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Old Wed, May-19-10, 20:40
Moonrise's Avatar
Moonrise Moonrise is offline
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Plan: post-Pregnancy LC
Stats: 287/283.6/180 Female 64 inches
Progress: 3%
Location: New England, USA
Default I Posted and Ran

I always meant to come back, honest. Unfortunately, I [still] find it difficult to be around the success of others when my own prospects are slim (see what I did there?) and nearly none. Not pretty, but true.

In other news, I have found that cheese slows things up even more. My doctor (a naturopath I switched to after getting very poor care at a regular clinic) wants me to lay off dairy entirely, which would be easy if I cooking only for myself. Both my son and my husband eat cheese, though.

Also, I've decided the only way to stop eating wheat (even in small amounts, like a cracker that my son hasn't eaten) is to tell myself that it's poison to me. Each and every time. Sometimes I have to say it aloud. I grew up poor, am still poor, and find it very difficult to throw food I can't eat away. My husband hates vegetables apart from broccoli, brussels sprouts, peas, and potatoes, while my son (he's 2) doesn't seem to worry about any food apart from raisins.

My food stamps were cut by $40 a month, which has also taken it's toll. I'm thinking I might spend the entire lot and buy a month's worth of meat at a tme, that way I'd be guaranteed to eat well for at least 3 weeks. Right?

Anyway, that's what's going on with me...

ETA: I can't believe I didn't realize I was only 40lbs from goal when I went off plan. Admittedly I'd been stalled for over a year, but still - how the heck did I forget what my goal was in the first place?!


Last edited by Moonrise : Wed, May-19-10 at 20:49.
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Old Wed, May-19-10, 20:55
jschwab jschwab is offline
Senior Member
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Plan: Atkins72/Paleo/NoGrain/IF
Stats: 285/253/200 Female 5 feet 5.5 inches
Progress: 38%

Welcome back! There have been alot of threads in the past about eating LC on food stamps/limited budget. It sure is hard. Do you have a deep freezer?

I totally get the thing about not wanting to waste food. I have found this aspect gets much better as time goes on and I don't have the same feelings anymore. Health is more important in the long run. It becomes very easy to refuse, so I hope you keep at it.
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Old Wed, May-19-10, 20:57
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dearmommy dearmommy is offline
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Stats: 388/300/150 Female 66inches
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Location: Vancouver Is BC Canada

Welcome back. I am hurting quite a bit now financially myself so can really feel the pain of trying to figure out what to buy that is low carb and lasts as well.

Myself and my two teenage girls are eating lowcarb. We have been eating a lot of broth based soups such as tonight. 2 and half hot Italian sausages diced up and fried. Add about 1/2 lbs of fresh or frozen broccoli and beef broth. It is really yummy. The smaller the pieces of meat and veg the further it goes. We do the same with chicken thighs, turkey legs, etc. Changing up the vegetable to cauliflower or green beans too. Sometimes I scrambled a couple of eggs and drip that into the broth as it boils. Floats to the top and it similar to a dumpling in that it absorbs the broth flavour. A good dash of hot sauce helps add some wow to this.
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Old Fri, Jun-04-10, 04:53
classykare classykare is offline
Registered Member
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Plan: Atkin
Stats: 315/304/160 Female 5 ft 2 inches
Progress: 7%
Location: Florida

That sounds great about the eggs thank you
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Old Fri, Mar-09-12, 22:26
locarb4avr locarb4avr is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 243
Plan: My own plan
Stats: 220/138/132 Male 65in
Progress: 93%
Location: 92646

Eggs are cheap.
Butter and Canola oil are ok.

Stick with greasy eggs to see if you are happy with your progress or not.

If you are craving for sweet, try $0.50 CarbMaster Yogurt in Ralphs supermarket.

Last, measure your weight first thing in the morning after bathroom visit.
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Old Sat, Mar-10-12, 11:56
raven132 raven132 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 263
Plan: LC Paleo
Stats: 211/177/140 Female 64 inches
Progress: 48%
Location: Missouri

I definitely hear you on the $$$$ situation. I eat lots of eggs (upwards of 6 a day) and some other meat with dinner. Save all the fat drippings you can to save on buying butter and oils. Besides, nothing beats cooking in beef fat or bacon grease!
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Old Thu, Apr-05-12, 18:47
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Sunny_0ne Sunny_0ne is offline
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 180/169.6/150 Female 5'5"
Progress: 35%
Location: GA

I'm enjoying seeing how far I can stretch my low carb meats. I read a recipe for quick chicken soup on this board the other day and it sparked an idea for saving money.

We bought a deli whole roast chicken. DH and I had the legs and thighs for dinner one night, then sliced the breast for lunch the next day.

We saved all the bones and put them in the crockpot with the carcass and slow simmered it with a few garlic and onion flakes, celery, celery seed, and when it was almost done, I added a little very finely sliced cabbage for "noodles".

It was like getting free lunches and a whole free dinner from our leftover chicken. Best of all, it was really good!
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