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Hi Rotijohn,

A lot of Cantonese food can be made Atkins friendly (I'm not so sure about Malay).

- Fish - fry it w/out breading, or steam it & be very generous w/ the oil splashing on it.

If you're not Muslim - roast pork - enjoy the crackling skin

Roast duck

Roast goose (enjoy the oil!)

When you've climbed the carb ladder a bit - substitute loh-bah (daikon radish) for potatoes in curries and other dishes.

- Eggs, stir fried w/ tomato

- Fried shrimp

- roast mutton, curried mutton (no potatoes)

- Ma Po Tofu (Sichuan dish - lots of hot peppers and minced meat w/ tofu - very yummy)

I do South Beach, which may be easier to do in an Asian context, although once you've climbed the carb ladder" on Atkins, they start to be quite similar.

Well, I'm off to have supper now!
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