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Old Tue, Jun-06-06, 02:11
Yakumo Yakumo is offline
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 143/143/200 Male 6 foot 2 inches
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I have heard that regular consumption of EM or activated EM can get rid of the problem:
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Old Thu, Jun-08-06, 14:46
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Malulani Malulani is offline
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Plan: candida wipe out plan
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In my opinion..........I have not personally tried threelac but they promote eating whatever you want, take the product and you'll be free.....that can't be possible. It takes very long to get rid of candida when you are on supplements or meds and the diet and doing everything right.

I went to this web site and ordered their free book. I also decided to go with them b/c they seem to be the only place with a plan and time can call up and speak to the counselors who are really helpful..........they also have a second book you can recieve that has more info on kids with candida.

So far I am destrying yeast left and right on this stuff.....(yes I can visibly see it being expelled in mass quantities)........I have felt horrible only because it's working so well and I have had this for years.......maybe all my life. Nothing is going to be inexpensive when you have candida........but if you don't treat it it will get worse and grow and turn into the fungal form within your body. Just look at this as a life and death kind of have to do it or it will take away your took mine for years now.

here is the site........I suggest reading the book the research online with other products..........then make your decision.

good luck.
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Old Tue, Jul-17-12, 16:27
dturner dturner is offline
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Plan: Candida
Stats: 150/150/150 Male 5'8"
Default OOO Vitamin C flush, 3rd day


New to this forum. I found it googling for Candida remedies.

I've battled Candida all my life. I recently (last 5 years) put the pieces together (nearly died from pnuemonia at 18 months, they tried 10 very strong anti biotics on me before they got it under control)

It's been worse in recent years as I was a heavy drinker.

So, goat milk Kefir has turned my life around, have real kefir grains and use raw goat milk....but, still having problems especially in the muscles and sinuses of my head. Tingling tickling crawling stinging painful sensations that I"ve had 4 years now. Basically I beleive the candida migrated to my head after going systemic.

So I found the Oregano Vitamin C flush and am on the 3rd day. Mostly I'm taking every hour on the hour during my awake time, but sometimes it's every 2 or 3 hours.

Was scared at first of all the Oregano and maybe having a bad reaction but I'm fine. And stangely enough no loose bowels as can often happen, I've mega dosed Vitamin C in the past and would know my ideal dose once the diarhea happened. Amazed, my body is soaking it up I guess!

I'm taking:
1,000 Amla C Plus from Pure Planet
1,000 Ester C Vegetarian tablets
230 mg Oil of Oregano from Gaia Herbs in the Liquid Phyto caps
(says 2 pills = 460mg, so I take 1 each hour)

Hoping the poster who suggested this flush will respond and/or anyone else who has experience doing this flush.

I'm wondering if my Oregano oil is fine for this flush or if I need to get another one, just about out and it's time to buy some more, seems like it's a good product and should be fine but...thanks for your insights.

So far, like I mentioned, no loose bowels, I feel kinda warm at times, feverish sort of, having die off body pains so last two days were spent on the couch, nothing new to me. My affected head areas seem to be getting zapped by this treatment in a way I've never been able to before, I think this is working and I can finally clear out my head tissues and be normal again!

I've had athletes foot that starts with blisters and very itchy scalp and these sinus/ head and neck muscle issues for a while, the sinus stuff feels like a rashy blister inside my head if not a damn worm sometimes, although I know candida can cause crawling sensations,'s been quite an ordeal but I'm grateful I found this site and that post and decided to give it a whirl.
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