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Old Wed, Aug-15-07, 17:07
katwylder katwylder is offline
New Member
Posts: 11
Plan: Paleo Diet
Stats: 180/180/115 Female 5'2"
Default 30 Day Carb Solution

Hi Everybody -

I'm getting ready to try the 30 day carb solution from the Drs. Eades. I thought the 30 days' worth of menus would help me and my husband transition from our high carb lifestyle to a low carb one.

I have to admit - I feel very insecure about changing my foods, but I know we have to do it for our health and well-being.

That said, does anyone have any advice? I feel a little intimidated by the whole newness of it, but I think if we can manage to make a few tasty meals, we should be okay, right?

The one thing I worry about is lunch. I am so used to eating a sandwich that it feels strange to think of anything else.

I'm marinating a salmon filet overnight and plan to grill it in the morning for lunch.

Okay - I just had to get this posting out. I'm hoping it will help make this more real.

I originally tried the Paleo diet, but I fell off the wagon. So, here goes again!
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Old Thu, Aug-16-07, 08:46
lisaz8605's Avatar
lisaz8605 lisaz8605 is offline
Taking MY Turn
Posts: 10,849
Plan: Intuitive Eating
Stats: 240/220.8/190 Female 65
Progress: 38%
Location: NY

Hi Katwylder...welcome to PP world. I know it can be really intimidating to try new things, so actually my advice to you would be to start slowly. Of course that's unless you have a hard time transitioning. But for me, it was good to just start making a few changes and adjustments every day and every week until my menu was considerably different.

Do not get me wrong, because your lunch of salmon filet sounds yummy. But if you are used to sandwiches, maybe you'd consider a LC tortilla wrap or an open-faced one on LC bread? Something like that? Then change it up with entree salads, where you can concentate on yummy protein and dressing over greens. In order to eat the right balance, your meals don't have to be so, so different. Yes, spaghetti night might be a whole different experience! But I still make a very "classic" meal of meat, veggies (usually greens) and some starch and just don't eat the starch (my husband insists on it and my Mom enjoys it so it works).

I guess the point I'm getting at is to look at the menus and compare them to the ones you know and love and see where there is a compromise. Some people jump in with both feet and I respect that, but I rather enjoyed taking something "close" to what I have always liked and making it work for PP. Also too I found that I could spare a few more carbs at lunch or dinner because I had a tendency to more comfortably concentrate on protein/fat at breakfast. So I worked with the "overall daily carb count" versus "per meal" count. But again, that's just me. YMMV

Another thing I did, inspired by PP, is change out the quality of the food I ate. I still enjoy eggs and bacon for breakfast, but I have cage-free or omega-3 eggs (whatever is around and on sale that would do well for me and is high quality) along with nitrate free bacon. I have ham and swiss sandwiches, only the ham is nitrate free, the swiss is whatever is good quality and good carb count (recently I had some Jarlsberg, which was nice) and then I'll either do roll-ups or maybe have it on LC wraps or bread. I change it up and it depends on what my day is looking like food-wise.**

I hope these suggestions help ease your intimdiation. Remember, this is just food! The real key is trying to remove what you know isn't good for you and replace it with what is and every change you make will have a positive effect on your body.

Good luck!!!

**Note: I'm pregnant right now and not in weight loss mode, but my advice is based on my prior eating habits that elicited weight loss and body changes. I accompanied good PP eating with higher fat intake and weight training, FYI. I'm still trying hard to keep a similar approach because whether for weight loss or maintenance, the health benefits are without question.
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Old Thu, Aug-16-07, 15:52
ElleH ElleH is offline
Registered Member
Posts: 10,352
Plan: PP/Atkins Maintenance
Stats: 178/137/137 Female 5'6"
Progress: 100%
Location: Northern Virginia

That 30-Day book is a good one. It will ease you into the LC life without bowling you over and the food is good in that one. FWIW, the BBQ wings in that book are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITES now.
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Old Thu, Aug-16-07, 17:04
katwylder katwylder is offline
New Member
Posts: 11
Plan: Paleo Diet
Stats: 180/180/115 Female 5'2"
Default Thanks for the encouragement

Thank you both for the encouragement. I keep telling myself I can do this. I'm going to try to make a good clean start on Saturday when I can take my time and try a couple of recipes.

Thanks again for the encouragement!

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Old Fri, Aug-17-07, 11:04
deirdra's Avatar
deirdra deirdra is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 3,871
Stats: 197/136/150 Female 66 inches
Progress: 130%
Location: Alberta

After years of sandwiches for lunch, I now eat salads or veggies with meat/poultry/fish and full fat dressing, which are much more satisfying. Once I found the perfect-sized drip-proof container, there was no reason not to take a different salad for lunch every day. You can buy a smaller container for the dressing if you don't like soggy salad.
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