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Old Mon, Apr-24-06, 20:20
lady66 lady66 is offline
New Member
Posts: 21
Plan: Vegetarian Atkins
Stats: 127/100/90 Female 61
Progress: 73%

The website above is wrong, it's

I love morningstar farms!!
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Old Mon, Apr-24-06, 20:23
lady66 lady66 is offline
New Member
Posts: 21
Plan: Vegetarian Atkins
Stats: 127/100/90 Female 61
Progress: 73%


Where do you shop to buy Loma Linda and Worthington Brand vegetarian meats? I have checked Walmart and I donít remember seeing those brands.
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Old Tue, Apr-25-06, 04:16
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Paleoanth Paleoanth is offline
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Location: Tennessee/Iowa

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Old Tue, Apr-25-06, 07:26
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SaphhireX SaphhireX is offline
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Plan: Vegetaian Low Carb
Stats: 318/294.6/115 Female 64
BF:Over 65%
Progress: 12%
Location: Indiana

Sorry about the wrong website. I've only found a FEW Wal-mart supercenters that carry them. But You might check the other websites others provided or search online for Loma Linda or Worthington Meats, as well as asking the local Seventh Day Adventist church. Hope this helps...
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Old Tue, Apr-25-06, 19:04
lady66 lady66 is offline
New Member
Posts: 21
Plan: Vegetarian Atkins
Stats: 127/100/90 Female 61
Progress: 73%

Thanks! I will check some other wal marts out
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Old Tue, Jan-15-08, 02:53
parenthere parenthere is offline
New Member
Posts: 4
Plan: my own
Stats: 190/172/148 Female 5'8"
Default Recipes/menus for Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian Induction

Originally Posted by LindyJane
I was just wondering if anyone has a vegetarian menu plan for the induction stage of the Atkinís diet. I have been LC for a while but would really like to try this plan.


Veganism is just too restrictive for Atkins. You would be eating way too much carb from the vegetable and soy-based diet.
Here are my meal plans for following a lacto-ovo vegetarian Induction.

You'll want to choose carfully from the below options, which will generally keep you in the 20-grams of carbs per day limit required of Atkins Induction. (PS-I trust for all my nutritional info.)

Option 1: 1/2 of an avacado with 1 tbsp chopped tomato and combined with a pinch of citric acid (available in most health food store spice isles) mixed with 2 tsps of water and served on a thin slice of tofu that has been well drained on paper towel and then sauteed lightly in veg oil or butter.
Option 2: Soy protein isolate shake with vanilla or coconut flavoring and a 2:1 ratio of cream and water (sweetened with 1/2 packet of splenda). It's actually very good.
Option 3: 2 fried eggs and 2 rashers of Fakin Bacon (tempeh strips), half serving of Atkins Zucchini bread, de-caff coffee or tea with cream
Snack 1/2 celery stick with almond nut butter
Option 1: Homemade asian-style seitan stir-fry in a hot/sweet) marinade, and sprinkled lightly with soy nuts for crunch. Serve over 3/4 cup sauted mixture of sauteed bok choy cabbage (must be bok choy) and shaved celery strips.
Option 2: Morningstar Farms grillers, sliced thin and dipped in homemade spicy red-pepper salsa. 2 small cubes of soy cheese (about half a serving), 2 asparagus spears, 1/2 cup zucchini, or green beans.
Option 1: 1/3 cup red pepper strips, 1/3 cup cubanelle pepper, 1/3 cup cucumber, mixed with homemade white vinegar, Splenda and citric acid vinegarette.
Option 2: The above, but decrease to 2/3 cup, and dip in 2 tbsps of low-carb ranch dressing.
Option 1: Typically, just a big vegetable salad (about 2 cups), mixed with boiled egg, seitan, tofu, or other low-carb/fiber full meat alternatives, a cube of soy cheese if using an oil and vinegar dressing, otherwise I use a no-carb bleu cheese dressing. In the morning, I will sometimes cook up extra Fakin Bakin and crumble that on top with a few slivered almonds. Easy.
Option 2: 3 soups that are low-carb
1-1 cup of homemade thick and hearty spicy "blackbean" soup (made with 1/2 cup canned soy beans, mixed with 2 tsps onion, 1 tbsp celery, 1 tbsps chopped cubanelle pepper, white vinegar, chili spice and black pepper for flavorings, and vegetable stock as the base. Fills up and has a lot of fiber.
2- cups Mushroom soup made with 2 cups raw mushrooms sauteed in butter, 2 tsps diced onion, 1 cup cream and 2 cups vegetable stock or 2 cups water mixed with 1/3 cup vinegar (sounds gross, but works as a stock in a pinch). Thicken with soy protein isolate or with a very small amount of xantham gum.
3-Asian miso soup with tofu (any homeade or canned vegetarian-style will do, as it's typically very low in carbs. But be sure to check the label on any pre-prepared foods for hidden carbs).
4-Vegetarian egg drop soup using Asian-spice Vegetable stock, egg, and vegetables
5-The onion soup on Atkins' website, made with vegetable broth and gruyere cheese (for lacto diets)
Option 3:
Soy bean, seitan, or mexican-spice seasoned tofu "burrito", using a low-carb wrap and 1/2 cup fibrous vegetables, lightly sauteed, and topped with soy cheese. Use any of the Atkins-friendly seasonings you want.
Option 4: Chicken Tikka Masala
Top 1 cup grilled, seasoned chicken breast "grillers" (Morningstar Farm) with 1/2 cup crushed, stewed tomatoes, juice from 1 wedge of lemon, 3 Tbsps water or vegetable stock, 2 tbsps full-fat cream, spice mixture (to taste) of cumin, coriander, cilantro, garlic, paprika, salt and pepper. Serve over a 1/2 cup of "riced" bok-choy that has been sauteed in butter and tossed with toasted almond slices (buy pre-made or make yourself).

Option 1- Atkins carb advantage protein bread that I will use for dipping into any of the soups above.
Option 2- A cheese course (if the food choices for the whole day permit it), served with de-caff coffee with cream
Option 3- The chocolate cream pots recipe in Atkins Essentials.
Option 4- An Atkins Advantage low-carb soynut bar. Some books say that the Advantage "dessert" bars are no-no during induction, I think it's okay, as long as you stay below your 20 grams of net carbs a day. Most of the dessert bars have just 2 net carbs.
Option 5- Cream cheese cinnamon tofu "cheese cake." I use this when I'm craving a quick sweet and my carb count for the day permits it. Note: this is for cinnamon lovers, but you can substitute your favorite baking spice, as long as it's Atkins approved.
Slice a 1/2" portion of tofu from the block. Drain and press between towels to strain all liquid from tofu. Butter both sides, and sprinkle very lightly with 1/4 tsp. of Splenda and sprinkle with cinnamon. Place on a pan in the toaster oven and toast on lightest setting, turning over to toast both sides. In the meantime, mix together 1 tbsp. of cream cheese with an additonal sprinkling (1/4 tsp) of ground cinnamon. Pulse grind 2 tbsps of soy nuts in coffee grinder until it resembles cornmeal. Place ground nuts in a pan over very low heat with 2 tsps of butter and 1 tsp. flaked, toasted wheat germ. Sautee gently over lowest heat until butter is incorporated and nuts and wheat germ are lightly browned. Remove from heat and sprinkle in a pinch of Splenda, mixing well. Spread cream cheese onto toasted tofu and top with the nutty mix, pressing it into the cream cheese. I usually enjoy this with a cup of black de-caff coffee while on induction. It has gotten me over some difficult periods when I was really craving something sweet and was ready to quit Induction altogether.

Last edited by parenthere : Tue, Jan-15-08 at 02:58.
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Old Fri, Jan-25-08, 09:08
diana55's Avatar
diana55 diana55 is offline
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Location: Upstate, N.Y.

Hi guys,

I just started looking around this area of the forum .. and it seems this is more where I belong.

I started Atkins induction and lost 10 pounds, but couldn't keep up the 'meat' either. I also couldn't do so many eggs ... I was feeling very sick to my stomach most of the time, and knew there had to be another way.

I'm not totally vegan, I still eat dairy products, butter, cheese, etc. I'm also not opposed to fish here and there and a 'bit' of meat ... but I'd rather try and do less meat and more vegetarian choices.

I also was raised with the Worthington and Loma Linda products, so I do like them .. I just always thought they contained too many carbs. Now I see there are some choices that have low carbs, so I'll start buying them again. I live near the church conferance office, where they sell them. :-)

My biggest problems is that I have health issues that cause me to be very tired and have very little energy to cook. I dont' have allot of energy to prepare, slice, chop, dice, etc ... so need ideas for how I can eat ... preparing foods quickly and easily. Any ideas?

I suffer from depression too, so as you can see, I need something to be easy and quick, and that I can stay with, without getting discouraged and giving up again. I gained back the 10 pounds I lost from Atkins ... and want to start again, maybe not Atkins per say, but lower carbs, more vegan ideas, and be able to include some 'good' carbs, as in 'good' bread and fruit.

Thanks a bunch!
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Old Fri, Jan-25-08, 14:59
tuscany tuscany is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 161
Plan: PP-Vegetarian; now SB veg
Stats: 143/130/115 Female 61
Progress: 46%

I would recommend against too many morningstar type products & soy in general. With morningstar, the occasional use was fine, but once I started eating lot of it when I started LC, it started giving me stomach problems after a while. I gave those up, but still continued with soy. However, I was recently diagnosed with graves disease (thyriod disease). Could be absolute coincidence, but I have to wonder if the preponderance of soy in my diet caused problems. I still use tofu & tempeh, just not the quantities I used to and no manufactured products at all.

Regarding depression, I suffer from it too a little, but I have noticed that since increasing the fat & lowering the carbs, I have way less of it, so I definitely recommend LC.

If you can do a mix of eggs, fish, meat, tofu/tempeh & vegetables, you should be good. I hear that frozen vegetables can be microwave cooked in a hurry - no chopping/prepping required!
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Old Sat, Jan-26-08, 15:39
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Gaelen Gaelen is offline
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Plan: Protein Power
Stats: 216/166/150 Female 60 inches
Progress: 76%
Location: CNY

Hi, Diana55...Atkins isn't the only way to do low carb, so if going as low as the 20g/day of Atkins induction was too hard to maintain, be aware that you can also do Protein Power at 40g ECC per day. PP is very vegetarian friendly, so whether you're vegetarian every day every meal, or just once in awhile, it's pretty easy to get the protein and fats you need and turn your diet to the things you prefer eating (as long as those things aren't Hostess Twinkies, that is )

If you're up for dairy products, things like cottage cheese or ricotta and a 1/4 cup or so of unsweetened berries are a great meal anytime of day. Adding chunks of tofu (either plain or preseasoned) to a cup or so of frozen veggies is a quick and easy microwave or stir-fry meal. Bagged salad plus chopped protein (preseasoned tofu chunks, chopped hard cooked eggs, a package of tuna) is no cooking at all.

You can do this.
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