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Sadly, most people in most fields are not really that well educated, but rather are, at best, well-trained. They are taught a bunch of "facts" that they simply accept at face value and that they then regurgitate for the rest of their career. This is as true for doctors, lawyers, and engineers as it is for nutritionists, economists, and psychiatrists. Depressingly few people in any field are taught to truly understand and think and critique what they are being taught. The result is what we see -- that diabetics are told to eat the very things that drive the progression of their disease because the people giving the advice simply accept what the textbooks and the government guidelines state despite the fact that those same textbooks and guidelines contain all of the necessary information to see how asinine this is. But things do change, even against this entrenched tide. It would be interesting to quantify the cost and lives lost associated with the process, however.
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