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Old Tue, Jun-18-13, 14:16
want2Bskny want2Bskny is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 496
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 170/168/140 Female 68.5 inches
Progress: 7%
Location: New York
Default Always a struggle at birthday parties

I have 3 girls, ages 8, 7 and 4. It seems that we are always getting invited to a kiddie birthday party, or are having one ourselves!!

Whenever I am able to abstain from the cake and the pizza, I always feel so deprived. Usually I hold out during the party, but then soon thereafter I also usually delve into some kind of binge either later or the next day and seem to sabotage myself anyway.

Tonight I am making a birthday dinner for my father. The menu is fish tacos and I can easily stay away from the tortilla and the rice and beans.

My problem will be the chocolate cake. I am already thinking about it and wanting to have a piece of cake.

I am in my second week of a semi induction by the way, I've been very clean except for 90% dark chocolate - a few squares at night, and two small sugar filled candies that I couldn't seem to help. My resistance is fairly strong, but I know I will be faced with everyone eating the chocolate cake but me and that makes me feel upset.
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Old Tue, Jun-18-13, 15:55
livinright livinright is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,023
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 264/158/125 Female 64inches
Progress: 76%
Location: Florence, KY

Check out the recipe section for substitute ideas. Here's 2 full of sweets.
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Old Fri, Aug-30-13, 15:14
JustAGirl JustAGirl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 743
Plan: Paleo
Stats: 110/107/105 Female 63
Progress: 60%
Location: usa

I recommend the LC chocolate cakes.
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Old Fri, Aug-30-13, 16:21
Nancy LC's Avatar
Nancy LC Nancy LC is offline
Posts: 25,865
Plan: DDF
Stats: 202/185.4/179 Female 67
Progress: 72%
Location: San Diego, CA

Make yourself a treat. Or, even better, start making everyone the best possible low carb desserts.

If nothing else, get a bar of 85% chocolate and eat that (or a few squares) with a hot, sweet tea or cup of coffee (non-caloric sweetener, of course).

Final tip: Say to yourself "poison" every time you see cake or something you're tempted by.
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Old Mon, Feb-15-16, 19:22
Groovegirl's Avatar
Groovegirl Groovegirl is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 286
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 171/151/143 Female 68 inches
Progress: 71%
Location: Grove City, Ohio

I have the same issue with my 4 and 6 year olds. Somehow these parties produce the best cakes I've ever seen. Linda's low carb website at has been a life saver for me with substitution ideas.
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Old Mon, Feb-15-16, 19:48
GreekRibs's Avatar
GreekRibs GreekRibs is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 2,747
Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 212/169/150 Female 5'9"
Progress: 69%
Location: Saskatchewan

I'm super impressed with moms who are also bakers.
Glad there's some low carb baking options for you.
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Old Mon, Feb-15-16, 20:11
MickiSue MickiSue is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 8,006
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 189/148.6/145 Female 5' 5"
Progress: 92%
Location: Twin Cities, MN
Default has some of the most amazing recipes that are actually delicious, from a young mom with T1D.

But the biggest thing is that you believe that eating low carb is depriving you of something. It's not. Eating carby, sugary and grainy foods deprives you of control over your appetite: those chocolate squares may have led to the small piece of candy. And the longer we keep eating the things we crave, even in reduced amounts, the more we continue to crave them.

I know you know this is true. Because it's what every danged low fat/low calorie diet has us do. And sooner or later, we cave, and regain all the weight we lost, and then some.

If you can tell yourself that you will eat ZERO foods that are not on the induction list for 7 days, and do it, you'll feel so much better!

And, really, if you have little kids, there are all sorts of things that you do that you are not in love with, but they And they need doing indefinitely. Try sticking 100% to induction for a week.

Then see how you feel, and if you're up for another week.

Let us know, too, OK?
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Old Tue, Feb-16-16, 11:02
Robin120's Avatar
Robin120 Robin120 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,140
Plan: low carb
Stats: 171/125/145 Female 5'9
Progress: 177%
Location: DC

treat yourself to a super flattering, FITTED top or jeans....if i am in a social setting and conscious of not bloating up, i don't feel temptation.
Plus, if people are complimenting your outfit and "have you lost weight?" I think you wouldn't reach for that cake, as you tell them about the amazing low carb program you started.
I would DEFINITELY bring a low carb treat to share, whether it is sweet or something like spinach and creamcheese stuffed mushrooms or bacon wrapped asparagus....just something to enjoy and feel like you get to indulge without going off your plan.
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Old Tue, Feb-16-16, 16:08
JEY100's Avatar
JEY100 JEY100 is offline
Posts: 13,440
Plan: P:E/DDF
Stats: 225/150/169 Female 5' 9"
Progress: 134%
Location: NC

Some ideas for food for kids party...this and the previous linked party below this post..soooo cute!:

And search Pinterest for Paleo Kids party, lunches, etc. such clever ideas.
More here:
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Old Tue, Feb-16-16, 16:22
ojoj's Avatar
ojoj ojoj is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,184
Plan: atkins
Stats: 210/126/127 Female 5ft 7in
Progress: 101%
Location: South of England

I've got used to not eating the cakes etc. They just make me feel fat, bloated, sick and I start to get IBS and aching joints and nowadays I think they're probably sickly sweet. I can honestly say that any pleasure from the taste wouldnt be worth the hassle afterwards

Jo xxx
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