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Old Yesterday, 06:19
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Lori_:) Lori_:) is offline
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Location: Pennsylvania

Good Morning!

I'm stranded today without a car, so home I'll be. My car is getting inspected, oil change and all that. We dropped it off last night after dinner. It's not like I don't have things to do here. I have to get the spare room ready for BIL's impending visit. He'll get here Saturday and stay till Tuesday I think.

I have Techs coming at some point to do the annual check on our water treatment system. That typically takes about 10 minutes, but shell out $$, you know?

As far as exercise today, I may be walking to pick up my car this afternoon. I think the weather will be decent with temp around 40, so I can easily walk the couple miles to get it. The only bad part is crossing a 4 lane busy highway, but there is a light with a crosswalk, so I don't get flattened! I still don't like crossing there, but it'll be fine. If the timing works out, DH may take me, but he has to take his cousin to pick up her new glasses this afternoon. It's all good.

Dinner last night was great. I had a 6 oz. filet with mushrooms, a salad, and loaded broccoli. Yum. I brought a small piece of the filet home along with 1/2 of DH's rack of ribs, so, YAY! leftovers.

Trig....hope today is a good one!

Blue...good plan to have some days where you work at organizing etc and then some days where you just chill. Day after day wears on you, as you know from your marathon of getting your house ready to sell.

Jaz...hope you still have that weight off your shoulders feeling today. You have some fun stuff ahead of you!

Nic....Oh man, your car story makes my blood boil. I cannot stand poor customer service. How hard is it to do what you say you're going to do and pay attention to detail? Sigh......I hope you can get your car fixed and back on the road soon.

Ok...more coffee coming my way!
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Old Yesterday, 08:22
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niccofive niccofive is offline
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Location: Central East Coast

Hi all!

Jaz- I think that is the "best of both worlds" decision. You can put things on hold and see how you feel after a break without losing ground. Very good news! Putting it on hold doesn't cause you to owe your company anything, right?
The activities you have chosen sound GREAT!!

Cauli Mac and cheese recipe here:
I do four slices of thick cut bacon because BACON.

Blue- loved hearing about the I Love Lucy Thanksgiving complete with Mac and cheese. Just a great reminder that sometimes things going 'all wrong' turn out to be 'all right!' If only it was easy to remember that at the time.

Also liked hearing about how things are with you and hubby. You guys have a long and time tested marriage and there is comfort in that. You know the ebb and flow and the challenges that come and then are passed through.

Trig- Still thinking about you, dear one, and your sick self. Sounds like minor improvement with a ways to go. This definitely reminds me of when poor Blue got walloped with illness. Hang in there, you WILL get better.

Lori- Ah, we are both carless today! Me not as much as you because I am claiming DS16's car for half the day, to go to parent-teacher conferences and to pick up DS20 from college.

Glad you enjoyed your dinner out and have leftovers to boot. I freaking love leftovers! I just do not understand people who don't have them/ eat them!

Are we all going to get smashed with record breaking cold on T-day this year? Or is it just certain regions? We are looking at a HIGH of only around 31 with a low of 18!! Dang that is cold for T-day, especially an early T-day like we are having this year. We will be bundled from head to toe to play flag football this year. I was waffling with playing but I likely will just because I will burn a few calories doing it before eating.

Warmish today, going up to 49, but WINDY with gusts up to 25 MPH. I can actually hear a tree branch scraping on the upper part of the house. Said tree is coming down, probably next week, along with one other. We have plenty of trees but these two are just too close to our house (and the neighbor's house too.)

DH and I dropped my car off last night so I can let DS16 sleep in for a while. The cleaning crew is coming today while I am gone (he will dodge them!) and so I can come back to a nice clean house for the holiday. Yay! The dogs have been bringing in so much fall debris and junk, even though we wipe their paws. DH is less than stellar at remembering this and it makes the house look so trashed!

So, not much else to report. Conferences, picking up DS20, on plan, not weighing but doing fine. End of story!
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Old Yesterday, 10:15
Jaz66's Avatar
Jaz66 Jaz66 is offline
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Plan: LCHF
Stats: 205/205/150 Female 5'5

Good Morning Ladies - Whew- Do I feel like a new person who gets new beginnings!
Goodness where to begin- you all got stuff going!

Blue- I love the story of you and the hubby and your dad curled up watching LUCY- in front of fireplace with Mac and cheese! That is a super story! So smart of you not to go and infect everyone else as well!
Ahhhhhhhh yes the artist with two people playing on the same canvas! I love that analogy- it is SO true! I DO things WILL settle when you toss that last cardboard box in the trash. You need to make a date! Maybe a matinee and coffee or some wine or something like that!
When does the son come? He is coming for Thanksgiving or Christmas or both?

NIC- I too am very proud of how you reacted to a situation most of us would go postal! I agree with LORI- poor customer service - no excuse! - so the kids are coming home for Thanksgiving? Are you making the traditional meal- turkey?
How was your steak last night? I am going to have steak salad tonight. Have you every had that? THANK YOU FOR THE RECIPE!!!!!!-
BTW- playing ball in the cold burns more calories!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHA

Lori- You day sounds good! I am going to walk today too! Taking the dogger with me! I need to schedule an oil change too- thanks for the reminder!
You have some real COLD weather coming your way in the next couple days- so enjoy TODAY!!!!

Trig- I am glad you are feeling SOMEWHAT better! Good idea to half your meds- but being the good nurse I am I would tell you to be sure to take the full dose- maybe just in segments. You need to have that bug KILLED not just knocked down to get back up.
I would take it easy the rest of the week and just do what you need to do- no expectations! Think of BLUE's post- best memory- Mac n cheese watching reruns. You could to a burger- not carbs!
It has taken me over and hour of stopping and starting - to get this post finished!
I am multi- tasking between this computer and work computer. I have them set up side by side in front of the fireplace! I needed to take the morning Chill off. Dogger laying ON my feet- better than slippers!

I woke up today feeling like a new person. I know yesterday- was bitter sweet in putting the brakes on school for right now. But I know in my gut- It was the RIGHT thing for me right now. It is a pause to give me time. I am feeling REALLY REALLY LIGHT! (not weight wise HA)- but in spirit. So I know it is the right thing to do.
I also know that the time I have spent in school and what I have learned is valuable and not wasted by any means! Just need some BALANCE as TRIG put it so well. Sometimes we all need to take that step back. So I did!

I would like to find a writing club- where like you said BLUE- creative meets creative. It would be a awesome thing for me. I also want to explore Toast Masters again. I now have the TIME! I am giddy with things now I can DO!!!!!- I know SLOW down!!!!

Beautiful today- Not a cloud in the sky- GA blues and high of 63. Getting a walk in here in the next 30 minutes!

Have a great day ladies
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