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Old Today, 07:09
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Whirrlly Whirrlly is online now
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Plan: Zero Carb!
Stats: 234/182/170 Female 68
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Location: Southeast

I am in my own little world right now

post up later

all good just going more radio silent cause I NEED IT ya know but all fine I guess LOL

back later when life hits chat up time for this ol' gal. just kinda tired and over it all in a way. not bad way but just my way
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Old Today, 07:23
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Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
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Plan: KETO
Stats: 234/189/155 Female 5'5
Progress: 57%

Good Morning!

I think it is going to be sunny here and cooler as well! Fall REALLY is here!

Lori- HAHAHAH- I thought you were going to WATCH YT on your device! LOLOL- Shows you how much I know about all that! NADA.

I tell ya Covid is seeming to have had a comeback here too! I have a friend right now who has it- and BAD! She was vaxed and boosted TWICE! - doesn't matter. She is feeling BAD too. Urghhhhhh. I think going forward we will be dealing with various version of C forever. It isn't going anywhere! Life before Covid! Good times! Too think, 2 years ago we were all locked down and a good day was when you scored an 18 roll pack of toilet paper! I remember going to multiple stores to find some. Then when I did- ya I did hoard it. But I also SHARED it. At least we aren't there!

Well have some fun in your last tourney of the season. I am surprised you are not more excited!????- What up with that? Does the golf course shut down over the winter? I see people playing here year round.

- How goes it up in DE?!?!? How was the musical? You play BINGO?!? Where do you play? Is there a club house or something?
Did you ever find anything new stuff in Rehoboth Tanger outlets?

I know it's pretty now in your area! I would love a beach pic!
When is hubby joining you?

TRIG- hey there! You there?!?!?!? Saving your spot! - insert text here ........................ lololol...................Hoping all is well.

Yesterday the sun came out for all of a few hours. Long enough for me to go to the pool area and grill out with my neighbor. Bess her she went to a butcher and got 2-inch-thick strips! It was really good!
She made rum/ sparkling water with a pinch of lime - just one, so we had happy hour, and it was fun.

After that I came back here and watched the Downton Abby Movie. I have seen the entire season, but not any of the 2 movies. So, I watched the first one. It had a sad ending. I will watch the other one sometime soon.

So my DD and I scheduled a walk and picnic for this upcoming Friday. I just texted her that we are going to get the full brunt of a CAT 1 hurricane on Friday. Always SOMETHING! Dang I am missing her! Hopefully we can move it up.

The storm is expected to pick up some super strength and hit FL and come right up the middle of GA and turn at SC and move up the coast. It is not expected to down grade much in GA. So......... Friday is off the table. I am watching it pretty close. Although I feel really safe in my apt. I just can't DRIVE in a hurricane! I was in St. Simon during a Tropical Storm and it was sorta cool the way it churns up the sea! The shells that come up on the beach are so cool after a churning like that.

I am STILL playing with 2 pounds. Up 2 down 2, up 1 down 1. STALLING right here. Even so, I am staying the course. I know at some point my body will adjust and start to drop again. I did lose 47 pounds pretty quick I think. I am chomping at the bit to call it 50!!!!! But here I sit! Then I will take it at 10-pound increments. I know that I could EASY take off another 25!

Today- Sunny and going to the be a pretty day! I have dog park on tap at 11- 12. Ruger love to go! All the pups get along that go at that time. We dog parents all get along too! I look forward to seeing the "crew". There are about 8 of us that rotate in and out on any given day. All are either retired or work from home and have that flexibility to go. I will miss that if I go to the clinic!

Speaking of work. I really need to put down some feelers again. I should hear today/tomorrow latest regarding the Emory position. It is really a great hospital system. One of the best in the country! So, to get my foot in the door would be awesome. Ranks right up there with Cleaveland Clinc, Mayo Clinic, Vanderbilt. All teaching hospitals. So....... I wait. Meanwhile I am going to check out a couple more companies I was SUPPOSED to look at this weekend and blew off. Lolololol

Today- stew meat- not sure if it's still good to cook up. I need to open the package and do a smell check. If no - no problem, I bought a 9 pounds of chuck beef yesterday waiting to be put in one-pound bags to the freezer. I will just keep one of those out.

Other than all that. Lots of moving parts right now. But its all good!

Back at ya later- if anything updates!
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Old Today, 08:17
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,607
Plan: KETO
Stats: 234/189/155 Female 5'5
Progress: 57%

Trig- You posted as I was still writing my book! I am sending good vibes your way! Rest up and feel fetter!
We will be here when you are up for it!
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Old Today, 08:39
niccofive's Avatar
niccofive niccofive is online now
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Posts: 2,020
Plan: General LC
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 5'4"
Progress: 90%
Location: Central East Coast

Hey all-

It's a bummer that Covid is making a resurgence. I am so over it! Hopefully I will be in the clear since I had it in- whatever month that was- June? July? At any rate I should be good to go hopefully for this trip to Hawaii in a week and a half or so.

Other than that not a whole lot going on. I am going to run a couple of errands today and maybe go hang out at the beach for a little bit because it's a high of 77 and sunny with a cloudless sky. I have some reading to do for my class tomorrow so the beach is as good of a place as any to do that.

I went out with a friend last night to dinner and to a musical skit show. We had a fun time. Bingo is tomorrow at the clubhouse. I haven't done it yet but I hear it's fun. It's BYOB. 10 bucks to play for the night.

Jaz I hope you're able to get together with your daughter. Owning her own business, hopefully she has some flexibility in scheduling. I don't know what the drive time is for you all to meet though. I hope that the hurricane affects that you have are minimal.

Trig I'm sorry you're feeling a little under the weather emotionally. It happens sometimes though, and space can be good. Come back to us when you feel up to it!

Lori hope all goes well with Betty today and you have fun golfing tomorrow.

Not much else to report. All is well here. I'll see DH next Sunday because he's traveling over the weekend. I'll be headed home this weekend and packing up for Hawaii. Bella gets taken to the dog sitter on Tuesday and we fly out Wednesday. So just over a week!
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