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Old Mon, Jan-03-11, 17:46
rainbow000 rainbow000 is offline
New Member
Posts: 9
Plan: my own
Stats: 150/150/115 Female 5ft 1
Default insulin reistance


im so glad i found this forum.. I have found the only diet that works for me is low carb.. I discovered this back as a meat eater, I dont actually think that meat is healthy and have been mostly vegan/vegetarian for 4 years, Id ideally be vegan and i am 80 -90% vegan when im being good-- if i lapse its with biscuits and sweets which contain dairy,

well after tryng other healthy diets im back to the the relisation again that its only low carb that works for my metabolism.. I am insulin resistant - i believe ( also diabetes type 2 in the family. I have suffered massively all my life with weight issues - aslo the last 5 years i have also come to the realisation that i may have fibromalgia as there is a host of other symptoms i get which seem to improve greatly on a low carb diet ie joint pain and brain fog and fatigue.

ive realied latley after being on a healthy diet that im yet again not losing weight on that,( i always feel like the healthy way should work but actually doesnt with me!) so im back to a low carb.. I feel too low carb is unhealthy ie 20g ( i once did this 7 years ago and ended up weeing blood for 2 days i was too scared to tell doctor what id actually been doing, he gave me an antibiotic for a uti) im actually affraid i may have damaged my kidneys at some point with atkins ( ie eating neat tin tuna and little carbs) so i think for me about 60g is what il aim for.. I take protein powder and soya milk and also tofu as my protein sources. ive noticed too im one of these ppl that cant go crazy with the fats just cos im low carb,

well ive lost a coupl eof ppounds only in the last 3 months following a ( ''healthy diet'') but now im on a low carb hopefully that will change ( to be honest i wasnt typically eating that many carbs previously about 100-120)( but low fat diet)

so back to 60g and feeling alot more positive about my life future now. i am 34 (f)about 150 iibs currently and 5 ft 1 with alot of obese type fat around my hips/bottom which is disproportionate to the resyt of me which is quite petite . I look disgusting.. but i have been 2 stone heavier before so im at a kind of mid point. I am a lot better than 3 months ago though .. I have been doing 50 laps 3 times a week for last 2 months too,.
i used to do heavy gym work outs in my 20s but i wrecked my joints with it and am prone to joint injusry so i cant do jogging or heavy gym cardio stuff, plus on a low carb i find i cant do heavy workouts so i opt foe swimming and walking and dancing.
much love to you all

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Old Fri, Jan-21-11, 14:55
Mrs.K's Avatar
Mrs.K Mrs.K is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 1,323
Plan: ketogenic/VLCHF
Stats: 522/422/399 Female 5'11''
Progress: 81%

Hi Rainbow! Finding what works for you is half the battle! I can't tell you how many "diets" I tried before finding LC. Even doctors put me on tons of low fat diets refusing to test me for PCOS or IR. Best of luck to you! LC really works! Not only will you look better but you will feel a million time better!
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Old Sat, Jan-22-11, 02:23
Friday7 Friday7 is offline
New Member
Posts: 10
Plan: So far Atkins
Stats: 172/168/130 Female 5' 2"

HI I know how you feel. I am afraid to jump right into Atkins myself for fear of what it might do to me. Some people don't understand that and want you to follow to diet to the letter but if you've had issues in the past with food or medicines bothering your health, it's scary.
So, I've been loosely following Atkins. I have been trying to stick to the 20 carbs but I don't always make it. I still eat nuts for snaking due to the fact that I am having hypoglycemia, until I get the carbs out of my system I'm going to have hunger pangs. And if i ignore them too long my blood sugar will drop too low and I'll feel sick and possibly pass out. So I have no choice but to eat something. And at least the nuts i'm eating aren't too high in carbs . I've also been eating low fat meats these past few years because of the PCOS and IBS. I don't wan to change my diet all of a sudden and upset my stomach cause it is so sensitive to change. Eating less carbs and more veggies was my change for the first week. this second week I started to eat a little bacon and hamburgers which I haven't eaten in years. But again I gotta go slow. I was told that's why I was still so hungry because I wasn't eating enough fat. But I still had to ease into it. Anyway this is my second week, and although i've done things a little differently i still lost some weight. And I feel like the hunger and sugar cravings are finally dying down...thank goodness.
the point is if you have medical issues you have to take it easy maybe not loose as fast as some..But hopefully you feel better, eat healthier and that's most important..Than if we can lose some weight, great! I haven't been able to lose weight in years. Even being on a low fat diet just kept me from gaining. Not matter how little I ate or how low fat I got I could not lose anything. At least I've lost four pounds doing this. I read about some people that will drop ten pounds a week. Which is great. But the fact that I lost anything at all is great to me. If I lose slow but steady I'm fine with that.
I do think this might be a good diet for me as long as I be careful. I hear that some people actually find relief from their medical issues by following a low carb diet. It makes sense to me to since I was told that PCOS was caused by insulin resistance, which is probably why I have hypoglycemia sometimes. So a low carb diet makes sense.
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