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Old Sun, Nov-17-02, 20:33
Spang Spang is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 145
Plan: New Glucose Revolution (ex Montignacer!)
Stats: 155/125/120
Progress: 86%

Welcome to our newly revived fold, Bingo!

Hmmm... heartburn and gas...

I've read somewhere (and I forget right now, but it would have been in one of my montignac / "pick your carbs right" books) that you should always try and drink plenty of water with fiber to lessen the "gaseous side effects" of fibre.... Plus, if you are cooking stuff like lentils / pulses / wild rice and such, it aparently helps to change the cooking water. I've no idea if that works, as I've not noticed a change for me as I've not had that problem before - but it may work for you...

As for heartburn - I've noticed that I used to get heartburn before I went on the diet, but it has stopped since on the diet - except for rare occasions now. However - I drink a lot of milk, so the calcium may help that (I drink it with my dark chocolate - instead of cookies Sorry, I can't help on that one.

On the occassions that I deviate (either self imposed croissant moments, or slips when eating dinner out) I do get the carb coma effect
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Old Mon, Nov-18-02, 10:32
bingo bingo is offline
New Member
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Plan: Montignac
Stats: 142/130/122
Progress: 60%
Location: Brooklyn

Thanks for the tips, everybody.

Spang, I'm not sure what you mean by 'change the cooking water'?

I've been paying attention this weekend, and it's certainly brought on my my best friends, the beans and lentils. Also, garlic, which I've never had a bad reaction to before, and so probably some other spices as well. I've been tempering them with carbs so they don't land too hard in what my body must perceive as an empty (ie, carb-free) stomach.

Isn't is amazing how even a good and healthy diet requires so much of your time and energy? My friends must be getting pretty bored with hearing me talk about Montigac.
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Old Mon, Nov-18-02, 12:10
Angeline's Avatar
Angeline Angeline is offline
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Plan: Atkins (loosely)
Stats: -/-/- Female 60
Progress: 40%
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

2 tips which I heard about but have never tried.

I was told that freezing the bean/lentil dish after it's cooked will lessen the gas problem. If all else fails, there is always Beano

Also regarding garlic. I was told that what makes garlic indigestible to some people is the germ. To solve that problem cut the garlic clove in two and remove and discard the "heart" located at the center.
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Old Mon, Nov-18-02, 12:26
Spang Spang is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 145
Plan: New Glucose Revolution (ex Montignacer!)
Stats: 155/125/120
Progress: 86%

Hey Bingo

Sorry to be obtuse! By "changing the cooking water" - If you are cooking lentils / beans in water for, say, 30 minutes - the book suggests that you change the water you are cooking the lentils in half way through.

e.g. - pan on stove with uncooked lentils and water to cook them in, you have to cook for a total of 30 mins (or whatever). Instead of cooking for 30 mins in the same water - cook for 15 mins, strain the water out, and replace with clean water, and continue cooking for 15 more mins.

Does that make sense? It may be worth a try - who knows, it may help. I've never tried it myself as it seems like a bit of a hassle just to cook some beans!

I spend half of my spare time cooking or shopping for food... and my roommates are going mad with me talking about it! I don't think one of them will forgive me for looking enviously at popcorn she had made herself, and saying "that is SO VERY bad for you" - I've learned to keep quiet, just to remain friends! LOL

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Old Fri, Feb-28-03, 06:27
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KoKo KoKo is offline
Stepford Malfunction
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Plan: FatFlush inspired
Stats: 143.5/132/130 Female 62.5 inches
Progress: 85%
Location: Ontario Canada
Smile keeping this post recent for reference

In doing a search for something I came up with this and it has such good info for a beginner like me that I thought it a good idea to keep it current

Originally posted by 02BSlim
Hello Jan

I looked at several of the Michel Montignac books before I started the plan including: Dine out and lose weight (the first of his books), The Montignac Method - Just for women, Recipes & Menus and Eat yourself slim...and stay slim!. I think the last book is the best. It cost 12 (about US$18) in the UK (no tax on books here). The Just for Women book was the same price, but contained a lot less information.

Banned foods include: Sugar, potatoes, beetroot (beets?) cooked carrots, rice, turnips, parsnip, pumpkin, swede (rudabaga?) gnocchi, sweet corn, millet, pastas, noodles or macaronis, ravioli, lasagne, maltodextrine, aspartame, processed mayonnaise, tomato ketchup, puff pastry, quiches, pancakes, souffles, blinds, toasts, croutons, pizzas, doughnuts, cheese fondue, filter or instant coffee, sodas and diet sodas, bananas, melon, popcorn, industrial orange juice, chestnut, cystallised fruit, tinned (canned) fruit salad, all bread except wholemeal organic bread (feed labels carefully), honey, maple syrup, all buns, cakes, cookies.

I've tried to put the American names for foods alongside those used in Europe/Australasia, but if I have them wrong, my apologies.

My typical day's menu would be:

Breakfast: Large oat porridge (oatmeal) made on the stove with skim milk. No added sweetener except four organic dried apricots which I had chopped small and soaked overnight. Three cups of weak black tea, but water is probably better, but the English couldn't live without their tea! This doesn't differ much from my normal breakfast. You could instead have a peach (eat any fruit at least 30 mins before other food) a slice of wholemeal bread, sugar free jam (jelly) made without sugar, sweetener or grape juice (fructose is okay), weak tea or if you can't live without it, decaffeinated coffee with skim milk.

Lunch: any vegetable except the ones mentioned above, lentils, quinoa (a bit like rice when cooked) any fish or shell fish, eggs, meat (there are some banned meats such as sausages), poultry. Avoid the skin of poultry, fatty cuts of meat and breaded or battered fish are banned. I am having tomatoes, cos (romaine) lettuce, red capsicum (bell pepper) and drained tuna for lunch with some leftover quinoa, to which I will probably add some lemon juice, balsamic vinegar or soy sauce to pep up the flavour

Dinner: use the guidelines for lunch, but lunch is typically a larger meal (not always in my case). Tonight I plan to start with a tomato and basil salad, then have a good sized salmon fillet (cooked in tinfoil (aluminium) in the oven seasoned with coriander (cilantro), black pepper and a slice of lemon. With it I will have courgette (zucchini), new season's asparagus with almonds and a green lentil sludge which tastes better than it looks. I will cook the lentils up with some flavourings and probably add some finely chopped chillis and spring onion (scallions). Green lentils have a low glycemic index. I also have a little bit of leftover tomato from last night which I might have as well. I sweated an onion in the pot with a smigden of olive oil, then added a tin of tomatoes, then some sliced capsicum and button mushrooms. I might also have a small glass of wine (allowed). It sounds a lot but I won't eat a huge amount, however I try not to eat after dinner in the evening and this should keep me going until breakfast. Immediately after dinner I brush my teeth. I also drink water or boiling water with a bit of lemon squeezed in during the evening, but not with my meal. In Europe we typically eat our evening meal later than in the US. Normally I wouldn't eat before 8:30pm, but now I am trying to eat by 7:00pm (five hours before bedtime).

If I get peckish during the day I might have some fruit and or nuts, but remember not to eat the fruit at the same as anything else. You don't eat as much fat as the Atkins diets, and the method of cooking affects the glycemic index of some foods.

I'd also advise you to check glycemic indices on the web. There is a very good Australian one, and I will send you a link if I can find it.

I hope this helps. By the way, the diet is easy to follow, It is popular in Europe and also in the French speaking parts of Canada and Australasia. Famous devotees of Montignac include Kylie Minogue. Why don't you go to your local bookshop and flick through Montignac's books to see if they suit you before purchasing.
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