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Old Mon, Nov-17-08, 15:47
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big_loser big_loser is offline
fabulously me
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Plan: just lowest carbs poss
Stats: 242/242/130 Female 5ft 8
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Location: Toronto
Default does this gym plan seem ok?

in order...

5 mins rowing machine (10 when can handle it)

30 mins treadmill at 6.4km an hour (thats the max speed this particular one goes it has like two moving bouncy plate things)

30 mins recumbent bike level 7 with 5 mins level 9 after 10 mins then after 25 mins

them two thigh machines (inner and outer)...i think i do about 35kg 10 reps x5

then the two calves machines - about 20kg 10 reps x5

not done arm ones yet but ill do those and same reps etc.

then recumbent bike again for another 30 mins

ab cruncher 20 reps x5

is it ok not to start with the treadmill? i find rowing machine hard so would rather get that out of the way.

is it ok to do the toning stuff then going back to the bike then back to ab crunch etc?

are the reps etc ok that im doing on the toning stuff?

with the toning ones is it that they should be quite stiff for me to do or should it be quite easy? dont want to strain anything etc
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Old Mon, Nov-17-08, 20:15
jschwab jschwab is offline
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Plan: Atkins72/Paleo/NoGrain/IF
Stats: 285/261.5/200 Female 5 feet 5.5 inches
Progress: 28%

If you have questions you might be able to ask someone at the gym about it. Finding something you like is the most important, but don't be afraid to ask questions from the staff so that you know you are using the equipment properly. Starting slow is a very good idea.
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Old Wed, Nov-19-08, 08:47
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houndgirl houndgirl is offline
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Plan: Atkins
Stats: 169/158/120 Female 65 in
Progress: 22%
Location: Illinois

That sounds good so far. It is important to try to find exercises for all the major muscle groups. Quads, hamstring, inner/outer thigh, calves, bicep/triceps, chest/back, shoulders, abs and obliques (sides of the waist).

If you want to tone keep those reps at 10-12. If you want to add a bit of definition add some weight so that you tire at 6-8 reps. You do want some resistance but not too much. If you are not sure then drop the weight and see if it's too easy which if it is then add the weight back on. Going up a bit on the weights won't necessarily gain you muscle just more definition and strength. It takes a LOT of work to build big muscles and you simply won't do it just by lifting moderate weights so don't worry about that. Those body builders have to work and eat to get that big and it wasn't by accident.

There has been some research done that doing cardio AFTER your weights help to burn more fat.
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Old Thu, Nov-20-08, 13:20
mattie o's Avatar
mattie o mattie o is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 681
Plan: low carb, carb cycling
Stats: 160/121/125 Female 65.5 inches
BF:under 10
Progress: 111%
Location: Longview, WA

ive always found that doing sort of one muscle group at a time to be very effective....for example, on "leg day," work the calves, hammys, quads, glutes, etc. then chest get the idea. i find when i do lots of different muscle groups in one day, i lose focus, sort of...i see better results when i really focus on one muscle group at a time.

as for the treadmill, and when you should do it...i dont know about that one. i do mine before, but houndgirl is right, i have heard that doing it after burns more fat. it does look like your doing quite a bit of cardio--120 minutes total. remember, its about intensity, not duration. i find doing interval sprints on the treadmill gives me much better results than an hour on the bike...

the toning exercises should be slightly difficult, yes. if its easy, add more weight. if you can do more than 12 reps, you may need to add more weight and do less reps.

i think people make this mistake with abs: they do like 100 crunches a day. well, abs are like any other muscle, they need resistance to grow strong as well. i can do hundreds of crunches without breaking a sweat, but some ab exercises that are done with weight, cables, medicine balls, etc, will totally fry me after a couple sets of 8!
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Old Thu, Nov-20-08, 13:22
mattie o's Avatar
mattie o mattie o is offline
Senior Member
Posts: 681
Plan: low carb, carb cycling
Stats: 160/121/125 Female 65.5 inches
BF:under 10
Progress: 111%
Location: Longview, WA

i forgot to add--great job! how often do you do these exercises?
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Old Fri, Dec-26-08, 20:26
Nata111 Nata111 is offline
New Member
Posts: 5
Plan: Atkins
Stats: 130/130/120 Female 5'6

To be honest if you are looking to lose weight I would suggest that you try doing it this way:
5 minute warmup on rower or treadmill
large muscle groups ex. squats, lunges, pushups
finish off with 15-20 mins of cardio.

I have been doing it this way for a year now and lost a lot of inches off my body by doing cardio second. I also used to focus on tiny muscle groups but it didn't do much justice for me. I found that when I stuck to heavier weights and larger muscles groups (legs, back) I burned a lot more cardio. If you want more details about my workout this is the one I have been following:

I find that if I don't work up a sweat then I don't really get much results. By doing a longer warmup you will rev up your body more and end up burning more calories.
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