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Old Wed, Nov-06-02, 23:28
lee lee is offline
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Default How I Became a Low-Carb Believer

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I thank Dr. Merrill for being brave enought to write this article, but I have one bone to pick: I think his contention that Atkins diet should not be followed for more than a couple of months is a throw-back to his old paradigm that fat is bad. It reminds me of when I realized that my religion did not fit, but still I felt I ought to send my kids to church - not quite rational.

Have any of you seen any proof that the good effects of Atkins diet are negated after a short stint?? Are there any long term studies - besides indigenous peoples in cold climates - that show that relatively high fat diets with low white carbs is detrimental to health??
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Old Thu, Nov-07-02, 13:10
Sheldon's Avatar
Sheldon Sheldon is offline
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Yes, an interesting article. His reservations are not supported by the evidence. Stefansson and a colleage lived for a year on meat and fish only and did very well--no maladies, lower weight, and lower cholesterol (if that even matters). I know of no studies that show that over the long term healthy fats (including saturated fat) cause health problems when combined with low-carb eating. Do a google each on Mary Enig to read more.

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Old Sat, Nov-16-02, 02:47
freydis's Avatar
freydis freydis is offline
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Location: MO, USA

I read a book on longevity several years ago - wish I could remember the title. It was starvation, low-fat, mainline medical everything. I found it quite interesting that the two authors of the book, in an afterword, mentioned they were NOT following the plan they'd just outlined and were, instead, trying a paleolithic style diet.
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Old Fri, Jun-10-05, 18:41
garhi's Avatar
garhi garhi is offline
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Location: santa barbara

"I am concerned about its possible effects on people with serious heart, liver or kidney disease and cancer. As long as you are healthy, a high-fat diet is usually fine for a while. But after about a month, you should go off it. "

It's amazing how people, even with evidence staring them in the face, STILL can't see the truth! Why does he say this? Simply because it's less threatening to his e-g-o to go with the sears, etc diets, which are really just theories of 1 researcher, modern diets, and don't have 1% of the skilled research or clinical experience behind them that Eades, Atkins, Lutz, etc have! No, you don't have to stop eating "high fat" after a month, a year, or a decade. FAT IS HEALTHY! When will the low-fat world dictatorship of death finally end? It's even spreading to France now (along with increased obesity, of course)...
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Old Sat, Jun-11-05, 07:14
Kristine's Avatar
Kristine Kristine is offline
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Location: Southern Ontario, Canada

Note his comment on having at least 5 servings of fruit and veggies per day. Hello, doc: even on induction, you're instructed to have three cups, plus you're allowed 1/2 avocado and olives. That's up to 8 servings!

I don't like how he uses the fact that Dr Atkins was selling books to negate his decades of experience as a cardiologist. I'm as suspicious of motive as the next guy when it comes to hype and sales, but I don't think it's fair to dismiss information purely on that.

Same old story: criticism of the myth instead of the actual plan.

Last edited by Kristine : Sat, Jun-11-05 at 07:21.
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Old Sat, Jun-11-05, 08:21
TheCaveman's Avatar
TheCaveman TheCaveman is offline
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Location: Sacramento, CA

Is it just me, or did his use of the word "carbo" get on everyone's nerves?
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Old Sat, Jun-11-05, 08:32
TarHeel's Avatar
TarHeel TarHeel is offline
Give chance a chance
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Location: North Carolina

And I thought I was the only one it bothered!
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Old Sat, Jun-11-05, 09:23
JAnn's Avatar
JAnn JAnn is offline
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Location: Central Arizona

Actually, Stefanssen and his group lived on meat, fish and FAT. They they getting very ill while the eskimos were very healthy. The difference was the eskimos were drinking the broth in which the meat and fish were cooked, which included fat. Stefanssen's group was not doing that because the fat looked gross. Once they started drinking the fatty broth, they got well.
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Old Sat, Jun-11-05, 19:36
bluesmoke bluesmoke is offline
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The Native Americans favorite travel food was pemmican, which was about 50/50 shredded dried meat and fat with a few dried berries added, preserved in skin bags. Nyah Levi
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