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Old Today, 08:55
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Nicco, wow, your cruise is starting I am jealous and I am hoping you have a fab time. Now don't be 'the ship' in the news for any reason LOL, nah, I am sure you will have a great ship and good food and a fab time!! Can't wait to hear!

Blue, I got winter blues now. I am bored out of my mind, won't go outside to do anything which is super limiting to me, ugh, and going crazy mostly. Windy to the max out there, blow you away type wind. I can't get out in that, instant sinus headache in big wind. Not at the beach tho!!! I can't wait to live coastal and get rid of 99% of my head clog troubles. I am head healthy at the coast. Salt in the air instead of tons of pollen and more, ahh, no reason I love it
Curl up and relax. Best winter thing we can do!!

Lori, snow, ugh, feel for ya. Luckily our icy rain moved above us. We got some rain but now we got super duper high winds. I ain't going out there and get blown away, but it still beats your snow sausage and eggs sound yummy.

Isn't it nice to be truly hungry when ya eat? I like that part of fasting a lot, when I do eat I absolutely want that food. No more eating when not hungry and I am getting in fine tune with just that.

Jaz hope all is well!! Off the grid. Oh yea I am right there with ya!! One reason I love my camping. Cheap and luxury at the same time. I mean, heck at $45 for an oceanfront state park with amenities....yea that is my kind of life But what is nice is in between travels and such we just sleep in truck stops for free, rest areas for free, big parking lots like Cracker Barrel and more for free. Saves tons of travel and when ya only want 4-5-6 hrs sleep and on the road again, why pay anyone for that? I could do off the grid and out in the world in a split second. Am I am waiting to do just that now LOL Oh yea the hermit of me loves it...the traveler in me wants it...the frugal gal in me says I could save more and more as I see fit, not a 'must pay' property tax, home repairs, gas/mower for landscape, house ins costs and all that shit would be gone. I can easily spend that money elsewhere out in the world on my terms. Oh yea you got me going.....

boring day
super high winds. great for drying out after this nasty rain but I ain't going out there. high winds in my face means instant head clog for this old gal

kid has mon, tues, wed off for this week. omg.
tomorrow we will got to the bigger mall just to get out and about. I just can't stand another day in this house and WHEN I PICK a mall it is cause I am so super desperate for a change of scenery that I will even pick that......but another reason is Sticky Fingers is there and I am getting me a full size rack of ribs!!! oh yes my good eat out tomorrow.

today is fasting day. Going for full day. If I require dinner, which I hope not, will be super light like tuna or some limited shrimp. You know, enough to eat and be ok, but not any calories to register for today mostly.

all good

just chilling thru the day. watching more TUBI free movies on tv on my roku. love roku to no end
great day all
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Old Today, 11:26
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Jaz66 Jaz66 is online now
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Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Good Morning gal pals!

I feel bad that this last week has been and up and down emotional roller coaster for me. IT HAS been mentally exhausting. Want to hear something funny? I was just hitting the wall yesterday. I my past life I would have eaten my way though. Now I sleep. I Just go to my cozy spot in the most comfortable bed in the world- put on "spa" meditation music and drift off. It gives me energy. I slept alot yesterday. One small meal and tons of music and rest. I love listening to the "spa" music as I drift off.

Anyway- funny thing I woke up to a super STILL house. It took me a minute to get I had no power. Not sure how long it was off. It was 60 degrees in my dollhouse. So the survivor in me kicked in. - First order of business- find COFFEE!!!!!!- Fed the pup and tossed on sweats and prayed my garage door would open. Thankful it has a "backup" running on batteries in the even the power goes out. MOST of my neighbors could not get their garages up.

So out I went for coffee- came back with 3 large cups- closed off all the doors and turned on the gas fireplace. - Pulled out the TRANSISTOR RADIO and cuddled up in front of a warm fire, and sipping coffee and I was GOOD. Power came on about 30 minutes ago, 1030 am. I learned a few things. Always have INSTANT COFFEE ALWAYS- - remember to charge my phone every night, and have an extra container of propane handy for the grill. I always always have 2-3 large cases of water, and paper products for the just in case. But I didn't think about the coffee. I would be ok for a few days if need be. Roof, heat, water and tuna, broth, I also have 3-4 days of "incase" grub around. Mostly tuna, broth, and cooked shrimp in freezer. So in the even I am ever without power a few days I would be good.

My little neighbor across the street could not get her garage open and her fireplace isn't working. I offered to let her come over but she said no- she speak very little English.
Anyway- now I have fresh coffee, and a load of laundry going through. Kicked up the heat and charging all my electronics just in case it goes out again. It has rained HARD for the last 2 days and now we have wind. - blows down trees.

I have today and TOMORROW off. I am not going to talk about work right now- I need a mental break. I will share tomorrow. I need a mental health day to just chill.

NIC- you lucky dog you! I am so happy you made it safely and just kicking it waiting for your friends to show up. Where did you meet these gals? Collage friends? I hope you have an awesome time. Did you pack a swimsuit? Get new clothes? Send a few pics!

Trig- So fingers crossed for the Pork Chop to get a part-time gig that is not as hard on his body as his last job. PLUS - men really do like to have jobs, it gives them purpose. They are wired that way! Fingers crossed. And you are right- it isn't so much about the amount of dollars coming in. But even a few more does make a difference.
You are right that life is more than just a few bucks and traveling is your passion. I think it's really cool that you and the Pork Chop share that passion! Is the family coming to Charleston as well? Did you decide if you care coming early to hit up Folly beach? I am rolling in Tue- to HIT UP Folly beach! - more than welcome to hang. It will not be warm enough to swim- but warm enough to dip toes into sand and walk the beach.

BLUE- I hear ya on pulling up the cozy covers and snuggling up to the hubby. I have been doing the same- minus the hubby. But I find that I am a very visual and textile person. I love the softness and cozy of warm "nest"- the smell of fresh sheets and the comfort of fluffy pillows. I love fleece and a dogger laying on my feet. She is a little heater. I too find comfort in all of that. When the world get to much I retreat into the softness of it all including soothing music and warm smelling candles. I am ok with unplugging for a minute.

I wonder if we humans are not supposed to "hibernate" some in the winter. Like the rest of nature- winder is the season of rest before the Spring- and work for the next 3 seasons kicks in. The body- nature even takes a pause. I was thinking about that this morning. the nature flow and ebb & rhythm of life. I think we people push and push and push and don't take the signals it's time to pause.

Spring is coming- we are more than half way though. Did we take a minute to pause? I know I might be getting goofy here. Something I really have not thought alot about until this year. Even warriors rest.

Have you explored the Trader Joe near you? Found any other good finds?
I was in the Good will yesterday searching for containers for my pottery class. Anywho, I always wonder over to the book section. I picked up a book that is for pure pleasure. Something I haven't done for awhile. Do you like Delinsky? Picked up one of her latest. Never read anything by her. I know I have seen her name and she is popular. I did find my Tupperware container to put my pottery tools in for 1.00. I also found a unopened package of satin "puffy" clothes hangers. I have wanted those- so lady, and satin but they are expensive in a real store. The pack of 6 with satin and bows rang in at $1.50! I left with a bag of "goodies for less that 4 dollars.
Very fun.

Lori- Did you get snow? How is your sister? did she get snow? Do you lose power often? Do you have a generator being in the country ? I bet today is a football day in your house! Is your next trip Charleston?
Do you still follow that person who blogs "Eat to your Meter"? That is SO RIGHT ON POINT! You know I have been practicing IF daily for years before I knew it had a name. I do OMAD. But went back and started listing to Jason Fung again and the every other day is really gaining popular following. I am very close to trying that again.

Do you use your treadmill much? You miss work? I won't- when that time comes for me!
Are you prepping for golf season?
Power back on- coffee drained, bubble bath taken and back into fleece. Finishing up my laundry. Looking forward to watching some football. I rarely in a big football person, but now we are heading to the Super Bowl playoffs. And I also NEVER miss the Super Bowl. So yea- it will be on. going to set up my new printer and get in 30 minutes on the treadmill.

I am also going to see what I would need to do to offer CEU's for my profession. I have the credentials- but I don't know the process. I am looking for a part time gig that could move to a full time something. Something that would be from a self employment perspective.
Again- I was offered a bull shtt position at the same salary with benefits and am over the barrel to take it FOR NOW. More on what that looks like tomorrow. I am just glad I have something.

In a way I am glad this wake up call came. It gave me a reminder to always have something saved for a rainy day and to always have my fingers in other sources not just one money stream. time to get to work. I have 20 years of work life left.

I feel really rested and now ready to move forward I needed the time out.
Really cold and blowing here an the ground is ponding water.
I have a few things I picked up yesterday at the grocery - so just a matter of what I want. I might make a turkey burger and pickles and I have fresh romaine. Or I make make "sloppy Joe and make sloppy Joe "sandwich" with romain- or just take the easy route an have it over a salad. I am sticking to my OMAD- and like it. It so makes sense. ALL ALL About the Insulin. The lower the better. But Doctors don't want to tell you that.

Do you know I get to meet you all at one time in the same space in 9 weeks!!!!!!!! 9 WEEKS- that is going to FLY by!!!!! I am already thinking about the places I know I want to see again. But I am also very flexible. I am getting there on Tue- to hit up the beach for a day and settle in. I have been there enough to know I want to hit up a BBQ joint I to go to EVERYTIME, and of course Folly. Neither of those places are super close to where WE are staying. The BBQ joint iis worth the drive. Hickey smoked pulled pork you can smell down the entire street. It is a good 30 minutes out.

Thank you ladies for getting me past the last couple days! Back up on both feet- looking forward and ready to keep moving forward.

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Old Today, 11:28
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TRIG- I have ROKU- how do I get TUBI- is there an APP???????- better than Netflix?????
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