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Old Wed, Dec-17-08, 06:13
terque terque is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 227
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 151/143/120 Female 154cm
Progress: 26%
Location: UK
Default Mirena issues?


I'm not sure I quite qualify as a turtle, but I have been sticking pretty closely to induction (no caffeine, very few sweeteners etc) and haven't lost anything in about a month (since my initial 7lbish loss on first going low-carb).

I'm pretty sure that at least part of the problem is the fact that I have a Mirena coil (with artificial progesterone). I know Atkins said that birth control hormones can stall weightloss, but I can't find any suggestions as to what to do about it, other than take the thing out, which I don't really want to do (its there for a purpose y'know...)

Has anyone else got this issue and managed (or not) to overcome it?

Other than that - I think I might need to look at restricting my calories (I'm currently eating 1700 - 2000 a day made up of <10% carbs, 25% ish protein, >60% fat). But I'd really rather not - I'm pretty happy eating the way I am, and can't stand being hungry...

The other option I guess is doing more exercise. I know I really should do this anyway, but I really struggle to find time to fit it in at the moment - I work full time and have 3 small children...

Any thoughts/suggestions gratefully received!

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Old Mon, Feb-16-09, 12:09
msmum1977's Avatar
msmum1977 msmum1977 is offline
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Plan: VLC/Carnivore
Stats: 369/301/299 Female 5'9"
BF:too much.
Progress: 97%
Location: Eastern Ontario, Canada

hi...I have the Mirena and haven't seen any wl stall; yet again, I haven't been doing this all that long!

My dr said the hormone in this IUD isn't the same as regular hormone taken orally; it's absorbed locally and contributes to extra thick mucus to block the sperm from entering (sorry, being graphic here). It doesn't, however, change your body chemistry like regular BC pills do, though. Not too sure that that's correct, however, I got mine 3 mos after my DD was born and I was still able to breastfeed her AND make enough milk for her, something I couldn't have done with regular BCP's.

Something you should be aware of, though, is if you have a LOT Of weight to lose (ie., 100+ lbs) that significant weight loss can cause your IUD to dislodge, which increases your risk of getting pregnant. Something to do with the change in pressure around your uterus. Just google UID mirena and pregnancy. There are a ton of forums with women who swear their weight loss led to their IUD failing.

It has made me considering holding my hubby at arms length!LOL
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Old Wed, Feb-18-09, 21:50
FatFreeMe FatFreeMe is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 5,689
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 262.2/247.2/204 Female 5ft 1/2 inch
Progress: 26%
Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

I've found I'm not losing anything. I don't have mirena for BC purposes, more to help cope with my old lady hormones. I had it inserted in June/08. I don't think it is contributing to my WL problems. thought I'd share this link for Mirena support with you.

Also, here's a thread I started here on the Mirena subject:
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Old Tue, Mar-15-11, 03:14
honeypie's Avatar
honeypie honeypie is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 6,976
Plan: NO sugar, flour, cheats
Stats: 326.6/313/150 Female 5'11
Progress: 8%


There are other options.

NON HORMONAL, NON STEROIDAL BCP pills, available to order from outside the US. I have been taking a 1x a WEEK bcp pill call Saheli (Centchroman) for YEARS. Same efficacy rate as everything else (99.1%).

NO SIDE EFFECTS whatsoever, - for anyone, not just me.

PLEASE, anyone who is unhappy taking artificial hormones, do some research, and arm yourselves with information.

Big pharma prevents A LOT of safe, well known, and natural alternatives being made available in the West,... as the cost for the alternative is mere pennies.

Alldaychemist is a great source. I truly hope this helps someone.
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Old Fri, Jun-24-11, 03:53
tjunetracy's Avatar
tjunetracy tjunetracy is offline
New Member
Posts: 19
Plan: general low carb
Stats: 395/361/175 Female 5'
Progress: 15%

I don't have the Mirena any more but when I had it (for four months) I gained 50lbs. I got it removed for pain and headache reasons and havent gained like that since. Not sure how it affects LC eating but I know it made me gain a ton.
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