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Old Today, 07:52
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Plan: My Way; IF;EOD Diet
Stats: 223/159.2/160 Female 68 inches
Progress: 101%
Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

The Spring sun is shining and it's going to be a beautiful day! I may venture out this afternoon. I have a hankering for good Greek yogurt, so may go to the grocery store and check out options. It's chilly this morning, so I'll wait until this afternoon to get out and about. Weatherman says the next 4-5 days will be cold and windy, but starting next Tuesday.....woohoo...mid 50's every day! It may be time to start pondering my return to outdoor walking/running.

Scale down a couple more tenths.....tomorrow will be back up a few tenths. No worries....holding steady in my goal range. I'm still counting calories on My Fitness Pal and enjoying it. It gives me something to do. I'll probably abandon it once I get busy with golf etc. I try to have between 1500-1600 calories a day, watch the carbs(try to stay below 50 grams) and around 100 grams of protein. That is Pahla's calorie recommendation, though she doesn't worry about grams of carb. I feel very satisfied at that amount with plenty of energy.

Congrats on the job Jaz. I hope you like it and I'm so glad you'll have insurance. I worry about your "blank" episodes as you describe them. Hope it resolves soon.

Nic.....good for you on your PB improvement! Much more fun when you can make some good shots on your opponents! your DD, all my cousins are much older and I really don't know any of them. Since I came on 14 years after all my siblings, they had the cousin time and they were all grown till I came along.


That's about it from here. I got a piece of BBQ pork tenderloin out of the freezer and will make that for DH for dinner along with some kind of potato. Easy. I'll probably eat 1 of my Factor meals. Later this morning I'll do my Pahla B.'s a strength one today....moderate dumbbells. Then a shower and decide if I'm going to run to the grocery store or not. I'm pretty content at home for the most part.....until golf season, that is!
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Old Today, 10:22
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Plan: LCHF
Stats: 225/212/160 Female 5'5
Progress: 20%

Good Morning Ladies! Wed!

I feel rested and employed! - 4 weeks to go, until I begin a new job.
I am a bit bummed it is not in Charleston. However, I did present it to the universe that the right position would present itself. I also din't want to force a square peg into a round hole (ie..Charleston gig) if it wasn't the right fit ...

So I am going to hang here for a few months until I decide where I want to land. My job was ok as long as I am in GA. I can go anywhere in GA.
I love it here but it is VERY geriatric here, and not alot to do. There is very little shopping, or anything really here- except beach. So at some point I need to land in a community.
I am tossing around some thoughts. Believe it or not- a few suburbs out of Atlanta North- come to mind. I know I said I would never go back- HA.
I wouldn't not be commuting though, and not going downtown. So maybe.
It would be an hour from my DD/kids. Plus more to do and a beach is only 4 hours away, the mountains are 2 hours. Looking at the maps.

Hey- WOE- right on point. I am happy- I have lost most of my inflammation bloating from the fall.
blanking- So it is more like I am talking and will stop mid sentence looking for the word I want and I "blank" on the word. It is truly a result from TBI.
I read it can take a few months to fully recover. The acute portion is over or mostly. 2nd day no headache. I still have my nose in a bandage and my right foot/ big toe will take a minute to heal.

Trig- I know you are a happy camper with the flip of heat and warm. Although yesterday was wet and not great. The rest of this week is supposed to be great.

Has your bro left yet? I too wondered if your kiddo has cousins.

Nic- so cool you were able to help out your neighbor with some sitting help with kids. I am wondering if it bothers you to be around kids who could spread covid?
I ask because my grandson started preK a few weeks back. That was a discussion in our family about kids and school and all it entails. sighhhhhhhhhh I will be SO happy when this is a memory.

How is everything else in your world?!?!?!
I am glad that your DD- has some options for renting for a year. your are right- next year at this time, they will have options.
What is the status of empty nesting????????
I know you will love it.

Lori- - I love being at home too! I am glad you love your nest! Nothing is better than having a home base! I am sorta struggling with that right now- where to call home. Although for right now I am cool.
Do you like those Factor meals? You are right, for OMAD- I would not be happy with a 700 cal dinner.
Do you make crack slaw ever? I am addicted to that!

Blue- speaking of crack slaw- (you gave me the recipe)- hope you are well!!!
Not much else-
Time to get outside a bit. cloudy and cooler today but not raining!
I am now on the "CLOCK"......... so I need to enjoy my time.

Looking forward to insurance!
Back later-

WOE- left over Crack slaw-
I actually modified the recipe- I now take taco meat and add a bag of slaw. DONE-
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