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Old Wed, Jun-05-19, 10:16
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Just compared nutrition facts from the CMK Allulose sold by Amazon to Table Sugar. The carb content of 1tsp is 4.0 for Allulose and 4.2 for Table Sugar. In 1tsp, there are 0 calories for Allulose and 16 for Table Sugar. Since Allulose is purported to cause no increase in blood sugar, this makes sense. However, the number of teaspoons one uses in a recipe or anything else has the potential to get the carb count up considerably. Anyone have some supporting information here? Not sure I want to increase my carbs just for a sweet taste.
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Old Wed, Jun-05-19, 13:18
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As I understand it, something like 2/3rd to 3/4ths of allulose passes thru the body undigested and is excreted in the urine. So, the undigested carbs don't affect the body and can go uncounted.

However, there have to be SOME micro-organisms out there that can and do break down allulose molecules to release energy and return the carbon and oxygen in allulose to elemental form....otherwise, since allulose IS a naturally occurring molecule, over millennia it would eventually build up in the environment until it was no longer a "rare" molecule.

One concern I have is that, if we put enough allulose into our digestive systems, organisms that can break down allulose may (and probably eventually WILL) colonize our digestive systems. If that happens, then at the very least, more allulose energy WILL be released within our bodies making it available to US. I.e., the useable calories in allulose will rise.

This would be similar to the way micro-organisms within our digestive tract break down some of the otherwise non-digestible fiber that we eat, making some of those calories available to us.

What other side effects might become apparent as one's digestive system is colonized by more allulose-eating micro-organisms is anyone's guess.

Truth is, I suspect some people already have a larger number of allulose-eating micro-organisms in their digestive tracts that other people have... which is why some people excrete only 2/3rds of the allulose they consume while others excrete as much as 3/4th.

I've often wondered if differences in the composition of our gut microbiota could explain why some people can consume so many more calories than others without gaining weight.

Maybe a calorie really IS a calorie... but only if we can figure out how to only count the calories released by DIGESTED foods and don't count those that a particular person's gut simply cannot digest.
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