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Old Wed, Jan-04-12, 10:08
static0220 static0220 is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 33
Plan: JUDDD/Low-Carb/IF
Stats: 160/140/120 Female 5'3"
Progress: 50%
Location: Canada
Default Atkins followers! Questions about exercise!

I have been exercising regularly (for me at least... so 4-6 times a week) for the past three weeks now. First, starting small, but I'm adding a little bit each workout. With this, I have been incorporating weights and cardio. Now, I would like to put a rough outline with what I've been doing for a little bit of criticism. MORE IMPORTANTLY, I want to know what YOU do and what works for YOU! I posted this in the Atkin's section because I feel that the way we are eating is such an important thing to consider while doing exercise. I'm tired of searching for exercise routines posted by people who follow the 1500 calorie low low fat, super lean and high carb lifestyle. I guess I'm being an Atkin's snob.

I do cardio about 30-45 minutes about 3-4x a week. Now I switch my cardio up. I will walk at 4.1-4.4 and I'll switch up the incline and speed in intervals but mostly I will run fast (for me, which is 6.4 which I plan on increasing) for 45 seconds and then walk at 4.1 for 90 seconds and I do this about 8-11 times.

For the weight training, I've been doing 3x a week. I always do it before the cardio. Now, I'm a beginner and I can't believe I scoffed at weight training all of these years and didn't consider it much as an "exercise". So, so ignorant of me, because even with my itty bitty dumbbells, I am zonked by the end of it.

I use dumbbells 5lb-10lb and work my arms, incorporate the dumbbells into my squats as well as ab work. I also use the sustainability ball. I try to take adequate rest in between each set, anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute and I work MOST of my body (I think) until I can't perform the exercise I was doing.

I can be more specific if it's necessary. I've been getting feedback by my gym friends and I've been getting so much criticism saying that I should be doing full sprints, more cardio... heavier lifting, P90x and really be pushing myself to exhaustion like a person training to become a pro Rugby player.

Anyway, I encourage some input for exercise routines that will aid in fat or inch loss. But I especially want to know what you do! Please share your exercise routines and the results you have noticed
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Old Tue, Jan-24-12, 16:05
Hiro-p's Avatar
Hiro-p Hiro-p is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 64
Plan: Atkins\Paleo\IF
Stats: 266/206/190 Male 67
BF:Going fast...
Progress: 79%
Location: Manchester, England, UK

20 minutes cardio (cycling) 6 times a week (commute to job 2-3 days)
Between 60-120 minute cardio 1 time a week (recreational mountain biking)
Lastly, I make a point of walking more - 5 or 6 miles per week.

All of the above, apart from my recreational cycle, are fitted into my normal day so it does not feel like I am exercising, just going about my business.

I do no conditioning work at all, just looking after the heart health whilst losing body fat for now. I keep going down belt notches so I must be doing something right. For me, weights and conditioning is something for much later in this process - I have no idea if that is the correct approach or not, but what I do seems to work for me right now and I get a buzz off the cycling.
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Old Sun, Jul-22-12, 22:32
Drebou Drebou is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 26
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 149/144/125 Female 5"4

I'm no expert but before babies I used to work out a lot and my hubby is a gym freak nice and fit at 42 yo do here is what I know:
- always do 30 min weights before any cardio. This will use up all the glucose / muscle glycogen you have and put you in fat burning mode for your cardio. Much more efficient to shed the fat
- always do weights!!! Light and more reps for lean look, heavy and short reps for bulk. Why weights? Because first you won't get saggy which even if you are skinny can look awful, but really because it will up ur metabolism a lot and you will keep burning calories at rest. More muscle = more fat burning. Simple.
- intervals are the best for losing weight. Never rest!!! Just work out another muscle group: you'll get a cardio out if it too I promise. That's kind of what P 90X is about and that's a great DVD. I know a ton of people including me who got really fit with this.

I'm just fed up with the CDs and I know by heart what tony will say so I need another P90X. Lol
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Old Tue, Jul-31-12, 21:35
caveman caveman is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 95
Plan: my own design
Stats: 258/189/205 Male 6' 3"
Progress: 130%
Location: USA

I run 50 miles per week.
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Old Sat, Aug-11-12, 09:49
Senior Member
Posts: 213
Plan: general low carb
Stats: 195/135/144 Female 64 inches
Progress: 118%

I jog, walk, swim, lift weights at the gym and at work, garden, use the elliptical and bike when it isn't so hot. I usually do about 60 minutes a day 6 days a week.
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