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Originally Posted by JEY100
A short Boston Magazine article on Diabetes.

A Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?
A recent study suggests there might be a better treatment for one of the world’s most common diseases—and (surprise!) it doesn’t come in a syringe.

Janet, you find some very relevant information resources. Thank you for doing this continually.

Gabbay’s biggest criticism of the study is the same as many of Hallberg’s detractors: “It requires a pretty significant ability to adhere to something that not everybody’s willing to do.” Hallberg, who hears that a lot, likes to remind skeptics that when the government told people to eliminate fat from their diets, they did it—why is this any different? The diet she recommends, she said, is the one humans ate for millennia up until fairly recently.

It certainly worked for Kim Shepherd: Just four months after she got into her car without telling her husband to enroll in Hallberg’s trial, she’d already lost 50 pounds and improved her cholesterol, blood pressure, AIC, and fasting glucose levels. “I had to go into my primary care doctor and be like, ‘Yeah, um, I’m not on Toujeo anymore. I’m not on Glipizide anymore. I’m off two blood-pressure medicines.’ He was all for it. But, honestly, I just really wanted to be like, ‘So why didn’t you think of this?’”

Gabbay's knee-jerk reaction is to protect his and his program's credibility. It informs T2D patients that this is a life-long disease, infers they have no control without medications manufactured by big pharma and prescribed by doctors, and sentences people to a deteriorating quality of life until death. BS! To then indicate that it is hard to maintain a WOE that corrects and resolves T2D is the worst insult, as many know that once adapted, LC, Keto, other name for eliminating carbs is easy to follow. We live in a very coddled society that markets foods for rewards and then prescribes medications to hide the side effects resulting from consuming those foods. Special snowflakes, here's a pill to make you healthy . . . .
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