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Old Yesterday, 04:02
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Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,888
Stats: 234/179/155 Female 5'5
Progress: 70%
Location: SE USA

Quickie post from me this morning!

Again- time is not my friend in the mornings! It flies!

Nic- Holy smokes you are taking off again for a trip across the pond again! Ireland! WOW- I can't wait to see some pics! I bet it is pretty there!

I am glad your mom was receptive to selling her condo and think about an assisted living place! Isn't she married? Is her husband moving with her? Do they live separately?
I tell ya having to "deal" with the older generation is daunting. I had a conversation with my aunt last night regarding my mom. It wasn't pretty. So, I feel ya on having to manage all that! sighhhhhhhhh one day at time on that front!
It makes ya pause for how we will do things differently.

I love how a walk in the woods can bring it back for you and juice up your batteries! Sorta like the ocean for me!

Lori- I am glad you have help with the house. I know it is a huge pain. However, there is an ENDGAME here! I know you and hubby will be relieved when the house burden is over. One wouldn't think that a property and "STUFF" would be such a bother, but it is!

You not playing golf!?!?!?!?!?! UNHEARD OF?!?!?!?
Walking is such a great way to get movement in! Did you enjoy your night out?

Trig- Yeah you know it can get hot here REAL quick! It will be full blown summer before we know it! LOVE IT! I tell ya though the humidity is something I could live without!
It gets REALLY hot here.

You are getting ready for your Spring Break trip here soon too!!!!

OMG the DMV- my condolences!

My doctor called in a statin for me- yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh If it makes her feel good to "do that" WHATEVER.
I really need to just put it behind me. You would think she would look at the BIG picture. A weight loss of 55 pounds, active, working, and no evidence of any inflammation. But no, she is fixated on a cholesterol number.

I heard a heart doctor (forgot his name) say that he would rather see a person who is "fit" with a high cholesterol than a diabetic with out-of-control blood sugars. That is what kills people. There is a direct link that statins raise blood sugar in people. No thanks.

Yup I am 57 and thinking about my NEXT. Nobody is going to make sure my situation is good except me. So, yeah....... work to be done now so I can sit back for a minute. You are right Trig, 60 is around the corner! My goal is to have my ducks in a row by 58, or at least a concrete plan! Wow 60- that sounds SO OLD to me!!!!!!!!! 57 sounds so old to me!!!! I certainly don't feel it. I may not feel it, but I certainly need to deal with "me" LOLOLOL

Nothing else happening. I did interview yesterday- but I feel like it was not a great fit for me. So, I am going to keep on keeping on right now.
I noticed that Indiana had a great offer out there. Somebody is going to snatch it up. I hope by the time I can start bidding on assignment one like that will open up. I can start bidding end of April, first of May.

Got to run! Have great day!
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Old Yesterday, 04:53
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
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Plan: LC calorie counting
Stats: 223/151.4/155 Female 68 inches
Progress: 105%
Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

Had a pretty good night.....only heard BIL up once to the bathroom. He's doing much better than he used to. No more prowling around the house half the night!

Today I WILL get out for a walk. I have nothing going on and it's going to be sunny and in the 50's. I'm hoping there is not a cold wind like yesterday.....that was horrible.

The boys just left to go out to breakfast, so I have a couple hours of peace & quiet. Not sure what time BIL is heading for home. He said he's not in any hurry. I know they're going to go see Betty again before he leaves.

Have good days!

Last edited by Lori_:) : Yesterday at 08:39.
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Old Yesterday, 13:46
niccofive's Avatar
niccofive niccofive is offline
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Posts: 2,191
Plan: General LC
Stats: 000/000/000 Female 5'4"
Progress: 90%
Location: Central East Coast

Hey all!

Lori- I hope the auction stuff is going well today. Enjoy your walk! I will be gone the 2nd-10th.

Jaz- They do live together but both have their own homes. He can move or not move... that's not my concern. The fact that she is living in such a way that she can't take care of herself and he isn't able to help her IS my concern. My freaking monkey lol

You were taking a half statin pill if I remember correctly, for a while. Did that help at all?

Hey Trig!

Freaking gorgeous day here today. I did a MOW route, which was surprisingly short, then went on a hike in the State Park. Three days hiking in a row! GOTTA LOVE this Spring weather! 57 and sunny. Absolutely stunning.

DD wants to swing by Tuesday Morning after she goes to the dentist this afternoon. She and SoIL close on their townhome tomorrow! Super excited for them! Their first place of their own that is not a rental!

Food on track, feeling great. I literally am not understanding or processing that the Ireland trip is right around the corner. I have no idea why!
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Old Yesterday, 18:27
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,888
Stats: 234/179/155 Female 5'5
Progress: 70%
Location: SE USA

Hey ladies!

OMG Ireland - NIC SO frekin cool. You will process when you are on that plane!
When are you leaving again?

Yeah I get it you need to deal with your mom, with or without her husband. At least yours allows you to help. I am not "ALLOWED" to interfere in any way as long as my mom's husband is living. He is the ONE who dictates her care, her meds, and who she is ALLOWED to speak with. I seriously H---him. She is not strong enough or able to stick up for herself. ie,,,,, the call to my aunt yesterday. DRAMA DRAMA

So glad you are back on the low carb track! You get on it so easy and when you want- your weight falls off!

Lori- Glad things went well with your BIL and all is well! YOu got your walk in!

Where are ya Trig?!?!?!

Guess who has a lunch date tomorrow??????? This guy is so nice!
I met him in the weirdest way and we seriously hit it off. I was on the "cattle" bus going to work and I had the last open seat, and he was the last one on the bus and took it. I wasn't paying attention until he said "Hello there, Good Morning". I looked at him and he had my FULL Attention. Nice looking gentleman about my age maybe older by 2-3 years.

Anyway- we just started talking! It was a great conversation. Then we got off the bus and just stood there staring at each other. He works in the research building across the parking lot and I am in the main hospital. So he goes: have lunch with me tomorrow outside? I was like sure!
I gave him my name only.

By the time I reached my desk he had an email waiting and stated he was glad we met and was looking forward to tomorrow- have an awesome day. Well.......... if that isn't just something. He was well spoken, well educated, from up north, and had a sweet button down shirt. I like a well dressed guy. Full head of hair and big blue eyes. I well.......
First impressions and all, I thought about him all morning.

I am not a head over heels kinda gal over a dude. But he might just MIGHT be different. We shall see..............

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