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Old Sun, Dec-31-17, 14:34
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nsnd nsnd is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 239
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 360/299.2/200 Male 6 foot
Progress: 38%
Location: Harrington, Delaware, USA
Question What to do when stuck?

Do I eat less carbs? Do I eat more carbs for a few days then back to low carb. Been trying to stay at 20 carbs or less. Feeling tried of not losing.
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Old Sun, Dec-31-17, 14:39
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A'72 Lifer Hard Core
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Plan: A'72 Induction Lifer + IF
Stats: 265/114/130 Female 5'4"
BF:Not so much now!
Progress: 112%
Location: South Central New Mexico

Hiya, nsnd!

Sorry to hear that you're stuck ~ I know it can be frustrating and discouraging! A true stall can last for several weeks or more, at least in my experiences.

What I have done in that situation is just keep doing what I was doing (following my LC WOE plan religiously), eventually the stall broke on it's own.

Wishing you much success on your journey to better HEALTH!
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Old Sun, Dec-31-17, 17:55
nsnd's Avatar
nsnd nsnd is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 239
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 360/299.2/200 Male 6 foot
Progress: 38%
Location: Harrington, Delaware, USA

My lowest weight was 302 on 2017-Nov-19, However, I have been up and down and stay around 307-308 right now. I want to get below 300.
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Old Mon, Jan-01-18, 19:41
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nawchem nawchem is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,259
Plan: No gluten, CAD
Stats: 196.0/163.5/149.0 Female 62
Progress: 69%

Hang in there!

I no longer have an atkins book but i believe he said a stall is a lack of weight loss and inches lasting longer than 6 weeks. You lost a lot, think of all the little changes going in your cells, with your hormones, lots of chemical adjustments happening.
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Old Thu, Jan-04-18, 18:12
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thud123 thud123 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,823
Plan: ~25NC/IF
Stats: 342.2/196/000 Male 182cm
Progress: 43%

What is your eating pattern line Big Nate? Time of day, what, etc.

I'm working on a WWW theory for diet:

What you eat
When you eat
Why you eat

The last one is last for a reason. I think it's the most difficult to define. Take a long time of observation. For me, my end game for answering that last question is " nourish and care for my body in the best way I can at my current understanding." something like that. I expect that to change too as I grow old, fall sick and eventually die - like all living beings.

If you think you have a handle on "What you eat" experiment with "When you eat" I found good scale movement downward at times with limiting my "eating window" to the evenings and doing this for an extended amount of time, say a month or more for starters.

I'm now going to experiment with changing that pattern to mornings, before noon and see how I feel and how my body and mind react to that change in pattern.

I was "stuck" in a ~4 month stall (see my MyPlan) - I was eating the "right" things but eating too often, too much and for pleasure. Simple math. I didn't really gain or loose BUT my body definitely changed during this time. I got stronger both physically and in habit of eating "the right things for me"

Enough of my blahbing speculations...

I wish you well!

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Old Fri, Jan-05-18, 03:27
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zoogirl zoogirl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,910
Plan: atkins 20
Stats: 127.6/111/110 Female 5' 2"
Progress: 94%
Location: Canada

Good morning NSND,
I can tell you that when I thought I was stuck, I contacted the nutritionist at Atkins, and I was quite surprised at the response I got, my advise is to hang in, keep on keepin' on, you will get there, but here is what they had to say for what it is worth to you, best of luck to you...PS they also said it is not really a plateau until there is NO weight loss for, I think she said 6 weeks....

Thank you for contacting Atkins Nutritionals.

I thought the following things we hear the most often when people say they've plateaued, not been as successful losing weight or gained weight might help you get back on track:

1. eating less than 18 net carbs in a day
2. not getting the 12-15 net carbs from vegetables everyday (thatís approximately 6 cups of leafy greens and 2 cups of cooked vegetables)
3. too many artificial sweeteners/sugar free foods
4. too few calories: for women it should be 1500-1800, for men it should be 1800-2200
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