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Old Sun, Jul-22-18, 09:27
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Thumbs up 10 things no one Tells You About Weight Loss

I too can relate, especially the loose skin issue
" ... trapped in a body that reminds me every day of what I did to myself."

Of course we all know the best solution is to never lose control of your youthful weight/shape in the 1st place!
Ever since I can remember, I was heavy. The majority of my life was spent being overweight.
Thereís a lot of changes that come with losing a drastic amount of weight. Theyíre just as much emotional as they are physical and they affect every aspect of your life. From daily interactions, relationships to hard realizations, Iíll tell you the 10 things Iíve had to find out for myself.

Bonus: 5 common 'paleo' mistakes

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Old Sun, Jul-22-18, 09:52
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Courageous young woman!!

Thru the process of extreme weight loss, she found her voice and her inner strength. And while she lost friends, she discovered they were only drinking buddies, not true friends; and rediscovered real friends and family.

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Old Sun, Jul-22-18, 10:31
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Thanks for posting link to wholekitchensink. Interesting website.
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Old Sun, Jul-22-18, 20:57
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What a wonderful post - Thanks for sharing
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Old Sun, Jul-22-18, 23:56
Jools16 Jools16 is offline
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What an amazing article. Thanks for posting. Jools 😎
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Old Wed, Aug-01-18, 14:39
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Great article. I particularly love this section:

Holiday food is another one where certain people will take offense to your refusal to indulge. I call them Food Pushers. Youíll learn to pick them out because theyíre constantly telling you, ďoh come on, you can just have a little!Ē or ďyou can eat _____! Itís Christmas/Grandmaís birthday/Easter!Ē

Well, no. For starters, Iím around temptations constantly and I donít appreciate having added ones from my family and friends. That being said, Iíve learned the hard way how to avoid offending anyone in these situations, especially if they were the one who made the food they are trying to push. I often simply respond with Iíve already ate or Iíll try it later. Iíve even just plain lied and said that I already did try it, always thanking them for offering.

hahahahah good advice.

Youíll start to unconsciously judge people for their food choices and worry that people are judging you for yours

Iíve learned that I find myself judging people, usually random strangers, for their food choices. Not on purpose and not in a mean way. Really, not in a mean way at all. More out of concern and wishing I could tell them how much better theyíd feel because Iíve been there and I know what itís like. When I catch myself thinking these things about these people I donít even know, my heart instantly sinks. I donít know their relationship with food, if theyíre trying to make healthier choices and I caught them on an off day or where they are in their own health journey but I do know I have no business in any of it.

I never say anything, because when I was 300 pounds, those people who were always talking about their dietary choices drove me craaaazy. I didnít care about anyoneís totally-amazing-gluten-free-totally-healthy-way-of-life and I definitely didnít want them to talk to me about it. I always wondered back then why everyone who was gluten free seemed to feel the need to tell everyone else that they were, too. Now, well, now I kind of understand. I just want to share what Iíve learned and hope that maybe it helps someone else change their life like I did.

I'm guilty of this, for sure. I enthuse about the LC lifestyle if the subject of diet comes up. Now thinking if I should just stay mum unless someone specifically asks me for my advice. (But why would she ask, if I don't let slip that I've lost xx lbs doing an LC diet?)

Never occurred to me that my enthusiasm could come across as obnoxious.

Also love her section about how now, after she's lost all that weight, that's mostly what people talk to her about. Compliment her about. It gets wearying (for her, not for me, LOL). When did it become polite to comment on a person's size? It's not, "What a lovely dress!" or "You look so stylish." But, "Wow! You've lost so much weight!" Isn't it still rude to get too personal in polite conversation?
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Old Tue, Aug-07-18, 21:16
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Ms Arielle Ms Arielle is offline
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Posts: 8,938
Plan: atkins
Stats: 247/217/153 Female 5'8"
Progress: 32%
Location: Massachusetts

Just looked thru the bonus link--- the 5 mistakes of paleo eating. An interesting comentary... how the food choices by the mis informed are problematic in the face of weight loss. Ya, too much fruit. Ya, maple syrup and honey. ANd the othe r3 that round out the 5 are a mish-mash.

On honey and maple syrup-- in the real world of hunter-gather, both items are very limited. One hive, provides a limited number of pounds. ANd if anyone has made maple syrup--sap only runs if the nights are cold and the late winter days are warm. More recent years have not filled this requirement. Also self limiting sweet treat.

I was happy to see butter is a basic requirement, yay, in addition to olive oil. Co is also a staple in my kitchen. While some could argue that co is not paleo, the same could be said of the foods that are bigger and better ( sweeter) than the original wild version.

THat aside, it is easy to create limits in any "diet" and make it an unhealthy option and and unsuccesful version if one doesnt learn more about food, what it is, it's history, and how it is bred, fed, cooked and canned.
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