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Old Sat, Aug-19-17, 02:47
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Plan: atkins
Stats: 238/238/182 Male 5'8 inches
Default gallbladder pain

I have been battling fatty liver disease for a number of years,

recent blood tests show reduce liver enzymes have come down, and I have managed to lose more weight, positive signs

but, I keep getting this right flank pain, is like a dull ache, and then at times, I get a sharp acute shooting pain which can run through to stomach

after MRI scan on liver, results show I have small, multiple cysts, but consultant said this could be hereditary

endoscopy inspection down throat showed slight stomach irritation, but nothing else

the pain has got worse, more frequent, is almost there all the time now,

I was in emergency room at hospital on Monday, nearly passed out at work, sweaty , blood was drained from face (as described by colleagues), tight chest, increased pulse,

ECG and blood pressure tests were ok at the time the paramedic took them, some 45 minutes after my first symptoms, first aider had settled me down fair bit by the time he arrived,

bloods at hospital showed a viral infection, ( I do not have hepatitis),

blood sugar was ok,

I have been feeling worse recently, more light headiness, pains in chest

I have also developed GERD, which may explain the chest pains too, they are brief, but shooting from middle of chest to left hand side,

think some of this could be vagus nerve stimulation (relating to the GERD), I had large polyp taken out of colon last December, and ever since I have been not feeling that well,

this right flank pain is becoming more debilitating, and obstructive to my daily life,

last night I had another attack, feeling faint, sick, right side pain

supplements, I have been taking olive leaf extract, and some oregano oil (not that often thought with this one)

I am going to push for a HIDA scan

I have 3 questions :

1. have you had similar symptoms, and if so was it your gallbladder

2. how did you resolve your gallbladder pain

3. is olive leaf extract, oil of oregano safe for liver/gallbladder

thanks in advance
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Old Sat, Sep-23-17, 11:49
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 202/179/175 Female 5 feet 5 inches
Progress: 85%
Default Right flank pain

I now this is probably a stupid question to ask, but have they checked you for appendicitis?
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Old Thu, Feb-08-18, 14:23
Joanna J Joanna J is offline
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 124/122/113 Female 62 "
Progress: 18%
Location: Maryland

If you had abdominal ultrasound to look at liver, they must have also evaluated your gallbladder, because they are close together. If they saw anything abnormal they would have told you. I had similar pain although it was just one time and not all the time. It turned out that i had kidney stones. Passing kidney stone is excruciating.
Did your doctor check for kidney stones?
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Old Mon, Feb-26-18, 00:29
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nawchem nawchem is online now
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Plan: No gluten, CAD
Stats: 196.0/167.0/149.0 Female 62
Progress: 62%

I have expected to have my gallbladder removed some day. I get the pain under my ribs, really severe, it happened every time I ate nachos at this one restaurant on my weekly cheat day. They loaded up on cheese, sour cream and guacamole but it seemed to be the nachos since I always ate high fat. I eventually I cut the meal in half and could it eat it without pain. The other time involved being gifted with fudge after being true to LC a few months.

Seriously HC LC doesn't work for my gallbladder.

I occasionally get gerd on LC from eating tuna or salmon or anytime I eat wheat. I've made this weird discovery that grapes and blueberries make my digestion system happy.

I think you should pursue the stomach irritation, Enterolabs does the IgE IgG tests together. What about the virus- did they say it was what's hurting you? I've always heard milk thistle is good for your liver.
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Old Fri, May-25-18, 09:03
janetkind janetkind is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 563
Plan: my own ~ fasting.
Stats: 178/134/110 Female 4ft.11
Progress: 65%

I just had my gall bladder removed last week.
It was only working at 3% instead of the 40% it should be.
They took out through the belly button.
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