"

Hi all,

Jaz---Oh, so sorry for your daughter. And I agree w/you, terrible to make someone wait in that condition. Will it pass today, tonight, on and on. Just mentally and emotionally so hard. SIGH, all things considered good that your SIL is getting snipped. They are blessed w/two beautiful kids, why push it given her history.

Bummerooni on the doctor visit. You have to find a new Doc---I know, so not fun. And most of the dietitians are the worst when it comes to old school, imo. I am confused about the endocrinologist. I thought they were for hormone issues---why would low blood sugar make them irrelevant?

Also, thought you returned the air fryer? And now you're loving it?

Trig---Girl, I've been feeling just like you do for a couple of days. Tired, SO LOW energy, achy. No mojo. Totally empathize.

Hey, do you ever exercise in your pool. I got some water weights for my B'day and then ordered an aqua jogger belt. Got it after my work out today, so I'm hoping to try it tomorrow. But it lets you "bob" w/full freedom of your arms and legs to do resistance moves when stationary. I'm going to see if I can do my jog in it too. But since you and I both love the pool thought I'd throw it out there as far as exercise is concerned.

Today I was again, so mogey, forced myself down to do my work out in the pool. Holy cats, I cannot believe how much better I feel! Seems these days when I don't move I get sorer and lazier. My life is just not as organically active as it used to be, so I really have to make it happen.

Lori---So last week I was all about OMAD, no way this week so far. Sometimes it works, sometimes it flat out does not, and I can never tell why or when. Good you're able to get back to it this week.

Oh, and isn't it just so glorious when that heat breaks? Ours broke last week and we have had nothing but halcyon summer days ever since---low 80's dry, sunny, breezy. So great when that nice sleeping weather comes back.

Looking forward to hearing about your sports Chiro!

Nic--- I bet you are still recovering from your jam packed last week.

Steadyed---You have a great attitude about all this stuff. Taking it slow and not judging yourself for the time it takes for your body to learn new ways. I think when our pool closes this fall I'm going to try a beginner's yoga class too.


So like I said above, have not felt well last few days. Stomach was really queasy yesterday---probably from my treat night. Pizza. First time in months. Either it didn't sit well w/me, or I had a bug. Achy too and tired and just kind of blue, not Blue,

Today didn't feel much better till I went down and did my pool work out. ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Back on plan after pizza treat night, but not feeling in the zone or much mojo for it. Bored w/it right now. Need to get myself to the store and get some good LC stuff, eating too much of the same thing over and over because I've been so in the dumps physically.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll get out early and get to the grocery store and check off a couple of other errands I've been putting off. Miss feeling all zoney. Not coming near the scale. Don't have that thinner feeling at all. :/ It's always the ups and the downs on this woe isn't it? Still, it would ALL BE UP, and not in a good way, w/out it, so we gotta just keep on keepin' on as best we can.
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Old Today, 18:07
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
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Stats: 223/170/150 Female 68 inches
Progress: 73%
Location: Pennsylvania

Hi all!

Just home from our trip to the daughter's. We had a nice time. She's having a pool put in her back yard and today they put in the liner and 4 tanker trucks of water arrived. 20,000 gallons of water! It is an in ground, salt water pool. It is not salty like the ocean, I think it's about the same as human tears. It is supposed to be easier on the skin and eyes than chlorine and a bit less maintenance, I guess. It will be nice when it's finished, but for now her yard is a muddy mess! Lots of concrete needs poured in the next few weeks.

The Sport Chiro......LOVED her! She took time to show me on her iPad just what is going on with me. She had 3D images of the skeleton and then she could overlay muscles etc and show me why I have the pain and what the problem is. Very interesting and informative. The treatment was not a lot of fun. She does what is called Active Release Technique. She will put pressure on the muscle/tendon and then move the arm. I have to work thru some pretty bad discomfort, but she doesn't want me to get to the point of gritting my teeth pain. She said my shoulder blade is just frozen to my rib cage. She could not even get to some of the areas she wanted to treat. The muscles are just locked down. I will be going to her twice a week for a couple months, at least. She said she very seldom suggests that a patient come twice a week, but in my case, she thinks it is necessary. The good insurance will pay all but $20 per session. It will still add up to quite a bit, but I have no choice. She also asked me if I'd be willing to try acupuncture and I told her that I would. She has an associate that does acupunture in a different office and she said depending on how things go, she may suggest I give it a try. I'm also going to keep up with the massage....back to that tomorrow morning. Very pleased with the appointment. I'm a bit sore tonight....hoping I can sleep.

Trig.....the hollow pretzels are actually called pretzel shells. They are about an inch long or so and just a hollow pretzel. Super crunchy and I love them. Certainly not good for a LC diet! I have to limit myself to about 5 of them a day. I could munch thru half a bag if I let myself!

Jaz.....sorry about the crappy Dr. visit. You will find the right are the best advocate for yourself.

Blue...hope you enjoy your aqua belt for working out in the pool. It sounds like just the thing!

Nic....hope you got home safely and that all is well. I'm sure you have loads to do after being away.

Greg...glad you like the yoga! Be patient with yourself. I feel sure that your balance will improve as you go and also your muscle strength & elasticity.

I'm soon heading for bed. Another lovely cool night for sleeping.
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