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Old Tue, Oct-14-03, 22:24
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Wink New to the forum but not the Lifestyle

Guess this all was a strange way to come about being on a LC Diet so I'll get in detail for anyone up for an interesting albiet a little bit of a strange story,..

Growing up I was always tall and not fat but not a rail either (6'4 220-230lbs). Due to my height I was able to hide a lot of weight easy long as I kept my clothes on. I dropped out of highschool when I was 15 and began going to college and working graveyard shift at a grocery store. Not being use to the hours I was taking caffiene like it was a magic cureall. If you ever saw me and I didnt have diet pills and a Mt Dew in my hand then I must have been still in bed or flat broke. From this point until I was 17 I stayed pretty constant in the weight department until I got injured.

When I turned 17 I was only a semester or two from getting my AS degree in college and moving to South FL to go to college down here. I was in a car with a friend and we got in a wreck. I ate the windshield, well actually my forehead did, broke the windshield out then flew back into the seat and broke the seat. Doctors thought I dislocated my hips or misaligned them somehow because from that point on I was walking with a limp. Went to physical therapy for a long time and they eventually told me to go get reevaluated because I was doing more weight on leg press then the non injured people I just couple walk without sharp pain.

During the time I was in physical therapy I was mostly stuck in bed so I started gaining more weight. The most I've ever weighed is 250lbs. But it was enough to elicit some comments from family members that I hadn't seen in ages that I went from looking healthy to hefty. Was able to ignore them most of the time as I was busy with other affairs.

Eventually graduated from the Jr. College and moved to South FL in 2000 to live with a girl I had met on the internet and been friends with and visited frequently the past couple years. Things were great, got into school, had my job lined up and enough money not to be tucking my tail between my legs and bugging the parents for any money. The relationship was good and I was settling down fairly well. However work was an office job I was use to having jobs that kept me on my feet most hours of the day. So I gained weight til I leveled out to about 250lbs still doing my Diet Pill/Mt. Dew 1-2 combo. By this time I was also taking a lot of Tums cause all my caffiene was making my stomach feel like there was a high powered mixer in there specifically to make me nauscious.

I was happy and comfortable for a couple years. Didnt give much thought to anything beyond graduating school and activities to do outside of work with the girlfriend. However I worked a lot so she usually did her own thing on the weekends. Which by the Spring of 2002 included another person. I tried to ignore it and study for my finals. Between all the stress and all the Diet Pills I took to stay up (somewhere in the realm of 2 an hour for approx 24 hours). My stomach finally decided enough was enough and I started throwing up blood. I went into the bathroom and locked the door. My now Ex assumed this was all over the breakup as she didnt see the blood and left me to my own devices. I woke up in the shower about 5 days later laying in a dried pool of blood and vomit feeling so sick that I debated just finishing what by the looks of it I had started. I eventually started drinking water from the sink and was in my room resting the following day. However I hadnt eaten anything, and from this point (April) until The very end of July I didn't eat any food at all cause whenI did I was getting sick (read losing more blood to throwing up). I sustained myself on water and maalox only during these monthes. In the short amount of time I went from 250lbs to 140lbs and my breath smelled like keitosis x 1000 you could tell if I was on the same floor of the house as you it was so bad and I was brushing 5x a day.

I eventually saw a Dr. later on in the fall of that year as I didnt have one up til that point. They basically wrote me up as annorexic and said I had a really bad cholestoral and let me walk (age 21 with a 300+ cholestoral count). My real problem was I found I could eat vegetables and a little meat here and there without getting sick in August but it wasnt enough ti keep on weight. I worked at it and can eat a lot of things now. Except Sugar and Caffiene I get sick to the point of throwing up if I have a lot. So for the past year and a half I've been stuck on trying to GAIN weight using induction methods. Which is kinda like mainlining heavy cream and fatty cuts of steak. I've gotten back up to about 165 but was actually happier at 150 so I'm in the midst of dropping back down there.

I continued to live with my ex and her mom during this time. Me and her mom always got along and shes been a great friend, if not the only one I have down here due to how much I work. This summer my ex moved away and her mom moved to a new smaller house. I went and bought a house of my own this summer and am happy enough working and fixing up stuff around the house.

I found when I stick to induction I'm never sick and I never have stomache problems and I have energy. So this really was a cureall for me and a lifesaver. I also learned to cook due to it because a lot of the prefab stuff at the store wasnt cutting it for me. It's been a long strange trip I'm just happy I'm still kicking. Although admittedly the doctor thought with as bad as I was healthwise that I must be the human equivalent of a cock roach to still be kicking hehe
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Old Wed, Oct-15-03, 08:13
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Hey Spiker! Welcome aboard!

Dude, you are lucky to be alive!

You've discovered the key to healing your stomach. People that have gastric bypass often end up eating a LC diet because it's high in nutrition and minimally irritating to the stomach.

Best of luck to you. You've been through a lot. Life can only get better now.

Last edited by Kristine : Wed, Oct-15-03 at 08:16.
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