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Old Mon, Dec-04-17, 12:20
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Nic 41 Nic 41 is offline
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Default Once Again

Hello fellow low carbers,

Iím Nic and Iím 41 years old..I am not new to the low carb lifestyle but new to the forum. I first read Dr Atkins book in 2002. A year prior I had just lot 50 lbs of pregnancy weight starting at 165 through a medically supervised diet. Slowly but surely I did not have the right mindset to maintain and gained the weight back.

Iíve always been an emotional eater always drowning myself in food whether I was happy or sad. I am a self confessed sugar addict. My weight has been a roller coaster. Since 2001 I have lost a significant amount of weight and this is my fifth time. At my lowest through the medically supervised diet, I was 115 lbs. Through the years my weight was mostly at 150-170.

Recently my weight was at the highest of 224 lbs. At only 5í2Ē, I knew it was affecting my health and I worried about becoming diabetic since it runs in my family. I have been able to carry larger amounts of weight on my frame but I know itís not healthy.

I am on a journey right now to not only lose the weight but to understand and deal with why I eat the way I eat along with my habits and emotional triggers. I have had been angry at myself for putting myself through the ringer over and over with losing weight and not being able to maintain it.

Iím ready to forget the past and move forward keeping in mind past mistakes and keep them in check. Usually this was due to stress and outside influences that I couldnít cope with unless I had sugar and foods that were not so good for me.

I started Atkins again November 7 2017 after much procrastination until I was tired of being sick and tired. Much to my surprise, I did not have 3 days of the Keto flu and withdraws and by the 4th felt amazing! I am ready to tell a new story. I started at 224.2 and am now 214.6 today. I am going to go in 10 lb increments so Iím not overwhelmed.

I recently went on a week vacation down south and managed to stay in ketosis while staying just under 100 carbs a day from my usual 50 carbs a day and vowed to keep away from sugar which is and always has been my downfall. I do not drink really but if I had one it was the mojito without the sugar. I found replacement s by going to the grocery store and finding some cheese and pepperoni slices and sugar freee cookies so I would still feel like I was the way I was eating at home even though I eat these in moderation as it can stall weight loss..I donít feel like Iím missing out. I came home a half a pound lighter after doing a lot of walking down there.

I decided to start induction at 50 carbs a day with a few extras like the sugar free cookies and Atkins bars so I would not sabotage myself and I still lost weight. I figure Rome wasnít built in a day and I do not want to go to 20 carbs a day because I know I wont feel good. Itís all about living the lifestyle for me and replacing bad habits. I enjoy the low carb lifestyle and how it makes me feel and Iím great at losing weight but the real challenge will be to maintain a large weight loss and keep it off.

The longest I stayed in the low carb lifestyle without sugar or junk food was 19 months before I experienced an emotional situation in my life and I went off the rails last Christmas Eve. For some reason I just gave up after losing 50 lbs. ack in the beginning of June 2015. This time I am on a mission to be kind to myself and deal with the emotional issues and triggers that have kept me overweight.

I would like to be 125-130 lbs as I found I personally felt I looked sickly at 115 lbs and am meant to have a curvier figure. I wonít be putting a time limit on my weight loss. Instead it will be about the journey and living the lifestyle for my health and well being. While itís nice to look slim, vanity is lower on the list. My health has become a number one priority for me at this point in time.

Sept 2017 222 lbs

Aug 2001 115 lbs

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Old Mon, Dec-04-17, 15:23
Nrracing Nrracing is offline
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welcome Nic, glad to see you are on this site. This site is full of ice people to help Stay active and you will get to where you want to be. I agree with you about the looking sickly thing. when I got down to my lowest weight ever, people thought I was sick or dieing.

BTW there is nothing wrong with being curvy at all . So true to this lifestyle, satay active and start a journal. Your outcome will be very good.
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Old Tue, Dec-05-17, 04:28
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JEY100 JEY100 is offline
To Good Health!
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Plan: IF Fung/LC Westman/Primal
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Progress: 96%
Location: NC

Welcome Nic
Glad that you have found this forum for support and are reading under different forums for suggestions. There is a sub-forum just on emotional issues, and you might check success stories for how others handle staying low carb for the long haul. Many threads here too on sugar addiction...there are quite a few new books on the topic now like those by Karen Thompson and Sarah Wilson and support at DietDoctor

Many of the more current low carb plans emphasize using Real Foods and avoiding processed food like substitutes, e.g. Atkins Bars. There are so many, even libraries will have the popular Ketogenic/Whole 30/Paleo plans using real might want to check plans that allow 50 g carbs but also place emphasis that those carbs must be real foods. DietDoctor is again a good place to start. Including why avoiding special low carb products may help you stay the course.

One more source that may help you overcome sugar addiction is one here about Habit Change. Gretchen Rubin has a popular podcast and books with how to change habits and create happiness. She also happens to eat LC so some of her advice aligns well for members of this forum. Good discussion here of abstainers vs. moderators:

All the best,
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Old Wed, Dec-06-17, 09:33
Blue Ruby Blue Ruby is online now
Senior Member
Posts: 478
Plan: atkins
Stats: 200/175/160 Female 5'7"
Progress: 63%
Location: BC

Welcome Nic.
I invite you to start a journal as a way to track food, or process some feelings as you continue your journey. Its a great place to figure out what's going right, or what needs to be tweaked.

Your focus on health and a lifestyle change is so positive. For me, I had to practically chant to myself for months that this woe was a lifestyle change, that whether i lose or not this is the best woe for me. Even on days i didn't "feel it", consistently repeating to myself that I am doing this for health, and reminding myself of those benefits, including more energy, better sleep, less brain fog really helped not to focus on the scales and helped me believe in that bigger motivation (bigger than just vanity, as you said).

Every time i felt down about it, i read lots of old threads on emotional eating, or motivation, or boredom...there is so much to benefit from here. You can do this!
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Old Thu, Dec-07-17, 03:06
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zoogirl zoogirl is offline
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Location: Canada

Morning Nic, Woo, I hear ya girl...I have lost this same 20 or so pounds so many times, I have lost track....

The first thing I believe is VERY important, you made the hardest step, trust me when I say it gets easier from here on in...Be kind to yourself, this is not a race, FORGET, I mean F O R G E T yesterday, that is done, over, gone, past, can not change it....from now on just look ahead, and one day at a time, one small step at a time. For me and for several others that I have gotten to know on this site, one of the biggest bonuses of this WOE is NO, I mean ZERO cravings, that should help with your sugar issues. I also suggest starting your own journal, this is a safe place to vent and to record your feelings, to celebrate your success and to learn from other members. I can say, I would not have gotten this far if it was not for the support of these people, they truly are here for ya....ask anything, say anything, and the best part you are never alone. We will support you, we will not judge, we will not criticize. And believe me we have all been there, we have all fallen down, but get back up, dust yourself off, tomorrow is a new day.

Best of luck to you, drop by my journal sometime, I love company, have a positive day, ttyl
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