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Old Sun, Aug-20-17, 16:43
Godhelpme Godhelpme is offline
New Member
Posts: 4
Plan: I don't know
Stats: 189/181/150 Female 5'9
Default So I Cheated, What Now?

I started low-carbing a month or so ago and realized I was doing it wrong. So about 3 weeks ago I started it hardcore, cutting out everything I shouldn't eat or drink. After losing about 8-10 lbs give or take depending on the day, I completely fell off the wagon. My family kept this cake around and I gave myself the pleasure of 1 bite- then that turned into 4. I topped it all off with a glass of chocolate milk. To make matters worse, I got on the scale and found out that I somehow gained four pounds! Yay. I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I had to. I feel like complete shit (am I allowed to say that?) I want to cry and I feel like I completely bumped myself out of ketosis, if I was even in it and am going to have to do everything over again. It is so frustrating having a family who treats junk food as if it's their lord and savior. I feel like I'll never truly lose weight. What should I do now?
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Old Sun, Aug-20-17, 16:58
cotonpal's Avatar
cotonpal cotonpal is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,208
Plan: very low carb real food
Stats: 245/128/135 Female 62
Progress: 106%
Location: Vermont

Originally Posted by Godhelpme
What should I do now?

Go back and start over again. Beating yourself up doesn't help. Figure out a way that helps you resist cravings. I tell myself that I don't eat poison (which is what high carb foods are for me) and that I am not my cravings. Instead of giving in to them I just watch them arise and then watch them dissipate, which they will do if you just don't give them any energy. It's definitely harder when your home is filled with junk food but it can be done. Giving in to a craving does not make you a bad person but if you want to follow a low carb diet you have to find a way to resist the cravings. There are temptations all around. Observe your triggers and figure out what you need to do to get beyond them.

I notice that you have not read any books and you don't follow a specific plan. It will really help you to do some reading and follow a plan. A good place to start is

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Old Sun, Aug-20-17, 19:26
madeyna's Avatar
madeyna madeyna is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 933
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 168/128/130 Female 5.3
Progress: 105%

Off plans food happen just move forward from there. Don't wait until the next day or week to get back on plan do it right away. I couldn,t have gotten threw this diet if I didn,t follow my own rule of, if its not a low carb day then it has to be a low calorie day. That keeps me from saying oh heck I already had one bight of that cake I might as well eat the whole thing and follow it up with chocolate milk. One bight doesn,t have to kill or even slow down your progress but it certainly will make it harder because hello cravings.
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Old Sun, Aug-20-17, 19:35
ImAllLike ImAllLike is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 71
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 305/211/160 Male 72
Progress: 65%

I just ate 3 bowls of corn flakes in a hunger rage before bed last night. This is nothing new and im back on the wagon today as usual. Slip ups happen and thats okay. What isn't okay is using your slip as an excuse to quit keto for good. So definitely just make keto your main focus and if occasional slips happen just know you'll be back on it the next day. Good luck on your journey.
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Old Mon, Aug-21-17, 10:36
penelope85 penelope85 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 37
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 286.8/257.7/190 Female 70 inches  (5'10")
Progress: 30%

In the first week or two, before my cravings for off plan food disappeared, I simply allowed myself to binge on anything on the Atkins 72 induction "acceptable foods list." My house is filled with junk because my fiancÚ is one of those lucky bastards who eats whatever he wants and never gains weight. 😉 So, while packing his lunch with little Debbies and chips and pasta, I would eat cheese or pepperoni. When I wanted to have a giant bowl of sugary cereal, which was often my go-to during binges, I would eat a pound of bacon, or a bowl of whipped heavy cream with Splenda. You get the idea. I am a binge eater. That has always been my biggest problem, so in the beginning, I binged. I just made sure it was on high fat acceptable on plan foods. Now I rarely get the urge to binge and when I do, i physically cannot consume the amount of food I once could. Those first couple of weeks can be hell, but if you're keeping your carbs super low, your cravings should diminish greatly or even disappear after that. It becomes less difficult to resist than you ever could've imagined. Best of luck to you!! Breaking the very real addiction to sugar and carbs seems nearly impossible at the time but it is so worth it. My biggest challenge now, beyond losing the weight of course, is to remember that even though I feel in control, I must remain vigilant, especially after reaching my goal. Once an addict, always an addict. I wish you the very best!!!
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Old Mon, Aug-21-17, 10:48
Mama Sebo's Avatar
Mama Sebo Mama Sebo is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 4,978
Plan: lc, highish fat,
Stats: 224/148/124 Female 64 inches
Progress: 76%
Location: Gaborone, Botswana

Yup. What they said.
Beg your loved ones to not have stuff around while you are trying to get rid of the cravings.
Behavior change is hard. Give yourself the love you deserve!!
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Old Mon, Aug-21-17, 18:45
cshepard cshepard is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 417
Plan: Atkins - maintenance
Stats: 156/123/125 Female 64"
Progress: 106%
Location: BC, Canada

Find an on plan food that you really love and keep it in stock. For me it was cooked, crispy chicken wings. I would buy a family pack, cook them and keep them in a bag in the freezer. Could be a special cheese, or even cheese whisps or pork rinds.
Whenever you have a craving or any kind of hunger allow yourself this food. Even if you wind up bingeing, at least you would be on plan. Make up for overeating with a fasting day and no harm done.
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Old Mon, Aug-21-17, 20:48
Sniggle Sniggle is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 96
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 220/186.2/190 Male 73.5
Progress: 113%
Location: West Virginia

I will go somewhat against some folks that say, 'get family to remove the bad stuff'. High carb foods are everywhere and there is no way to hide from them.

It's hard, but only will power will get you to where you want to be. Willpower needs to be exercised, tested, stressed to get stronger.

Now, so what if you stumbled. What matters is if you get up, learn from why you stumbled, and set forth again with increased willpower and resolve.

Focus on what your goal is...and I do not mean a desired weight...I mean why you want to lose weight and why you want to improve your health through better eating. Let that drive you.

Tonight my boy was sitting on the sofa with me eating a big bowl of pistachio ice cream. It was tempting, but not enough to derail my goal to get my weight down so I have a reasonable chance to climb MT Rainier in the spring. My wife has candy and sweets all over the house (how she stays at 125 I do not know), but resisting them helps to make me stronger in the long run.

The good news is that once you get several solid weeks into it, the cravings subside and you will be able to tame remaining cravings with a cheese stick or a hand full of nuts.

That little slip was show us all how it is done!
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Old Tue, Aug-22-17, 09:54
PaCarolSue PaCarolSue is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 475
Plan: Wheat Belly
Stats: 217/182/175 Female 5ft 2 inches
Progress: 83%
Location: USA

DH is a a big carb junky. I'm not going to change him. He is going to bring the food into the house, and I just have to live with it. This is my problem, not his. Every time I pass on some of his junk food I make myself stronger. I also had to do this when I was working. Snacks and treats were everywhere. That was no excuse for me to eat them. I won't kid's hard to learn this and put it into practice, but you will be better off in the long run. The rest of your life you will find yourself in situations where there is food you should not be eating. You will feel so much better about yourself once you know you've beat this!!
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