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Fifty, Sexy and fit!! I made it!!
Posted by maggieb
Posted Fri, Mar-18-05
Female 5'2"
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 214/204/140
Progress: 14%
Location: Southwest Ontario
Default Fifty, Sexy and fit!! I made it!!

In October 2003 I was cleaning out my basement and found my graduation picture. I looked so young and full of life. But I remember thinking that day that I was fat! I was “maybe” 15 lbs overweight. Of course since that day I have become extremely obese.Since that time I have battled being overweight my whole life. I have made every excuse in the world and in the process 30 years have gone by! Most of those years I have been miserable because I was fat. I decided right then and there that I had to do something about it before my fiftieth birthday in 2005. At that point I was 5’1” and weighed 240lbs. AND HERE I AM!!!

I had heard about Low Carbing and Dr. Atkins. I bought the book and have never looked back. I have triplet 13 year old girls and they have helped me tremendously along with my husband. My husband and daughter Amanda do the grocery shopping and always look for any new LC products. Once I got over the initial shock to my system I have found low carbing amazingly easy to follow.Now mind you it has not been easy in this household…I have had to sit between three girls eating popcorn and chips while I much on egg salad and celery….that is when I visualize my skinny clothes in the closet and getting off my blood pressure meds. Both my parents had heart problems and died at a young age…I didn’t want to go that route!

I was never a big sweets eater. My biggest problem was potatoes, fast foods, popcorn and potato chips. The first few weeks were tough especially at night when I would sit down to watch TV. But once the pounds started to fall off it was more fun to eat right and see results!

After five months and 53 pounds gone I was ready to start exercising. I joined the local gym on my birthday in March of 2004. At first I hated it. It seemed like sheer torture. My muscles were screaming at me that this body was too old and fat and not ready for so much abuse. I had my own personal trainer for awhile and he was wonderful and very supportive. I told him I wanted to be fit and healthy by the time I was fifty.

It is now March 2005 and I just turned 50 and I made my goal! I have never felt better in my entire life. Friends and family that haven’t seen me since I lost the weight don’t recognize me! They say I look years younger!! My membership at the gym expired and after much debate I decided rather than renewing it I would setup a home gym. I found I was singing out loud while on the treadmill to my MP3 tunes which is frowned on by members of the gym ( and you look kind of silly) and there was ALWAYS a wait for equipment. Somedays it was a real chore to get out of the house to get there. Motivation is not a problem and I have the space in my rec room. Now I can sing ,dance, grunt and groan while I exercise and no one looks at me oddly.

Since starting Atkins in October 2003 I have lost 10 clothes sizes and 108 lbs! I now weigh 132 lbs! Atkins way of life has been the easiest way of dieting I have ever found! It is not a diet to me any more. It is my new way of eating. I no longer even think about eating. It just is….

Some of the things in my life that I can do now that I never would have dreamed of doing before: playing basketball with my kids, roller blading, going on roller coaster rides and not worrying about fitting in the seats, sitting in booths in restaurants, swimming, wearing shorts, shopping for clothes and really and truly enjoying it every minute of it!.

I am now so much healthier my doctor can’t believe it. My blood pressure was 140/100 before I started Lcing and it is now 100/70 and my Cholesteral has gone from 205 to 169, my Triglycerides from 58 to 40, my HDL from 43 to 47 and my LDL from 132 to 107.

I recommend Atlins as a way of life. It sure has changed mine!

I have to mention how wonderful this board has been and all the people who belong!!! I could not have done it without them. For all newbies to low carbing...keep coming to this forum!!! It will be an enormous help and support....when I started I was on here sometimes 4-5 times a day.....Thanks everyone!!!!
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by niudog on Sat, Mar-19-05, 06:20

Awesome story!!! Thanks for sharing!!!
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