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Thanks, Grav. And 38 pounds less of me than when we met. You are the only person I know with two DD success stories…and a book!

Aug. 6 is 2 years following Marty Kendall and Dr Naiman's PE diet. Also it is 9 months maintaining around 150 pounds. This app uses weighted averages so I drift up and down a few pounds. Today a 22.7 BMI so perfectly happy with that and an easy maintenance.

Since June 1 have been doing intense cardio and some resistance for an hour 6 days a week. Was trying to increase muscle mass without adding fat, a challenge at 71.

I sometimes think I should try to reach the "ideal" 145, so when I’m actually tracking (not often anymore) my Macros remain 40% P, 40% F and 20% C. You can read Marty Kendall's new long posts on Macros for various goals, or I simply used this page from ThePEDiet. 145g P, C + F less than half of 145g. I am agnostic between Carbs and Fats, though usually most fats are the first meal, more carbs around dinner + dessert.

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