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Old Sun, Mar-31-02, 19:11
Amaocean Amaocean is offline
New Member
Posts: 1
Plan: Schwarzbein
Stats: 155/155/135
Progress: 0%
Location: Canada
Default I'm new here and wondering how successful everyone has been with SP?

Hi everyone! I read the Schwarzbein Priciple book about 2 years ago and I loved it! The problem is that I fell off the wagon at Christmas and I am starting the plan again. I was on the Somersizing website and someone there mentioned this website. I am so happy to have found it. I am 5'4 and have to lose 20 lbs. Has anyone had successful weight loss on SP? I know it has many other wonderful benefits as well but I really need to lose the extra weight even if its slow as long as it starts going down. I would love to hear success stories from others! Thanks......Amaocean
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Old Sun, Mar-31-02, 19:44
Natrushka Natrushka is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 11,512
Plan: IF +LC
Stats: 287/165/165 Female 66"
Progress: 100%

Amaocean, if you're looking for inspiration check out Lisaf's Journal - shes been doing Schwarzbeine and is now at goal. You can find her journal in the "Bootcamp" section of the forum under the letter L.

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Old Sun, Mar-31-02, 23:47
chewie1012's Avatar
chewie1012 chewie1012 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,607
Plan: schwarzbein Principle
Stats: 290/290/198 Male 6 feet 2 inches
Progress: 0%
Location: Detroit

I have followed schwarzbein semi faithfully and have lost 10 lbs. The next month will tell the tale. I am feeling better and fitting into tight clothes I couldn't wear before. Others are noticing and it feels great. I weigh in on wednesdays.
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Old Mon, Apr-01-02, 13:10
rosarugosa rosarugosa is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 183
Plan: TSP
Stats: 147/147/135 Female 5'2"
Progress: 54%
Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Amaocean, I learned of this site from the SS bd. also, and enjoy it. I still look in at the SS bd. and find help there. I think the 2 plans complement one another in some ways, especially level 2 SSizing and Sp. WOE/WOL. Also I can not imagine that I would ever stay with a WOL that did not have a dessert occasionally, so I do use Suzanne Somer's books for that ( her level two desserts seem healthy to me and they are low sugar if one never wants to use sweeteners.)I feel every individual has to customize a WOE to sick with it. Being rather obsessive at first was helpful with me.

I cannot make any grand statements of shocking success on the scale since using Schwarzbein mainly but I have lost about 3 lbs. very gradually over the last cpl. of months. On strict level one somersizing I was having hair loss and trouble with constipation and when I read the Schwarzbein bk. again and started following it more carefully those difficulties ceased.

Maybe it is my imagination, but it seems like people with 20 - 30 lbs to lose (especially in middle age) seem to have to lose it v-e-r-y gradually anyway. Between SS and this I have taken 1 year and one month to lose 14 lbs. or more (don't know my starting weight for certain) and need to lose at least 15 more to be at a normal BMI(body mass index).

In addition to what the scale shows as lost, my cholesterol panel has improved with each drs. visit, my dress size has gone down, when I haven't seen some one in about 6 months they comment "you have lost weight haven't you, my energy level has improved, and since using 'TSP' <the Schwarzbein Principle'> I have felt very balanced. As I am also hypothyroid, this is very important to me.
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Old Sun, Apr-07-02, 12:32
DebPenny's Avatar
DebPenny DebPenny is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,514
Plan: TSP/PPLP/low-cal/My own
Stats: 250/209/150 Female 63.5 inches
Progress: 41%
Location: Sacramento, CA
Default On SP and loving it!

Amaocean, it's great! Don't expect spectacular weight loss, but do expect to feel better: more energy, more stamina, more strength, a more stable mood, and your blood levels (fasting blood sugar and cholesterol) to go down.

Actually, I'll find out about my blood sugar level next month. But I am expecting it to be back in the "normal" range. In January, it measured 138, 125 is considered top of normal according to my doctor. We made a deal that I would retest in May after being on this plan for 3 months. When I made that deal I had just started this program 1 week earlier.

I've been on it since and can't get over how much better I feel. Before SP I was tired all the time, kept falling asleep at my desk in the afternoons, couldn't walk 10 feet without feeling like I had just climbed 10 flights of stairs, was cranky and surly with my coworkers and clients. In fact, they took me off the HelpDesk because I had such a bad attitude. (I have menstrual problems as well that I am working with my gynocologist on -- poly-cystic ovaries syndrome, which should also be helped with a low-carb plan.)

Now, I walk whenever I get the chance because it feels so good, I am rebuilding my reputation with clients and my coworkers are enjoying working with me again. When I go home at night from work, I have energy to spare. I am no longer falling asleep in the afternoon and am getting a lot more work done .

It's worth it. It's not that hard to stay on.

One of the things I do, however, is not try to find low-carb substitutes (except for converting a few low-fat recipes to high fat and protein ) for foods I used to eat. It's much easier for me just to cut out all those high-carb foods and concentrate on my favorite low-carb foods (olives, artichokes, avocados, beef jerky, and MEAT).

So, this is overlong, I'd better stop.

Good luck with SP. You'll love it!


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