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Old Yesterday, 04:51
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Whirrlly Whirrlly is offline
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Default, very cool for your DD, VP of the school board. Proud parent time Nothing like a Vice President title to your name

Nicco cool on your new tv. I so get cancel the cable crap. I wish I could but we have some shows only the stupid cable here provides. It is like they just hook ya...I could drop it easily, hubby says hell no on it, leave his shows alone HAHA

Just you and the pups. Hope your quiet down time was good!! a house sitter service. Just google 'house sitter Atlanta GA' and find an agency. Call up, tell them what ya want, visit home 2 times a week or whatever, pick up mail, them and they send an employee to do just that. easy peasy

wow on your mom and her situation. She is throwing out different info to everyone on what is happening, at some point ya don't truly know what is real from her and not. I would let it go.....enjoy her as much as you can, let the info flow over you as it comes and just go with the flow. What else can one do? Sometimes you have to let some stuff just go on down the road to keep your sanity of it all All will work out ok for ya.

Blue....great story on your Dad. No one likes the glassy eyed elk hanging off the truck! The fish fried up with taters is ok.... So get it. I got a cooler in the garage with a deer head drying out and antlers and all....omg....I can't wait til he does something with the damn thing. poor darn deer....but hey he enjoys it. I rarely eat venison. Kid likes it a little. He sucks it down so the hunt continues here LOL

Glad the work is done and don't worry about future work. That is future. Ain't happening in the now. Keep yourself in the now. I am trying to do just that. No use worrying about tomorrow or 2 months from now. I realized doing that just f's up my day I am living in and makes me get that worry feeling and more LOL Let it go....just let it go and join me in the bucking of the system and not caring what the future holds....but yea, it best hold good crap for us, what we want and need...LOL

Hey all
just rolling along today. hit grocery for few sales they got happening and with my coupons, wow I save a ton on some things so gonna do that just to do it and stock up a bit.

tooth area getting better. pain when crap like that hits fast and hard but meds working. guts little wonky but not terrible.

kinda a do nothing day for me. nothing major planned. tidy up around the house but other than that, easy peasy. don't feel like doing much at all.

still doing my walking tape. doing the 2 mile easy walk. skipped a day here and there from my 'daily commitment' but I don't care. I am moving some with the tape and haven't given it up just yet LOL Today I will do the 2 miles this morning.

other than that....SOS day mostly.

great day all
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Old Yesterday, 07:13
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Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
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Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Good Morning!
Dang- add me to the club of a post that goes poof! GRHHHHHHH

I will be back- I am late for my work physical , blood dray, TB test and oh yes let me pee in a cup and hand over my first born!

Back in a bit-
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Old Yesterday, 12:02
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niccofive niccofive is offline
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Location: Central East Coast

Gosh Jaz, I am sorry to hear about your Mom. Not even sure what to say- is there mental illness or mild dementia on her part, or manipulation, or what her husband's involvement is or isn't...

I would forward the mail. You are going to be gone 13 weeks, that is three months and a bit. Why would you not? If you forwarded the mail, could your neighbor keep an eye on your house? Or could you pay her to do so?

Lori- Glad there seem to be better class options coming up for you. Also glad you are enjoying the running! Congrats to your DD on being VP - I sure would not want that job but I think it is great that she does!
I hope your peel goes well!

Trig- Glad you are feeling better slowly but surely. Good on you for getting your walks in with Leslie as well (like that? She's your Bud!) Feeling any Christmas spirit yet? Has DD asked for anything else since you finished your shopping?

Jaz, you will soon learn how close everything is up here. From my house in MD, I can be in PA, WV, DC, or VA in an hour. Of course, that is just crossing the border- it can take a long time to get across some states.

Blue- Love your memories of your Dad the fisherman. Very sweet.
I'm with you and taking a back seat for the rest of the season to try to slow down and embrace it.
I'll pursue things more come the new year.
You are doing better than me. The LC wagon has long left the station!

The past couple of days have had their share of annoying moments. I was going to do a bunch of gift wrapping yesterday but I could NOT find the gift wrap. It wasn't where it usually is in the storage area of the house.

Then, I went to go pick up something last night. I was exiting the shopping area and there is a fairly tight, curved exit to the right. I was going slowly but swung too wide, clipped the edge of the curb and my tire BLEW UP. Just POPPED. So I limped my car back to the parking lot and my DD was kind enough to get me and take me home. Then last night my DH found my wrapping paper and then this morning he put the spare on and followed me over to the mechanic so I could leave my car there. Took him an hour to change it out bc the spare is UNDER the car now.

So yeah, not the best day ever. BUT on the flip side, the Christmas letter is written and printed, the card is made and ordered, and I wrapped half the Christmas gifts this morning and will be wrapping the other half soon. I babysit tonight from 6-11, which is good because it can GO TOWARD NEW TIRES. Sigh.

Did I tell you that DS17 put most of our outdoor lights up? How sweet is that? Dh will finish whatever he doesn't get to tomorrow and he is also going to set up our giant new tv in the family room. So YAY for all of that.

Oh and another piece of good news- my phone randomly stopped working today but I popped out the SIM card and now it seems to be up and going again. I tell ya, I feel like everything is breaking at once!
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Old Yesterday, 18:32
Blue52 Blue52 is offline
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Stats: 238/187/175 Female 5'11"

Hi gals.

So I had this little mole on top of my head. About 2 weeks ago it felt swollen and sore. Then I hit my head on the high side bar on my car going over a pot hole and it really swole up. The swelling didn't go down, so I went to the doc's today feeling nervous.

Relieved to find out it was just a big ol cyst and bumping it hard made it super angry. So she lanced it. Pain numbing needle very painful, the rest just uncomfortable. But am happy that's all it was. So now I'm wearing a gauze band around my head that makes me look like Daffy Duck w/a bad tooth ache. And I got a flu shot.

Not feeling real great tonight, sore head, swimmy tummy, maybe from shot. So I'm in and out with a hi and bye. Going to have some dinner and climb in bed early, again. So not like me, but didn't sleep well last night at all, so hoping for a long cozy winter's sleep.
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Old Yesterday, 20:01
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
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Posts: 1,995
Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Hey ladies!

BLUE- Sorry about the head bump- but so glad not worse for wear or worse!!! Feel better!

NIC- I am not going to know how to act to get somewhere in an hour or less!!!!!!! Seriously!
I am very excited to see you and LORI- Lets PLAN!!!!!!

I hear on on having to fix stuff- that is THE most irritating part of having a home! Hope it is not too $$
May come Jan there will be sales!

Trig- did you get out and about today?

Lori- - see above- I can't wait to see you and Nic!!!!
Quick post- today has been relentless and productive. All stuff done for company- just a few little details to finish up. the big stuff, vaccine, check up, TB, drug test, back round, all happened today.
Super busy!
Ended in all good! -

Second thing I went ahead and took the condo 3/4 mile from beach and 7 minutes from hospital. I am surrounded by a beachy little nook and shops. they is a place called BIG FISH GRILL within walking distance! WINK- fist place I will be going!

I secured a GORGEOUS 3 full bedroom 2 bath all utlitlites for a song relative speaking. He did tell me he would not extent more than a week. He told me the unit gets 2000+ a WEEK IN SEASON. He also told me that if I were to extend I would need to consider the cost - I might not get something I could afford. I am getting this for 1600 a month. A fraction of what it goes for.

He said he wanted to rent to a nurse or doctor during the "off' months and offer services as a way to give back. Kitchen is all new with an island. It is much bigger than my doll house with a sit out included screened deck. It is on the 3nd flood- no elevator!!!
I had a 3nd floor apt the I fist moved down to Atlanta, 10 years ago. Back then I wasn't worried about having a heart attack in the stair well!
I am a bit concerned about Bella. I might need to carry her. But then again it will be good exercise for her as well.
It is so pretty- I wish I could share the link! Wait.......... Tomorrow I will find a way to send you a link so you all can see it.

I feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better that the job piece is 90% done and I have secured a really awesome place that is safe and in the beach area. Yes it is winter time- but it's still a little beach town and who knows I might meet the perfect person who might want to rent out their place to me later on if I want it.
first things first!!!!

Things are falling into place. mom came back and apologized and said she would watch my house. I really don't trust anyone having access to my house.
And to be honest some time away will be a good thing for mom and I . We need some space! It takes me right out of the holidays which would have been awkward - so an answer to that!

I am cool with a dinner out on Christmas and good bottle of merlot and call it a day!

I am starting to really get excited like this is a vacay!!!!! I know toss some work in there and all good!

till tomorrow ladies- Hey another 100% WOE day- granted it was not a great menu- hot dogs with onion and mustard. I was in a rush and didn't feel like cooking. Still have these pork chops for tomorrow

Sleep tight
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