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Meat animals are actually kinder to the environment than veggies. Stop the propaganda by the corporate farmers and veggie folks.

First of all, according to a study by Cornell University and the Environmental Protection Agency, the fertilizer industry emits more greenhouse methane than all the cow burps and farts on the planet combined.
People tend to equate methane with cow farts (though their burps are worse), but we may be pointing our fingers in all the wrong places, according to a new study. The production of ammonia for fertilizer may result in up to 100 times more emissions than has been previously estimated for this sector. And that alone is more than what the Environmental Protection Agency estimates all industries emit across the U.S.

Cows graze on grassland and need nothing other than what mother nature provides.

Growing crops on grassland is difficult. To do that you need tons of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and our most precocious resource, fresh water.

So if you eat 100% grass fed beef, you are doing the atmosphere a favor. If you eat grain 'finished' beef, the corn grown to feed the cows on the feed lot is not environmentally friendly. It's not the beef it's the corn. And all the corn does is fatten the beef up so they get more money when they sell the cow.

If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it. And big agriculture and the vegan lobby have been telling this lie way too often. It's up to us to set them straight whenever and wherever we can or they will take our meat away from us, and kill the atmosphere while they are doing it.

Speak out!
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