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Old Mon, Sep-27-04, 10:47
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Quillain Quillain is offline
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Plan: Atkins OWL
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Location: Tennessee
Default So poor!

Being on Atkins seems so expensive! I'm in an insane money crunch for the next two weeks and all I can think of is how I could buy twenty packs of ramen for two dollars and be all set, instead of spending a ton of money on vegetables (two dollars' worth of lettuce lasts me about two days). The past few days I've just been eating a few strips of bacon and some cheese; I know how unhealthy that is, but I just can't afford to shop.

Any suggestions on how I can stretch my teeny budget far enough to stay on Atkins?

*crosses her fingers and prays for a speedy loan disbursement in the meantime*
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Old Mon, Sep-27-04, 12:16
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csoar2004 csoar2004 is offline
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Location: west coast

Healthy food costs more than frankenfood. Unfortunate but true. That said, I think you can be a careful shopper and not spend that much more (especially if you factor in all the junkfood you AREN'T buying any longer).

Here's what I do:
1) I shop for canned stuff at something called a Grocery Outlet. They buy up discontinued items, label change stuff and food that's close to "use by" date. They sell if for 40% off. I can generally find 100% tomato paste, 6 oz cans, 4 for $1.00 (just to cite an example). I look for water-packed tuna and mackerel as well as HAIN (a "healthfood" manufacturer) products. I also shop these outlets for non-food items such as ziplock freezer bags (you'll see why in a minute)
2) I buy meat on sale. When I can find skinless, boneless chicken breasts on sale, I buy 'em. When I can find lean ground beef on sale, I buy 10 pounds or more and freeze it in my ziplock bags in servings of 2-4. When fresh cilantro is on on sale, I buy several bunches and after washing, I chop most of it and toss it in the freezer in the ziplock bags. When lemons/limes are on sale, I buy a bunch first I zest 'em (and freeze it) then I juice them in ice cube trays. Then I transfer the frozen juice to got it ziplock baggies.
3) I check out the 24 hour meat sales, the weekly coupons, and the like.
4) whenever possible, I shop roadside markets. Buying directly from the grower is typically ALWAYS cheaper than buying from a grocer.
5) My garden gets bigger and more productive every year. This year, due to a combination of my own garden's output and lots of lovely produce from local stands, I put up 10 quarts of salsa and 6 quarts of peach salsa. Canning...who knew it could be so satisfying?
6) I buy my spices from the bulk bins at my local health food store. Don't be put off by the price per pound thingie. Two oz (which is the size of MOST spice bottles) will probably cost you less than 2 dollars for most.
7) PLAN AHEAD. Waiting to shop until last minute, without searching out bargains/sales, etc., is recipe for spending more $$ than you need to.

Bottom line...for right now....eggs are pretty cheap and you can make a kick a$$ omelette or souffle. Tasty, too.

good luck!

Last edited by csoar2004 : Mon, Sep-27-04 at 12:28.
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Old Sun, Oct-17-04, 21:41
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Apk Apk is offline
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Location: BC, Canada

Hey I know how you feel. I'm a university student looking for a part time job just so I will be able to pay rent...or else I'l be kicked out by Christmas! Freezing food really has helped me too. Canned tuna is a lifesaver too. The generic brand i buy is only 77cents a can! Also watch for fresh veggies on sale. Depending on the time of year, some can be really cheap! Eggs are good and cheap too and there are so many things you can do with them. Buying bulk is great's usually much cheaper. You can get spices, baking cocoa, nuts ect. The best way to blow all your money on a low carb diet? Low carb products - LC icecream, tortillas, bars, shakes, bread, sauces ect. They may be great products, but if your budget is tight, like mine, stay away from them.
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Old Fri, Oct-22-04, 21:38
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astrocreep astrocreep is offline
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Stats: 330/330/280 Female 5'6
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Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Quillain I know EXACTLY how you feel. Best suggestion I can give you if you're in college is to go to all the club meetings cause they usually have food there (lmao) or guest speakings and atkinfy the foods they offer. Like at my college I went to a safe sex lecture and before htey started lecturing they had pizza and a big bowl of salad and veggies, so just eat thecheese & toppings and stock up on the lettuce. You could also take a plate back to your dorms =) If they are big on sandwhiches just dump the bread and keep the meat and veggies. Apk is right, eggs are the cheapest protein you can buy. So stock up on them. I too blow at least $3 a week JUST on salad (not including dressing either!).
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